Art of the week: Chris Labrooy tangled car art

car art

Art is a tremendous way for people to show their individuality. If you like cars you might  enjoy Chris Labrooy’s car art. Design and art pieces can be a way to reflect ones thinking, interpretations and many other person traits. If not the creator then the consumer of art equally can express that individuality through the styles and pieces that attract there attention.

Artist Chris Labrooy expresses his artisticabilities in the form of an artistic piece with cars twisted and tangled together. The vehicles are tangled, stretched, and distorted. Chris designs the digital images to interlock two car in a unique geometric shape.

Chris shows his abilities to create and think outside the box with his car art. His attention to detail is shown in his work, as all angles are considered in the sculptures. Taking multiple vehicles and contorting them together is a bold unique work of  car art.

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