Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

kundalini yoga

Haven’t you ever felt life as chaotic, full of confusion, fast-paced and there are even days when you feel so depressed, drain out, all that you want to do is to grab some chips, watch Netflix or sleep all day, but no worry guy’s Kundalini yoga is for your rescue? We all have known the benefits of yoga all these years. Yoga is one of the most basic traditional exercises which not only entails you with a positive mind and soul but also helps you to achieve a perfectly toned body. But of all the amazing benefits of different types of yoga and asanas, one such yoga is Kundalini yoga. 

So, what is this Kundalini yoga?  Kundalini yoga means the spiritual energy or life force located at the base of your spine. Kundalini yoga is the amalgamation, of breathing techniques, chanting, and movement, stretching and concentrating on your conscious which helps you to gather the dormant energy in your spine towards the crown of your head. It is a triple blend of different approaches that can help you to achieve devotion (bhakti yoga), power (Shakti yoga), and mental power and control (raja yoga). The basic aim of Kundalini yoga is to make you understand your highest potential, self-awareness and directs you to higher consciousness. It helps you to stimulate all your energy into productivity and provides you with innate energy which entails you the power to achieve all that you desire. 

Why one should try it: 

To understand your true potential

 Each one of us is living a  hazy life, no one knows ‘what they are doing’, ‘why they are doing’ and ‘in which direction they are moving’, Kundalini yoga can help you to become aware of your conscious and can help you directly into a clear path of your life by redirecting and revitalizing all your energy into one direction. 

A perfect start to a day 

 A boring start to your day is a big No-No, practicing Kundalini yoga with its breathing and chanting techniques will help to kick off your energy to an amazing start of the day.

Say Hi!  to the New You 

 Weeks into practicing this form of yoga you can see a changed you, you would be more aware, alert and full of energy. 

Hasta la vista to your health problems

Practicing Kundalini yoga has found to cure many health conditions, be it gastrointestinal problems like digestion, stomach problems, abdominal cramps or problems like back pain, blood pressure. Etc. 

So, if you guys are still thinking of one of those resolutions to add to your 2020 list then make sure that Kundalini Yoga is one among them because each one of us wants that power-packed energy all through the next and coming years. 

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