A Simple Guide to Luxurious Accessorizing

Even though their outfit is usually the first thing you see on someone, we can all agree that accessories also play a massive role when it comes to forming the first impression about a person you’ve just met. If you want to step up your accessorizing game and learn how to mix and match your favorite pieces, just keep on reading. Here’s a simple guide to luxurious accessorizing, so check it out!

Pick a necklace according to the neckline of your top

When it comes to matching your necklace with the rest of your outfit, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the length of your necklace. This is simply because certain lengths go better with specific tops – or their necklines, to be more precise. You can easily figure it out all by yourself by playing with different styles and shapes. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, but you should know that both turtlenecks and deep-V necklines call for longer necklaces, whereas a scoop neckline and the off-the-shoulder tops should be combined with shorter necklaces that hit just above the neckline. You won’t make a mistake if you bear these tips in mind!

Stick to minimalist styles when it comes to business outfits…

If you love to wear jewelry to work every day, you should know that minimalist style is what you should go for. Even though expressing your individuality is completely fine, pieces that aren’t too bright and distracting should be your top choice if you want to be taken seriously by your employers and potential clients. For example, cute stud earrings are a great choice for a conservative office, whereas smaller hoops are acceptable in a less conservative business environment. As for the bracelets, make sure not to go overboard with them. Too many bangles can clang against your desk and annoy your coworkers, which is the last thing you want, right?

… But feel free to go over-the-top with your evening combos

Even though bling isn’t really appropriate for the office, it sure is more than welcome in your evening combos, so save the flash for after hours and you’ll do a great job. Statement rings are some of the timeless pieces which are super trendy and stylish at the same time, so get fabulous dress rings and show everyone around that you’ve got style. Did you know that these rings are typically larger than normal rings, which is exactly why they attract so much attention? That’s right – luxurious accessorizing dress rings usually feature an oversized center stone and a lot of smaller stones around the big one, so get one and complement your collection with this outstanding piece!

Stack your necklaces like a real fashionista

Speaking of accessorizing, we must say that wearing multiple necklaces at the same time has quickly become a huge hit, which is why you should give it a try as well. Even though stacking necklaces often seems like a piece of cake, it sometimes turns into a hot mess – especially when you attempt to layer too many pieces or pick the necklaces of wrong lengths. This is why you should mix necklaces with chunkier pendants with those with more delicate pendants. As for the lengths, they should be of very similar lengths (approximately an inch apart when you stack them), so that every pendant can find its place and be seen properly. That’s the key to success!

Don’t stick to the old accessorizing rules at all costs

Luxurious Accessorizing

Yes, everyone knows that there were so many etiquette rules regarding the jewelry back in the past, but you know what? The good news is that the majority of those rules have either completely faded away or slightly changed according to modern beliefs. For example, the old rule about mixing metals doesn’t have to be followed any longer, as you can mix and match gold, silver, copper, and any other metal you like in a single combo. As for the matching sets, these were extremely popular a few decades ago; however, we don’t need to be all matchy-matchy these days. On the contrary, wearing mismatched pieces is more than welcome, so don’t stick to the old accessorizing rules and you’ll do great!

As you can tell, mastering the game of luxurious accessorizing doesn’t have to be as challenging as you probably thought. In fact, it’s quite simple if you stick to some basic rules while experimenting a little bit at the same time. Once you achieve a perfect balance, you’ll know that you’ve made it happen!

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