A night out as a team building activity – what to wear?

team building

Hey, you spend more time with these people than you do with your immediate family; chances are they’ve seen you in your worst and best editions a million times so there are really no more secrets there. Okay, maybe some (and you know what we’re hinting at), but anything that has to do with the looks – they’ve probably already scanned it for error or compliment a long time ago.

Nevertheless, a team building gathering that doesn’t fall under the usual who-wants-to-grab-a-beer after work activity means you should give it a little thought in the clothing and beauty department. The fact your colleagues have seen you in your sweatpants with greasy hair and those ridiculously large glasses doesn’t mean they’d mind seeing you looking sexy and sharp. The moment you wow is the moment they’ll forget all about your previous “failed” editions and embrace the new one as a reference point for all of your following editions.

No matter how friendly you are at the office, there’s still a sort-of behavior and dress code to honor, and we all have to follow it. Since your team building is getting closer (and you’re probably going over and over all the appropriate pieces of clothing you’ve got in your closet or even planning a shopping spree), we’ll be giving you a breakdown of the best possible options to wear and style tips to embrace for your night out with the colleagues.

Here we go…

Be YOU but not too much

The “but not too much part” relates to those who get sloppy drunk and start hugging/kissing everyone around, taking their shirts off and dancing half-naked on the podium. If you are this person, try to keep your drinks to a minimum and stay civil. If you do know how to hold your liquor and you don’t get clingy or boring (or inappropriate in anyway) when tipsy or drunk, stay true to who you are when you go out – it’s the only way to have a good time!

Mind your makeup

Nothing trashy or too much, please. That’s all we’re asking.

Wear a cocktail dress, for statement

To wow everyone present and show a little bit of that amazing body, opt for a dress that emphasizes the curves but keeps things elegant. If you’ve already got a “joker” dress in the closet, wear it without much thought. You know it fits perfectly and you feel comfortable wearing it – so, it’s a win-win. However, if you don’t have a piece to rely on, buy one. With a fantastic range of offers on party dresses online you can sip your coffee coolly and scroll through a variety of cuts and styles until you find the one. Just make sure you do this in time (shipping and all).

team building

Go urban chic, for edge

If you feel like a dress doesn’t really fit your vibe, don’t force it. Rather, opt for what feels natural – simple ripped/clean-cut/high-waist/boyfriend jeans paired with an interesting top and a sequin jacket can make all the difference for your overall style. Throw statement jewelry in the mix and you’ll hit jackpot.

In jeans, you won’t look like you’ve dressed up too much but you’ll definitely ooze the urban edge most girls only dream of pulling off.

team building

Rely on monochrome, for dramatic simplicity

The way to nail this look lies in key pieces and your talent to work them top-to-toe.  When opting for block color, with loose, fluid shapes ruling all – simplicity is crucial. Think crepe, silks, leather… for texture and you’ve got yourself a winning look. Switch things up by adding a surprise jewelry element to your outfit, preferably in an unusual design or color.

Have fun at your gathering; make it a priority to have fun above all and only then – look phenomenal in the process.

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