All we want to know when it comes to Luxury Leisurewear

We have all seen those gorgeous women on magazine covers, on billboards or even at the hotel poolside looking effortlessly glam, and if you are like me, you wish for a second you could know what it feels like to not have to worry about how you look in an outfit or even worse, a bathing suit.

They seem to float around like they have not a care in the world, and from the looks of it that might ring true. But when it comes to wearing, and in some way feeling, like them from our outfit it is completely achievable. You know, when that top or bottom fits like a glove you instantly walk taller, feel like a boss and strut like it’s nobody’s business.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out and get your hands on a garment that’s about to take over the world, or at least the swimming area. We all enjoy the moment when your husband looks over and is shocked to silence with amazement and thankfulness that you’ve chosen him, am I right ladies?

How to choose the right fit for your body type?

First, you need to work out and asses what ‘shape’ you are, these have hilariously been compared to fruit and shapes so let’s go with it.

A pear, or triangle, the shape is how I feel moms refer to themselves if they have ‘let themselves go,’ smaller top area and fuller hips with a rear that fills jeans with no problem. This is me summed right up.

Apple, then referring to the reverse pear has the sizing the other way around, smaller waist and hip area with a blessed size up top.

Hourglass is what Hollywood seems to portray as the ideal body shape, larger top and bottom and neatly synched in at the middle, corset anyone?

Lastly, athletic, pretty much a rectangle, even weight distribution, and the measurements are similar at the top, bottom and middle.

So now that we have the first step sorted, let’s move to what looks great, there are many opinions and options so we will summarize to make for good reading. If you have your cup of tea to hand and have time to relax, then read the full article for an in-depth look into what works.

Pears have the goods at the bottom so work with what you have, low cuts and plunging necklines will draw the eyes up and focus on your better assets, adding an item to elongate the body is a bonus. Structure and fitted clothes will highlight your narrow shoulders and showcase your waist.

Apples with their bigger top half can play this card well with V-necklines and flowing A-line skirts, showing off what Mother Nature gave them.

Curvy or hourglass is essentially already in proportion, you just need to tie it in the right areas. Wrap tops are a great way to see your waist and accentuate those curves, fitted knits, and tailored suits will take you a long way.

And, for those of you with athletic shapes, you have the best of both worlds, you can choose to focus on the top or the bottom half. If you wear tight pants, pair this with a flowing blouse, and vice versa like an oversized flowing trouser and a tight vest top and you’re on it.

What is luxury?

Most people get confused or don’t realize the difference between luxury and being rich, and this is where there comes the divide. Being rich and wearing head to toe name brands is easy, but to give off a sense of luxury comes with choices.

Yes, it means to have something unique and not necessarily always available, but it can also be interpreted as being expensive and at the same time not necessary.

There is a balance when it comes to being luxurious, things come to you with ease, you have great comfort and of course, much wealth. Listen to one of the top opinions in the fashion game when it comes to understanding luxury and the symbol thereof.

But if you have a mouth fit for a sailor, then all the wealth in the world won’t exude luxury.

For many celebrities and famous stars, the idea of having the latest and most expensive items is key, and fair play to them if they can afford it without having to remortgage their home. I, on the other hand, see luxury from a different perspective.

Having the luxury to work from home, the flexibility to take care of my family around my work schedule as I see fit, these are priceless and in my life, the priorities. Each to their own as my granny used to say, do luxury how you feel comfortable.

And if any of your luxuries are no longer wanted, give me a call, would you?

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