A Beginner’s Guide to Blend and Wear Tape-In Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions accentuate your hair and can enhance your overall look. Yet, when they’re not blended properly, extensions can do more harm than good. Obviously fake hair probably isn’t the look you’re after, but fortunately, it can be avoided with tape-in extensions. Like all other extensions, you have to blend, style, and wear tape-in extensions properly so that they look natural and enhance your appearance.

Many ladies spend huge sums of money on hair extensions only to find that they don’t blend in perfectly. So, what can you do to blend in tape-in human hair extensions seamlessly and wear them with confidence? Here are some quick tips.

How to Blend Tape-In Hair Extensions

Choose the Right Color

The best tape-in hair extensions for you will match the colour and texture of your natural hair. But colour matching isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Many women choose their shade without much thought and end up with extensions that don’t blend well. Be sure to spend enough time assessing your own hair colour and then choose extensions with similar or close shade. If your hair has multiple shades, consider picking a colour that matches the edges of your hair. Of course, you can always dye your extensions to match your hair colour, too.

Trim and Layer the Wefts

You may feel uneasy about cutting your expensive tape-in hair extensions, but trimming and layering are essential for blending your hair so it looks and feels natural. In fact, cutting or shaping the extensions is the most important part of the blending process for most women. For example, if your haircut is blunt or you have a deep line to your hair base, chances are the wefts won’t blend properly.

Watch – How to Cut Hair Extensions to Blend

Ideally, you should have a stylist trim the extensions so that the edges become thinner, or create many layers to eliminate some weight. It will keep the noticeable line from appearing in the area where your hair ends, and the extensions start.

Caution: Do not try to trim your set if you’re not a stylist; you may ruin it! Only an experienced stylist will cut the extensions to perfection. You can go now and see how an experienced stylist can help you exceed your expectations, giving you the hairstyle that suits you best.

Pick a Heavy-Weight Extensions Set

For women with short hair, it makes sense to choose a heavyweight ZALA tape-in extensions set. Taping light extensions to short hair may not look fully natural. You need additional hair to improve the blending and get a seamless changeover in the region where your natural hair ends, and the wefts start. These sets come with extra wefts, giving you more hair to work with.

Curl the Extensions into Your Natural Hair

This is yet another useful trick for blending and wearing tape-in hair extensions. Take a small segment of your wefts, mix it with your natural hair, and then curl them together to achieve a natural look. Using this technique, you will effectively camouflage the line that makes the extensions stand out from your own hair.

Tips to Style and Wear Tape-In Extensions

Make your hair and the wefts smooth and silky by using a straightener and a wide-tooth comb (be sure to apply a heat protectant to the extensions before using a heat tool).

  • Create soft curls to wear your tape-in human hair extensions with comfort and confidence.
  • Make your hair into styles, such as soft curls, half up half down, messy bun, sleek and straight, beach waves, plaiting, slick pony, or a low sleek ponytail.
  • Treat your extensions with sulphate-free and protein-free products to keep them in tip-top condition and prevent frizzy, dry ends.
  • Get enough pieces of wefts to get the best results so that you can wear your extensions without any discomfort.
  • Wait for at least two days to shampoo after the application so that the wefts get enough time to properly bond with your natural hair.
  • Always comb or brush your hair from the ends towards the base.

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