Amazing Tips To Impress And Date An Instagram Model

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It has been long since Instagram started being used as a dating platform by millennials and gen-z people alike. However, this trend has increased after the emergence of Instagram influencers, who are just normal people having millions of followers on the social media platform, because of their branding efforts. From fashionistas to yoga enthusiasts, every influencer is known for a set of lifestyle options that they flaunt on their Instagram handles, attracting millions of people worldwide. 

And it’s natural if you want to date any such social media celebrity, but it can be a tad difficult to put your proposal across, as their inboxes are flooded with millions of such messages from others like you every day. So, is it an impossible dream? Maybe not! Read on to know how you may increase your chances of dating an Instagram influencer. 

Build your Instagram image

The models having millions of followers aren’t likely to take note of someone, who doesn’t even have a thousand. Hence, besides commenting on your favorite influencer’s posts, you should also work towards building your Instagram image and gaining followers. Create meaningful and attractive posts on your handle and use popular hashtags to get featured. To find popular hashtags you can use Task Ant. As your followers rise, your chances of getting noticed by your favorite influencer will increase too. 

React to their stories

No! A proper reaction doesn’t mean sending emoticons and waiting for them to reply to it, as she will never. You should try to strike meaningful conversations by writing a small quote or a few lines of a poem that match their stories or even DM your opinions that should be unique enough for them to notice. If nothing else, they will check your profile at least once, so make sure you have an attractive DP and ‘About’ too. 

Go beyond appearance

You have to be patient while trying to establish a connection with an Instagram celebrity or model, as it’s easy to get unnoticed among the billions of followers on their profiles. However, if you wish to date someone like Amirah Dyme  in all her glamor and fame, patience is the key. Start by liking their posts, and go beyond looks while commenting on their images. They already know how attractive they are, so no way you’ll get noticed by complimenting them on the same. 

Find them in the real world

If you look into the dating histories of Instagram influencers, you’ll notice that many of their dates are not even that famous. So how do they meet them? In the real world, of course! After all, these are real people from the real world with real hobbies and interests. Find out if you have any common friends or connections that you can utilize to get in touch with them. However, don’t stalk them on Facebook or other social media profiles, as it’s creepy, not to mention illegal in some cases. 

Approach them professionally

You can also get in touch with your favorite Instagram model through professional means, like a photoshoot proposal or a modeling contract for an advertising agency that you own or work in. Send them mails; as such messages are generally ignored on social media profiles, with the details of your profession and the organization you work in. If they respond, you’ll get a chance to work with them and impress them in person. 

Dating an Instagram model or influencer through Instagram may seem difficult, but you can find numerous other ways to contact them, without being creepy. They are real people, who have a life outside their Instagram handles, and that’s where you should try to establish a connection. Try to be that one friend among millions of followers, and you never know what the future holds.  

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