Can Fashion Shape Our Personality?

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A shout-out to all true fashionistas at heart: how often have you had this chicken-or-the-egg conundrum when picking out your next favorite top, and your bestie tells you “that tunic is so you”? We all use clothing as a way to communicate our attitudes, beliefs and preferences, a way to hide what we perceive as our flaws (code for hiding those love handles) or flaunt our best qualities. And let’s not forget the famous first impressions, where clothes play a pivotal role.

But to what extent has fashion in turn shaped our own identity, and what portion of our styling choices come from what we find to be distinctly our own? Ultimately, if we can understand the impact of our choice of garments, we can make better-informed fashion decisions to make a statement and to stay true to who we are!

Comfort clothes

Take a moment to sneak a peek into your closet, or, if you’re reading this at home, scan your current “infit”. What’s the most precious, comfortable piece of clothing you own? What’s the delicious chocolate-chip cookie ice cream of your wardrobe that feels like a warm hug after a breakup? Certainly not those tight jeans, but probably something more along the lines of an old, worn-out college hoodie.

No matter the season, your styling preference or the latest trend forecast – never, ever let go of this hidden gem of your clothes. It’s the trophy of all your life’s struggles, and deservedly makes up an important segment of who you are. On the plus side, the latest trends do encourage this rebel-wear to be mixed even with your classiest haute pieces and thus create an authentic street style with a personal touch.

Moody dressing

‘Tis the season to be jolly, or so the calendar claims, but not all of us are always in the same Christmassy mood year-round, and we pick out the clothes that reflect that mindset. If you’ve just had dental surgery, it’s unlikely you’ll be trotting around wearing your cutest floral dress, right?

You might not feel like you’re up for a sharp Jessica Pearson-inspired suit when you’re headed to a client meeting, but do it anyway. Studies have shown that your choice of clothes can affect how others perceive your attitude, your self-confidence, as well as your performance. That gives “dress for success” a whole new layer of meaning and purpose.

Elevating your morale

Beyond first impressions and how you can reflect more confidence than you might be actually feeling at any given moment, your choice of clothes can have an inward impact. But – and this is a big but might I add – you can also use fashion to hack your own mood and lift your spirits!

Certain ripped jeans might make you feel edgy and resilient, while your classy high-style dresses empower you to feel invincible, sexy and irresistible. Use them as your allies, as your weapons against those dreary days, and you will quickly notice how your LBD can instantly inspire you to hold your head high and fix your posture, and your new ruffled dress can make you feel like the queen of the world.

Trends, styles, and finding your fashion

As soon as Kendall Jenner rocked her edgy casual look topped off with the coolest bomber jacket ever, the world went bonkers with joy. However, you can see her on runways boasting a plethora of high-end combos, from Tom Ford’s coal-black dress, to Chanel’s glitzy business-like suits, which she would most likely not wear in her own free time. Yet she brings both to the world in her trendsetting and trailblazing endeavors.

You may like her laid-back leggings or the over-the-top catwalk designs you see in Vogue regularly, but the fact that they are the latest trends doesn’t make them suitable to your own style. Yes, be your own trendsetter, and dare stick to your preference for the lumberjack shirt you stole from your boyfriend. Because that’s who you are, and that particular style speaks to you, and does you justice.

But always keep your mind open to re-shaping your style, and stay curious for all the fresh ideas you come across. Who knows, maybe that pantsuit you fell in love with will land you your dream job, while your college hoodie still proudly awaits you at home? Don’t be afraid to be both, and love both. In fact, let your fashion be like your true self: cherished, but always eager to advance.

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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    Shelbee on the Edge

    This is such a great article. I agree completely with how you dress has a direct impact on how you feel and how you are perceived by others. It has been my mantra for years to “Get Up. Dress Up. And Show up.” I function best when I am dressed and therefore, I get dressed every day! Thank you so much for sharing your insights on this topic. What a fun read!


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