A Guide to Caring for your Hiking Boots

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For the serious hiker, their footwear is of utmost importance and should therefore be taken care of well. Obviously, a good pair of hiking boots will not come cheap, and that means they deserve the very best of attention, which will ensure that they give you many years of faithful service, and with that in mind, here are some important points to bear in mind.

  • Always Clean your Boots Immediately – The mud and grime that hiking boots collect needs to be removed as soon as the hike is over, and while you might not feel like a boot cleaning session at that time, the longer you leave it, the tougher it will be to clean them. If you haven’t yet purchased a pair, there are stylish Harkila boots of Great British Outfitters, and with a wide range of styles, there will be something just right.
  • Correct Leather Care – The chances are that your hiking boots are made of leather and there are some good leather care products which will make the cleaning much easier. Wax is the best material for cleaning your boots, and it is important not to use too much wax, and by applying thin layers, the protection is maximised. The wax should be thoroughly rubbed in, and be methodical with this, as it doesn’t pay to rush this. If you are unsure whether to buy leather or synthetic hiking boots, there is a useful article online that examines the pros and cons of both.
  • The Interior Surfaces – The inners of your hiking boots also require attention, as they soon become sweaty. A little sports detergent and a sponge is the ideal way to clean the interior of your boots, and always make sure they dry thoroughly, before putting them away.
  • Synthetic Materials – Not all hiking boots are made of leather and with synthetics, it pays to follow the manufacturer’s advice on this one. It is a good idea to carry a small hard brush that can be used to remove excess dirt and mud prior to the clean, and with the recommended synthetic cleaner, simply follow the instructions to get the best results.
  • Removable Inner Soles – It is likely you use these, and of course, they should be replaced after a few sessions, but either way, you should remove them as soon as the hike is over, and after a good wash and rinse, they can be left in the sun to dry. Buying good quality inners will ensure they do last a while, and replace them as and when necessary.

Your hiking boots are the most important piece of kit and therefore need to be well cared for, and when buying hiking boots, it is better to go for a quality manufacturer, as they will last much longer, making the investment a worthwhile one. It never pays to buy cheap, especially with something as important as hiking footwear.

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