Beauty Trends For 2021

2021 is a very crucial year in our beauty and fashion industry. To talk about beauty trends in the upcoming year and not bring “the elephant in the room” in our conversation, is far from being possible. Trends aren’t very random, they are instead, a development or a change, backed up by a logical and reasonable significance. Especially so for 2021, this very statement is proving to be pretty ideal! The timing, the uniformity and the demand of the market (you and me) plays a central role, side by side. And, of all the factors, one that does take the pedestal, in influencing the beauty trends for the time ahead, is the epidemic we are witnessing this year. It is not just colorful masks and gentle hand sanitizers to talk about…there are a storehouse of other surprising beauty trends to lookout for.

Use of sustainable products

A more pertinent focus will be paid (has already been, though) on products that do not become a source of pollutant for the environment. That is seemingly one major concern that will affect the beauty sector. The pandemic has evidently given us the picture of a destroyed and damaged environment. And, the question we have been asking ourselves, time and again, is if the purchases we make and their packaging is environmentally friendly or not.

Easy minimal makeup


Clean and clear skin with a touch of makeup, is predicted to be a spot-on trend in the coming year. Looking back, this particular style never goes out of fashion. Anyone can pull it off, with light eyeshadow, a tint of color on your apple cheeks, one-stroke eyeliner, natural eyelashes and well-set eyebrows. One that can be pulled off day or night, at home for office meetings (days when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup) or outside. With masks and face shields on, due to the pandemic, this minimal makeup fits right in. Firstly, because this is easy to wear, doesn’t call for a plethora of cosmetics. Secondly, for those beauties who love makeup but do not like wearing a lot, the minimal makeup beauty trend is too friendly to stay away from! Yet again, seeing the circumstances around today, with protective gears and a lot of other protection items, minimal makeup can be an essential trend to look out for!

Higher time invested in beauty regimes and skincare routines

You will always hear beauty health experts, makeup professionals and others in this field, come about advising regarding this particular point. They opine, besides wearing makeup that you adore, investing a substantial time of your day in following a good skincare beauty routine is utmost necessary. We usually presume that such routines should be followed by those who wear more makeup. But, actually a good cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing beauty regime must be followed by one and all. It helps maintain your skin from dirt and pollution. It also ensures that your skin stays healthy, away from skin impurities that will form, if the skin is not taken care of religiously. Now that we are all getting a lot of time to stay indoors, people have developed an attitude with more focus on self-care. And, we believe this will get carried on in the year to come! You will see a more need-to-do attitude towards following skin care regimes religiously.



Three pretty dramatic choices to die for in 2021. The first question to clear is how many of you have visited the salon routinely, like you all used to before the pandemic set in. Or, how many scheduled a salon appointment at home at the beginning of the pandemic?

Feathery bushy eyebrows

A normalised picture has begun to take pace, just about now. During the pandemic, either we have learnt different at home solutions for defining our eyebrows or have just let it be. Most times, we have indeed learnt to be with it! but as the year progressed, different styles suiting the situation have bloomed. Why should anything stop you from making yourself look more beautiful? Just like that, the trend of feathery eyebrows has come in and is largely, here to stay. With just a few touch ups to shape them as they are and leaving them to be, bushy feathery eyebrows. Easy to create and easy to pull off!


Sculpted defined eyebrows

Thereafter, as the pandemic picture gets normalised, so do our workspaces and fun spaces. At home important office meetings, working shifts at office or meet-ups with friends. Sculpted eyebrows teamed with subtle relaxing eyeshadows, bring a certain lucrative dimension to the overall makeup look, or, even if you’re wearing a mask. It makes a statement for itself.


Funky split eyebrows

As we advance towards more normalised and outgoing social affairs, one favourite style, especially among teenagers, can be witnessed ahead. Falls in the same category of experimental nail polish colors, tattoos, braids and split eyebrows. This is something to look forward to, as eyebrow styles for the year ahead.


It would help if you looked out for unique and beautiful jewellery. These gems are among the things that will trend in 2021, and you can also predict which brand will become the Fine jewellery brand in 2022. In addition, you should check on affordable and authoritative jewellery, which can give you confidence.

Jewellery can be earrings, bangles and chains, amongst others. You can also get jewellery for different parts of your body. They help you pop up and look confident. In addition, they spice up your general beauty and complement your dress code. Jewellery can also be part of make-up, where you can match the make-up you are putting on with complementary jewellery like earrings.

Natural fluttery lashes

Wearing fake lashes have always enhanced any eye makeover. Be it a stronger bolder eye look with many coats of mascara. Or, minimal eye makeup with defined eyelashes. You can wear fake lashes or use a coat of mascara too. Pretty and long eyelashes are an emerging trend of the year ahead.

Smokey smouldering eyes

Smokey eyes add a higher depth to any makeup. It highlights your eyes and brings an added definition to them. Smokey eyes with sculpted eyebrows speaks a lot for itself. Especially, with masks and face protective gear, a lot of kohl drama and letting your eyes do the talking, is one beauty trending that is indeed taking its pace ahead.


Colored eyeliners and mascaras

Different colors of all shades and hues is a lucrative watch out for the year ahead. You will see them being paired with cartoon inspired eyeliner shapes and styles. Some very minimal and some over-the-top creations. Simultaneously, the colored mascaras are going to be a big talk of the town. With masks on, the importance of wearing and playing with eye makeup has increased a notch higher. Beauties will be a bit keener towards acing the eye makeup game can be seen further ahead.


Feline eyes

A cult classic that never goes out of fashion. Emerging as a favourite eyeliner trend ahead, feline eyes are style of the season. One can never go wrong with them. Creating cat eyeliner brings a fresh definition to the overall makeup look. It makes your eyes stand out and goes with any fashion makeover look you’re aspiring for!

Shiny, shimmer and sparkling eyelids

Shimmery touches of gold and metallic eyes for the year ahead. To add an extra dimension in eye makeup play, these funky shiny makeovers will be seen to have made their place in your hearts. Why not be a little more fun and sparkly isn’t it? To top it off, one of the favourite beauty creations of 2021 will be eye jewels. They are self-adhesive and uplift any makeup look. With more functions and parties to attend, we believe this beauty trend can indeed be a game changer. Making this even more fun, the eye jewels can be added as under eye sparkle as well. This lets you create a unique art canvas for yourself, in eye makeup. For an enhanced eye makeup look, wear the self-adhesive jewels on your lash line or crease line. You can also place them with your classic feline cat eyes.


Head scarfs

Pretty head scarfs are a new trend to lookout for in 2021. From bright floral detailing patterns, intricate designs, funky shapes design to simpler and bold colors. They help you pop up any look you’re going for. They can also be used as neck scarves. These bright and beautiful dress accessories give an overall touch of glam.


Designer colorful masks

They have already found their place in our hearts by now! Masks that match outfits have come out as a special favourite in this marriage season. Jewelled masks are being widely used to attend parties, occasions and match with many bridal outfits. But with that, attention must be paid towards protection from the pandemic virus as well. Therefore, wearing masks that are safe and equally beautiful will truly be one beauty trend to enjoy.


Bold and long wear lip stains

Lip stains that are smudge proof and transfer proof will largely be the favourites of the season ahead. The ones you can wear for long, without worrying about the stains getting off on the mask, will be the call in the year ahead. So that you can wear masks without hesitation of the lip color coming off and yet, when you remove the mask to attend any event or office meeting, you still have your game up! In the same light, lipsticks with darker shades will get more popular than ever before.

No discussion is ever complete without mentioning the all-time favourite trend – our bold red lips. They never get out of season. Especially, with the pandemic situation taking some high and low peaks, masks are a necessity. Red lips colors are bold, beautiful and can brighten you up any given day. So, red lips stains with long wear formula aren’t going off in the coming year, as well.


Hygienic products

Besides makeup cosmetics, tools and accessories, purchases of sanitizers, hand washes, sanitizing sprays and likewise will definitely be in! An increased attention will be paid towards sanitizers and hand washes that actually work. More focus towards not just good quality but precisely, high quality products. A more inclination towards products that smell good, has efficient functioning and makes you feel good. In the same string of thoughts, the next point is one trend that you cannot look away from…

Safe, sound, healthy products

Products that aren’t just useful but also extremely safe for use. A gradual shift is already being witnessed as we choose to prefer safer and gentle options that are equally fruitful as their more chemically formed counterparts. Clinically made with natural ingredients that are safe for use on all skin types. Products that are curated with herbal extracts are on the lookout ahead.


DIY’s have been a favourite among many. But its emergence can possibly be felt more and more in the coming year. A direct effect because of the pandemic, people have been steadily putting up efforts to make beauty product substitutes at home, be it, lip balms, lip colors, hand sanitizers, kajal or kohl, beauty face masks, body scrubs etc. They have always found an importance in many homes but their need has unfolded a greater time by now. The year ahead holds a huge possibility of DIY beauty products being one of the most popular trends.


Bright makeup colors and textures – more experiments and fun

Beauty, makeup and fashion industry will witness a higher preference towards colors that look charming, colors that help uplift the mood on any given day. Like we have mentioned earlier, about jewelled eye makeup and eyeshadows, so you will be seeing more of shimmery textured makeup. Ones that bring a bling to your makeover! Also, pretty noticeable will be more fun and play with matte textures, to achieve a more easy, outgoing and effortless wear. More creativity and experiments to begin with, in the year ahead.

Individual styles will speak a lot more now! Consumer market will turn out to be more creative in their makeup and overall appearance. Especially, with masks and more protective gears, the creativity flow is predicted to be on the rise. Some old and classics will stay by and more fun and funky elements will too, begin to rise.

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Meghna Kathotia is a marketing veteran who has helped brands like L’Oreal, Estée Lauder, YSL, Nivea and Neutrogena. She is passionate about yoga, cosmetics, and self care products. She likes to spend time with her 2 puppies – Alexa and Coco.

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