Breathe New Life Into Your Wardrobe With These Style Hacks

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The seasons come and go at lightning pace, and if you tried to buy a new wardrobe every couple of months, the chances are that you’d be broke all year-round. The key to being stylish without breaking the budget lies in being able to breathe new life into your existing clothing collection. If you like to keep up with the catwalk trends, bear these style hacks in mind.

Mastering the art of accessorizing

There are few simpler ways to adapt your look and add interest to an outfit than mastering the art of accessorizing. Adding key pieces and quirky touches can transform even the most basic items into a winning ensemble. With accessories, it’s often best to follow the golden rule of ‘less is more.’ You don’t need to pile earrings on top of necklaces on top of gloves, hats, bags, and scarves. Often, sticking to one statement piece is a great way of elevating an outfit to the next level and keeping things classy. Think about teaming a casual stonewashed denim shirt, faded skinny jeans and suede ankle boots with a fringed bag, for example, or pairing a chic halter neck black dress with an oversized rose gold and diamond watch. If you’re a jewelry fan, click here and you’ll find some awesome styling tips. If you tend to overdo things and go a little crazy with the finer details, get ready, and then take off one accessory.

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Customizing your clothing

Are you bored of wearing the same old jeans? Has everyone already seen you in a denim jacket hundreds of times? If so, why not try customizing your clothing? Embroidery is huge this season, so why not fine-tune your sewing skills and add some creative flair to your favorite staple items? You can add floral patterns or slogan patches, or you could change the length or shade by cutting or dying the fabric. If you need inspiration or guidance, take a look at sites like Pinterest, which have tutorials and step by step guides. When you customize, you can be sure that the finished article will be unique, and you’ll save money on buying new items.

Add a color pop

One of the most noticeable seasonal changes on the catwalk is the must-have color. If you’ve got some great basics, you can liven up your wardrobe by adding color pops based on the shade that is hitting the fashion headlines. This season, for example, pink is everywhere. Embrace the trend and celebrate your inner fashionista with a blush pink cocoon coat, a hot pink scarf or some baby pink platform sandals.

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It can be expensive and exhausting trying to keep up with fashion fads and trends. If you don’t have the time or the money to invest in a new wardrobe every season, you don’t have to suffer in the fashion stakes. There are plenty of ways of staying on trend without breaking the bank. Learn to accessorize, be creative with customization and mix up your palette to include the hottest new shades.

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