8 Tips for Shopping For Wedding Dresses


For many brides their wedding dress is a once in a lifetime opportunity to look great on their special day – but what do you need to do to ensure you look fantastic.

Set Your Budget

Right from the beginning, you need to set a budget while realizing that wedding dresses are known to be expensive. There is a whole lot of work that goes into them, and the average dress of ball gown style will have about 40 to 50 metres of fabric involved. Depending on what it is exactly that you are looking for, you can expect to pay anywhere between £1500 and £5000. You need to be realistic about what you are able to afford and then stick to that budget. After you have a budget in place, you can work out where you would like to start. Each boutique will have a price range, so it may be well worth it to start contacting a few to find out what falls in line with your budget. With a bespoke designer, each design is going to be unique so you will not usually see pricing. However, they will be able to let you know what their starting prices are.


Never Try Too Many Styles At Once

Trying on too many styles in one session may cause you to get confused. Somewhere between five to ten dresses is a nice place to start. Look for skirts and corsets that you can try on with a range of fabrics that you can use to pin and drape over you to create different styles. There will be some shops that will sketch out different options and ideas for you and if this is the case, think about having about three to five designs to start with.


Take Your Close Friends

While it may be tempting to bring a lot of people with you while you shop for dresses, you can end up making it more confusing than it needs to be. There can be a lot of conflicting opinions that may cause issues instead of helping. Take just a couple of relatives or close friends that you really value their opinion. You can always bring other people to a fitting later on.


The Right Undergarments Are Crucial

If you are able to wear the undergarments that you will be wearing on your wedding day along with the shoes for your fittings, you will be able to have a much better idea of exactly how the dress will look. Heel height is always going to be important and different shoes can impact your posture and the actual fit of your dress. Dress companies such as Lusan Mandongus provide some beautiful dresses, these are part of an haute couture collection.


Keep You In Mind

If you are self-conscious at all about your arms, your tummy or hips, you may want to think about special considerations for these areas. Sleeves can be worn on the arms or you can even look to rouching for your middle or an asymmetric cut for your hips. Corsets are also great for adding a curvy silhouette if that is what you are looking for.


Fabric Considerations

When you are getting married in the middle of the summer, you may not want to go with a hefty ball gown that is made of duchess satin. You will want to go with natural fibres that are nice and light, such as cotton and silk. Winter is a nice time to think about layering, so you can add a shawl or even a faux fur jacket.


Jot Down Notes

Once you have an initial appointment, you can go out for a coffee and talk about everything that you just tried on and take notes. What are aspects that you hated? What did you love? Save the names of any designers that you tried and if there was a pattern that you fell in love with. There could be that you are favoring florals or that you want to have a unique design for your entire dress. The more that you write down about what you want your dress to be, the easier it will be to have a designer create it.



Always ask if there will be alteration charges or if they will be included in the cost of your dress. There are some bridals shops that include them, but most will outsource the alteration to a network of seamstresses. Of course, bespoke gowns will be made to fit from the very beginning, so there will only be one price. You can also browse online stores like phase eight, lindybop and debenhams where you can find a wide range of wedding dresses. There are various voucher codes sites who offer special deals by using their offer you will get an amazing discount.

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