Benefits Of Calcium For The Body



Calcium has a range of benefits for the body, from preventing obesity, to keeping your bones healthy, to preventing kidney stones. Although we get most of our calcium from our diet, it is often not enough, and a lot of people are living their life with calcium deficiency, particularly those partaking in fad diets and juice cleanses. If you still think that calcium intake isn’t that big of a deal, read through some of these benefits of calcium for the body.

Healthy Bones

If you asked anyone what it is that calcium does for your body, I could almost guarantee that their answer will be keeping your bones strong, and they’re one hundred percent right. For people with osteoporosis (which is a condition where the bones are particularly weak and brittle and are prone to fractures and breakages) calcium supplements, such as AlgaeCal Plant Calcium, are often used to help to increase bone strength. If you are suffering from his condition, click for AlgaeCal Plant Calcium reviews.

strong teeth


Strong Teeth

The second most common answer to what calcium does for your body is maintaining strong teeth, which makes sense as 99% of the calcium in your body is stored in your teeth and bones. It does this by strengthening the jaw bone, which holds the teeth in tight, allowing less space for bacteria to live.

Kidney Stones

There is contrasting research and evidence when it comes to the effect of calcium on the development of kidney stones. While some studies have suggested that large quantities of calcium in your body can cause kidney stones, other research suggests that dietary calcium, in fact, decreases the risk of developing kidney stones.


Regulates pH

Calcium is naturally alkali, meaning that it has a high pH. The foods we eat tend to be acidic, especially processed foods, junk foods, and any foods containing excess amounts of sugar. These foods could decrease the pH inside your body, resulting in the development of certain conditions, such as kidney stones and high blood pressure. Calcium will neutralize this acidity, and ensure the pH within the body remains fairly neutral.

Heart Muscles

Calcium assists the muscles in the heart in properly contracting and relaxing, which is necessary for oxygen to travel around your body and keep you alive. It also helps to maintain a regular blood pressure within your arteries. If your blood pressure was too low, you would be prone to dizziness and fainting, whereas if your blood pressure were too high, you would suffer from chest pain, and could even have a heart attack, so it’s important that blood pressure is maintained.



Because of the range of benefits that come from calcium, it’s no wonder that people have started to take calcium supplements as a way to fill the gap between the calcium taken in from their diet, and the daily recommended amount of between 1000 and 1200mg. However, every supplement has its side effect, and there are many common side effects of calcium supplements, so you should always ensure that you speak to your doctor before you start to take anything.

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