Benefits of Prenatal Supplements aka Prenatal Vitamins

prenatal supplements

The prenatal supplements are commonly called prenatal vitamins but they provide much more than vitamins. In addition to filling the nutritional gap of your diet, these supplements prevent many birth-related complications like preterm birth, low weighing baby etc.

Recent studies have shown that prenatal supplements not only help in healthy growth of the fetus but also take care of the mother’s health.

Here we are providing the benefits of the scientifically proven prenatal supplements’ health benefits.

Folic Acid

The folic acid fights congenital abnormalities and improves fertility in women. This is the reason that wannabe mothers are recommended to keep taking folic acid even before they conceive. Folic acid should be taken by mothers in their first trimester of pregnancy. This helps in preventing any neural tube defects in the fetus and also helps in the brain development of the baby.


It is one of the most important prenatal vitamins for the mother as well as the baby. It strengthens bones and muscles of mother and helps the development of the same in the fetus. In addition to this commonly known benefit calcium also helps in sustaining normal heartbeat and preventing one of the most common pregnancy complications called preeclampsia.

Vitamin D

A vitamin D deficiency can bring serious implications. So, it is important to take vitamin D supplements in adequate dose. It is the vitamin that gives the mother immense strength during pregnancy. In combination with calcium, vitamin D helps in the growth of bones and teeth in the baby.


Not only the growing baby but also the mother’s body starts demanding more vitamins and minerals after conceiving. Iron plays the primary function of supporting the nutrient transport mechanism in the mother as well as the baby. In addition, iron synthesizes hemoglobin to reduce anemia and helps in maintaining the healthy immune system.

Omega-3 DHA

This supplement is needed during the pregnancy as well as in the lactation i.e. breastfeeding period. This Omega-3 DHA promotes the healthy nervous system, enhances vision and improves the cognitive and brain development in the baby. This reaches the fetus through the placenta and later the baby gets it through the mother’s milk.

Vitamin B6

Nausea, commonly called morning sickness, coupled with vomiting forms one of the most dreaded side-effects of pregnancy hormones. Vitamin B6 is helpful in preventing nausea and vomiting in the mother during pregnancy. So, this can be called as the best friend for pregnant women. Further, it plays a role in the formation of blood cells, neurotransmitters, and antibodies.

Vitamin C

This is a very important vitamin for the mother. It helps in healing the wounds and treating the ruptures caused to internal organs of the mother due to the fetal development. It rebuilds the tissues and heals the brittle bones.


Just like Vitamin C, zinc acts as a healer in the mother’s body. It also helps the organs and tissues in mother and the baby function properly. It is very helpful in developing cells and forming DNA in the fetus.

Vitamin B3

This important multivitamin component is needed throughout the pregnancy. It aids other nutrients to function well in keeping the mother and the baby healthy.

Vitamin B1

This is also an important part of prenatal vitamin supplements. It is an essential component that helps fight any developmental complications in the fetus. Make sure to check for the availability of vitamin B1 also known as thiamine in your prenatal vitamin supplement as our normal diet does not contain this nutrient. When looking for the right vitamins to help you and your baby be healthy, searching through sites like can help you know what your options are.


This supplement helps the mother to fight fatigue during the pregnancy. Further, it helps in the formation and development of tissue, nerves, and muscles of the fetus. When you take a prenatal vitamin that is rich in riboflavin you ensure a healthy growth of your baby. It becomes more important to check for riboflavin in your supplement because it is not synthesized in the body like the vitamin D. You are required to take it through diet and supplements only.

Now, it must be very clear to you that prenatal supplements are the absolute requirement for a healthy pregnancy and the healthy baby. So, in addition to doing all the required things for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby without any complications start taking the prescribed dose of prenatal vitamins. If you are not yet pregnant, but planning a baby soon start taking your folic acid dose.


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