Beautiful Places in the US to Visit in Your Lifetime

If you list the most iconic landmarks in the world, the chances are that most of them will be in the USA. From the exotic wilderness and unbelievable natural wonders to magnificent mountain ranges and historical spots, America is blessed with unique attractions on every traveler’s dream list. Millions of people apply for a US visa
just so that they can witness the sheer beauty of this spectacular destination at least once in their lifetime. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful places that you must visit in your lifetime.

New York City

The Big Apple has so many amazing attractions that it is impossible to choose just one or two. Undoubtedly one of the most-visited cities globally, you will most probably find places of interest at every turn. It is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring places from the remarkable Statue of Liberty, bustling Times Square, and massive Central Park to the majestic Empire State Building, vibrant Broadway, and the breathtaking Niagara Falls.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Formed almost 8,000 years ago due to the eruption of volcanic Mount Mazama, Crater Lake subsequently filled with snowmelt and rainwater giving us one of the most gorgeous attractions. The lake has a deep blue color because it is cut off from incoming rivers and streams. Since it is the deepest lake in the US at 1,943 feet, it is also a popular place for scuba diving.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Located across the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains are home to rich flora and fauna, cascading waterfalls, foresting hills, and historic buildings. Black bears are the most critical inhabitants here. The blue-colored mist that blankets the mountain, peaks, and valleys is a sight to behold. It has more than 150 hiking trails covering 800 miles of the country that lead you through vibrant wildflowers, incredible wildlife, and enchanting vistas.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The imposing Grand Canyon is replete with extraordinary rock formations and exceptional vistas. The South Rim is the most popular section of the park and has attractions such as the Grand Canyon Railway Depot, Desert View Watchtower, and the El Tovar Hotel. Carved by the Colorado River over million years ago, it is flocked by millions of visitors each year. A visit to this splendid natural wonder will leave you speechless.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The jaw-dropping Golden Gate bridge is synonymous with the city of San Francisco and is often used to represent it. The bridge is always shrouded with thick fog, and the red-orange color was chosen to be visible through the mist. It was completed in 1937, and this 2-mile-long bridge connects San Francisco Bay to Marin County.

The Florida Keys, Florida

Imagine pleasant weather, clear blue skies, sandy beaches, and wonderful wildlife. The Florida Keys are a chain of coral islands that provide an idyllic tropical holiday. This place is a paradise for people who love water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, boating, sailing, and swimming with dolphins. It has a rich history too, as the pirates used to call the Keys home back in the day. Here, some unmissable attractions include Dry Tortugas National Park, Bahia Honda State Park, Mallory Square, and Duval Street in Key West.

Yosemite National Park, California

One of the most stunning places in the country, the Yosemite National Park, is in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Spanning 7,68,000 acres, it is well-known for the striking granite rocks of El Capitan and Half Dome, Tuolumne Meadows, and Yosemite Falls. It offers picturesque vistas full of glaciers, waterfalls, granite cliffs, mountains, and tall sequoia redwood trees.

Space Needle, Seattle

Designed for the 1962 World’s Fair featuring a space theme, the unique Space Needle proudly adorns the skyline of Seattle. You can witness a captivating panoramic view of the entire city and Mount Rainer from the observation deck. It also has a revolving restaurant where you can relish a lip-smacking meal while enjoying the 360-degree views. This futuristic tower stands at the height of 605 feet and is built to withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

A visit to the outstanding Kennedy Space Centre is an entirely entertaining and educational experience. Since 1968, it has served as the launch site for every USA human space flight and presently works as a launch site for crewless rockets. You can enjoy personal interaction with astronauts who have gone to space, get all your queries answered by them, and click pictures with them. Isn’t that cool? You can also learn about space shuttles, and everything minutely related to space travel. The essential attractions here are the actual Space Shuttle Atlantis, the Journey to Mars exposition, the rocket garden, and the Heroes and Legends exhibit.


Whether it is a weekend getaway, a family vacation, a cross-country trip, or a romantic holiday, the USA has scenic vistas, delectable food, and thrilling adventures in store for you. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your US vacay today.

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