Actor Raymond Bagatsing and Radhaa Nilia volunteer to feed the hungry longest Covid-19 lockdown in the Philippines

Acclaimed Actor Raymond Bagatsing and Author Radhaa Nilia teamed up with Maharlika Ang KaSama founder Deo Palma for mass feeding events. Maharlika Ang KaSama is known for protecting the environment, animals, putting together feeding programs, and supporting parents and preschools for kids.

Radhaa Nilia and Raymond Bagatsing.

Maharlika Ang Kasama, a non-profit social service group, put together a series of mass feeding events. Many are going hungry amidst the world’s most prolonged and most strict Covid-19 lockdown in the Philippines. Maharlika Ang KaSaMa became a PAMB (Protected Area Management Board) member at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Pamintinan Protected Landscape, protecting the local and indigenous land of Sitio Wawa San Rafael Montalban Rizal.

Radhaa Nilia and Raymond Bagatsing, cooking vegetarian food for mass feeding events.


Radhaa Nilia and Raymond Bagatsing at RK Bagatsing’s US Again Film Premiere.

Raymond is one of Asia’s most prized actors. Raymond is known for his role as the lead star of an award-winning international movie Quezon’s Game. Raymond served the needy beside Author Radhaa Nilia and other volunteers distributing and cooking vegetarian foods throughout this pandemic and assisting far-reaching and desolate areas where electricity and wifi are not available.

The volunteers trekked for days over the Montalban mountains, crossing rivers, camping overnight to bring food, cook, and serve the Sitio Anipa communities.

Radhaa Nilia (Left), Deo Palma (Center), Raymond Bagatsing (Right) on a boat crossing rivers to get to rural communities

Award-winning Actor and humanitarian, Raymond Bagatsing

Radhaa Nilia (Left), Raymond Bagatsing (Right), and volunteers feed rural communities. More than 1,000 individuals had benefited from this humanitarian mass feeding activities. This heartfelt gesture extended at a difficult time of COVID-19 is made possible through the volunteers’ help and in-kind cooperation of Barangay Council of these desolate areas.

Raymond about to serve food to the community having children as the priority

Maharlika Ang Kasama is also thankful to FFN (Filipino Family Network) for the Day Care Kitchen project that has been utilized for cooking vegetarian food to boost the immune system and fight against harmful viruses.

Besides being involved in social service, Raymond Bagatsing’s work as an actor in the Philippines is impressive. Raymond received international recognition for his work in Quezon Game, which won him the best actor at Cinema World Fest AUTUMN Awards in Ottawa, Canada. Raymond also received the best actor at California Indie Film Festival for his portrayal of President Quezon. Claimed and proven by his talents, Raymond is one of Asia’s most acclaimed actors.

“Raymond Bagatsing is a seasoned Filipino actor starring in both television and films. In Quezon’s Game, he plays the titular role of Filipino President Manuel “Manny” L. Quezon. New York Times described his performance as “sincere, [and] rousing.” While the Hollywood Reporter calls Bagatsing “charismatic” as he “delivers a nuanced, compelling turn in the titular role.”

Raymond and Radhaa have known each other for just under a decade. The duo worked together on a short film in Los Angeles, CA, while Raymond lived in the US. The Film, “Freight Train,” went on to win Awards at OneFilm Am Film Festival in Glendale, California. Raymond was awarded a lifetime achievement award along with Best Actor for his portrayal in the dramatic film.

Raymond Bagatsing and Radhaa Nilia act in the Award Winning short, Freight Train.

Raymond plays agent Rabara in episode six, which can be found on Amazon Prime.

Raymond can also be seen on Amazon’s hit series, Almost Paradise. A new hit show created by writer, producer Dean Devlin. Dean is one of Hollywood’s most prominent producers. Raymond plays agent Rabara in episode six, which can be found on Amazon Prime.

Raymond, being a talented actor, is an avid humanitarian. Raymond also supported and sponsored a preparatory school based on a universal conscious education of yoga philosophy for over five years. Raymond Bagatsing and Radhaa Nilia believe in giving back to the community through arts, training, and mentorship. Also, Raymond and Radhaa are filmmakers working on a documentary film called Maharlika, to educate and inspire the remembrance of pre-colonization culture in the Philippines.

Raymond Bagatsing and Radhaa Nilia, interviewing volunteers between cooking duties.

Radhaa Nilia, born of a Filipina mother and American father, embraces her Motherland roots. Giving back is something that Radhaa has always wanted to do for her people in the Philippines.

Radhaa Nilia is known for her work as an author, publisher, and producer in the USA. She is the author of “Memoirs of a Galactic Goddess, Quan Yin Goddess Activations and the Curator of Awakening Starseeds series.” She is also the founder of Radhaa Publishing House and Goddess Code Academy with her primary healing modality called “Goddess Activations.” With a background in entertainment and media, Radhaa is an award-winning actress, director, and indie filmmaker. Raymond Bagatsing and Radhaa Nilia have teamed up to work on a short Indie Film called Freight Train. It won the best short film, and Raymond picked up the Best Actor award at OneFilAm in Los Angeles, California. The duo recently teamed up co-directing a documentary about the pre-colonial Philippines with a working title: “Maharlika, In Search of Our Identity.”

Raymond and Radhaa continue to serve these rural communities as they continue to collect and bring educational books for kids. They are currently accepting educational and empowering book donations. Reading to the children and giving away books helps kids learn to read English and Tagalog. For those who want to donate food, books, or volunteer in feeding programs, contact Maharlika Ang Kasama founder Deo Palma: Phone: 09273175265

Colonel Ipil H. Duenas ( left ) Deo Palma ( center left ) Radhaa Nilia ( center right ) Raymond Bagatsing ( right )

To get involved in these humanitarian projects in the Philippines, donate food, books, or volunteer, contact Maharlika Ang Kasama founder Deo Palma: Phone: 09273175265. Email:

You can find Radhaa Nilia:

You can find Raymond Bagatsing:

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