All You Need to Know about Cruelty Free and Vegan Haircare Products

Hair care and beauty products are innovating rapidly at this age, offering a wide range of products addressing various needs, types, wishes and concerns. Having all the innovative solutions in mind, cruelty-free and vegan products should not be an ethical decision anymore, it has to be simply a common standard for all beauty brands. Here a smart consumer plays a big role by making a choice to buy products that were not tested on animals therefore influencing beauty and hair care companies to take the step of becoming vegan and cruelty-free.

What makes a product Cruelty-free?

Cruelty-free labels are easy for brands to put on but if you want to make a right decision and purchase truly cruelty-free products, you must learn about a few layers of this aspect. Basics of cruelty-free brands is not testing products and their ingredients on animals in a company itself or through a third party. The next step is to ensure that a supplier of ingredients to a brand is not performing any tests on animals either. And finally, company should not be selling production in countries that require animal testing by law, if a brand falls under a bigger company it is important that a parent company does not test on animals as well.

What makes a beauty product Vegan?

Vegan beauty products are the ones that do not contain any ingredients derived from animals or meat products such as, animal-sourced keratin, biotin, silk amino acids. Instead, vegan beauty and hair care brands find synthetic or natural plant-based alternatives to those ingredients. As a result, vegan products use fewer chemicals and more natural, nutritious elements that contain vitamins and bring health and beauty benefits to skin, hair and body of ours.

Is it worth the money?

Most vegan and cruelty-free products actually do not require additional spending that you do not do already. What you will spend is more time while making a research if a brand is truly friendly for animals but it is definitely worth it. By choosing ethical beauty products you invest in your own beauty, care and personal well being without sacrificing quality of functions. Moreover, you are making a positive impact on planets’ future, showing a great example for the ones around you and pushing companies and brands to make cruelty-free and vegan products a new normal and standard of beauty and haircare industry.

Everyone knows an old saying “customer is king” and that is very true to this day. Brands respond to consumer behavior, trends and choices they make and it is solely decided by a buyer itself. Only smart and ethical decisions of today’s consumer will lead the whole industry to be a safe, cruelty-free place tomorrow, so choose wisely and make good to the world.

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