7 Ways To Motivate Yourself

motivate yourself

There is nothing worse than the lethargy that comes with life sometimes. You want to get out there and see the world, but your bed is more comfortable. You want to get your tasks for the day finished, but you find the list of tasks so overwhelming that you want to just sit down and ignore it all. It’s easy to struggle with finding motivation, and when your growing task list makes you feel afraid of doing anything instead of actioning it, it’s time to think about how you can motivate yourself.

The only way to ensure that you can motivate yourself is to push yourself with anything that makes you feel good. If you have a goal, you can motivate yourself to achieve it. Goal directed behavior is going to be the only thing that pushes you to get those results you’re coveting! From being motivated by luxury real estate as the goal to pushing yourself with career goals, you need to know how to motivate yourself. Here are 7 strategies to doing it right:

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  1. Figure out what motivates you. If you know what your motivations are, you can concentrate on them and they can spur you on. For example, if achieving something is a feeling that motivates you, zone in on that!
  2. Get into a routine. One of the best ways to keep yourself moving forward is to stop hitting the snooze button. Create a morning routine that works for you and pushes you forward. If you get up and go, you will have to push yourself into it but it will make you feel like you have a good start to the day.
  3. Do things that you love. The best motivations come from things that you enjoy doing. Exercise, for example, may not be something that you love, so get into something that you will love and let it propel you forward. Motivation is in the tasks that you love you just have to find it.
  4. Be careful of how much time you take out. It’s okay to take a break, but you want to ensure that you keep finding motivation and that means not slowing down too much. Otherwise, you can interrupt your own progress.
  5. Lean into your own smarts. The human brain aims for pleasure and away from pain. Let it happen! If you want to increase motivation, you have to associate pleasure with the direction you want to go.
  6. Be your own cheerleader. You have to cheer yourself on as much as possible. The conversations that you have with yourself have to be positive and self-compassion is a must.
  7. Make a plan for each day. If you plan your week ahead, you’re going to be able to visually see yourself ticking things off and it’ll make you feel great! All of those ticked boxes will spur you on to continue and achieve the next one and the next. Motivation is going to come every time you make progress in your life.

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