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If you want to stand out on the beach this summer and look more beautiful than you’ve ever looked before, you can. Preparing yourself for the beach might be a bit different than getting ready for a night out at the bar, but it’s just as easy. Not convinced? Here are some simple tips for looking beautiful on the beach:

Wax On, Wax Off

If you’re going to the beach, chances are you’re going to be flashing the flesh, which means you want to have hair-free, smooth skin. Wax is the best way to achieve this, and it will last longer, so if you plan to spend all summer at the beach, you won’t have to give your body hair quite as much thought as you would if you were shaving.

Get Fit

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but if you want to look your best in a bikini, chances are you’ll want to give yourself a bit of a body blitz with. This bikini body guide review will give you some ideas of how you can tone up and get into better shape by summer.

Less is More

No, I don’t mean you should go topless on the beach! What I mean, is that when it comes to makeup, less is more when you’re visiting the beach. Wearing an SPF BB cream, waterproof mascara and a neutral lip color will ensure you look fabulous without looking overly made up for a relaxed trip to the sea.

Hair Up

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Long, sexy beach waves might look great, but they’re not exactly practical on a trip to the beach where you’ll be lying on the sand and swimming in the sea. A nice messy top knot or bun will ensure you look great, and it won’t get ruined by your fun in the sun like long, free flowing hair is always in danger of doing.

Top Up Your Tan

It’s weird. You go to the beach to get a tan, but you don’t want to be seen on the sand without one in the first place! If you’re cool with your pale skin, that’s great, but if you feel more confident when you’re a bit more bronzed, invest in some tanning products and start topping up your tan now.

Pick the Perfect Outfit

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Choosing the perfect outfit to wear on the beach can be tough, but it’s not impossible. First of all, choose a bikini that is neither too big or too small. So many women make the mistake, and it rarely makes for a good look.

Next, choose a bikini or swimsuit with built in bust support. This will ensure your boobs look good and have a slimming effect.

Once you’ve picked the perfect swimsuit, consider a matching pair of heels. Yes, heels. They might not be the most practical beach footwear, but they make the legs look slimmer and more shapely, and you can take them off once you’ve sat down!

Finally, choose a sexy cover up, like a printed kimono or wrap, so that you can move from the car to the beach to the bar without worrying about your style.

What are your top tips for looking beautiful on the beach?

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