Becoming A Model Manager – Branch Out When Climbing The Corporate Tree


When you think about your future and that of the work you do, it may be that you can envisage yourself climbing to the top of the tree.  It’s going to become evident to all concerned that you are such a wonder in your role, that they can not continue to overlook this greatness and one day, you will be ensconced into an office, a massive wage increase and the all-important title of Manager.

But moving into leadership isn’t solely about being the best at what you do now. You must be prepared to be confronted with hurdles you would never think could land in your lap. You will have to obtain an entirely different set of abilities to lead any team efficiently.

Firstly think qualifications. You can take a leadership MBA online, giving you confidence in your skills and a worldwide recognized qualification, and the rest you will learn on the job.

So, if you are still  considering moving into management its best to think about whether you are ready for the responsibility and most of all is it right for you and your long-term career. Here are some handy pointers to help you make that decision.

Like To Don’t List Than To Do

You may well be used to working through and achieving a to-do list. In management though, your everyday tasks are often far less regulated than they had been before and instead of working on your own project, you will be driving a team to complete theirs.

It’s then entirely up to you to interpret the often overstretched management goals into tasks that can be achieved daily.

Happy Talk

In your new position as a team’s motivator, mentor, and figure of authority all rolled into one; it’s now up to you to openly interact with your team. This means far much more than delegating tasks or merely telling everyone what they need to do. To be a magnificent manager, you will need to make the team understand why the work needs doing, how to do it and what it means to get the job done well.  Once it’s completed, it’s then up to you to let the staff know how well they got on too!

Stand Up And Be Counted

As a team member, you are only really ever responsible for your own workload. This changes with leadership as now you are propelled to taking responsibility for your entire team’s actions, and if there is a complaint to be made, you are the one that is being looked at to fix it.

This then goes further than a telling off for the person or persons involved; it means that in part you are to blame. Whether the error has occurred through lack of training or lapse in performance, you have to take a look inward. This can be quite difficult, especially for the first time.

Monkey See Monkey Do

When you step into any position of management, everyone will be looking for you to make mistakes. There will be jealousy, perhaps even resentment and also the expectancy of you doing a fabulous job is just as overwhelming. Just imagine that everytime you leave early or arrive late, this ill now suddenly be scrutinised, and used against you as a reason that your team members can do it too.  Your reasons for these time discrepancies may well be justified, but you need to be the best example you can.

Calling Complaining Clients

You will already know that as a member of a  team, you will look to your manager or team leader when something goes wrong or some advice is required. So it makes sense that once you are the boss, it’s up to you to step in and step up. It’s not easy.

If you are suddenly faced with a client threatening to leave the company how will you deal with it? What follows a previously thriving employee who is now continually underperforming and you are receiving complaints?  Do you need to make the decisions to fire them?

To make effective decisions, you need to be able to think on your feet as well as be able to consider what is best for everyone in the team and the company on the whole.

Empathic Employer

You understand that as part of a managerial role you need to be able to motivate but when your employees need you on a personal level is that down to you too?  Everything from sick days to divorces, marriages and pregnancies will be placed in your in-tray and you will be expected to deal with it. Although it’s not strictly job-related, these sorts of events will have an impact on your team and therefore, how they do their job, which in turn will affect you.

Go Team Go!

So we have made it clear that management presents a significant amount of challenges, but it is also wonderfully rewarding, and in ways, you may never have expected.

As a team member, you may well have received some sort of accolade during your working life. This may have been in the form of a recommendation from a client after doing particularly well on a difficult or frustrating job, even pats on the back from your colleagues for being extra helpful on a task that wasn’t yours but you were keen to help.

As a manager, these congratulations and appreciations become yours too. Yes, you may be the one seen responsible when the wheels fall off during a particular job, but you are also the one that will take a certain amount of plaudits for your team members doing something well, after all, you train them right?

And the feeling of pride that overcomes you when your team hits a goal or receives that commendation is incomparable. The limelight may not be entirely yours, but you will be happy in celebrating alongside your team.  It’s a bonding experience which is truly magical.

These may be tough points, and they make you question whether you are actually ready and that’s good. You need to ask it.  Management is more than the PA and the corner office with a view. Its a genuine responsibility to your team and to those looking to you to make their working day secure and they will have confidence in your ability to lead them.

This information provides merely an insight into what you can expect, but then it is up to you to get out there and make a difference to your working life and that of others.

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