Best facial oils for every skin type

Despite what their name might imply, face oils are very beneficial for the skin. Girl !!!… I know what you’re thinking…….They won’t leave your face oily or make you break out. In fact, they are packed with amazing ingredients such as vitamin E, fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants, to help reduce inflammation and give skin a dewy glow. The skin requires oil. Otherwise, the body would not produce it. But, there are healthy and unhealthy levels of oil when it comes to the skin on your face. Many plants are comedogenic , AKA pore clogging, and need to be formulated by skin type to avoid problems.

Whether you are looking to get glass skin, to eliminate redness, stop irritation from acne or plump skin, or simply moisturize, continue reading to find the best natural oils for all skin types.

1. Sisley Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil $240

Black Rose Precious Face Oil is Sisley’s first skin care oil for dry or mature skin. With a high concentration of powerful ingredients, this silky-smooth dry oil prepares, nourishes and has an anti-aging effect.

2. Cuerpa Déesse De La Forêt Revitalizing Facial Oil $48

This delicate yet indulgent naturally derived oil from Cuerpa is composed of ultra-pure ingredients ideal for all skin types. It contains high levels of Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6 and 9, and vitamins that revitalizes, restore and brightens the complexion.

3. Charlotte TilburyCharlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir $80

A Vitamin C and Polyglutamic Acid anti-aging serum that reduces appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, visibly brightens, and plumps skin for flawless makeup application.

4. Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil $50

This formula, suitable for all skin types and draws benefits from grape oil. Rich in omega 6 and vitamin E, it provides a burst of nutrition. This action is reinforced by musk rose oil and essential oils of neroli, lavender, carrot, white sandalwood and petitgrain.

5. OmoroviczaMiracle Facial Oil $125

The Miracle Facial Oil blends precious ingredients to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, shield against environmental stress, and support a stronger skin barrier. The formula hydrates the complexion and addresses oily skin to visibly reduce shine.

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