7 Top Eyebrow Care Tips

Eyebrow care is becoming more and more common — even for men, with some stylists seeing up to 20% of their clients being male in recent times.

However, if you’ve never really taken care of your eyebrows, it can be hard to know where to start. Maybe you’ve been trying but don’t know the right things to do to keep them in great shape.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to take care of your eyebrows and have them looking their best.

1. Don’t Overpluck

If you pluck your own eyebrows at home, one of the eyebrow care tips that will save your life is not to overpluck them.

For one, it will have your eyebrows looking thin and sparse and you may end up having to spend a lot of time filling them back in every morning with make-up. If you consistently overpluck, your eyebrows may end up having a hard time growing back and you could be stuck getting an expensive treatment or wasting time every day.

It’s easy to pluck stray hairs at home if you don’t want to get them waxed a lot, but don’t cut too much into the shape or you could regret it. More is always less when it comes to at-home eyebrow maintenance.

2. Use the Right Make-Up

If you do use make-up to fill in your eyebrows, you should make sure you use the right stuff. Often it can look too dark and heavy as people attempt to cover the gaps they naturally have or that they’ve created from overplucking.

Pick a color that matches your brow and whether you’re using a pencil or powder, create soft, light strokes that will mimic hairs rather than going too hard on the area.

You can also dab the inner side of the eyebrow with a beauty blender gently to create an ombre effect on the inside, as a natural eyebrow would have. Simply use the beauty blender with any leftover concealer or foundation, but don’t add more to it, and make sure you have a light hand.

3. Use an Eyebrow Conditioner

A decent eyebrow conditioner like RevitaBrow can make all the difference. Remember your eyebrows are hair and you need to take care of that hair too!

It will keep the hair growing so if you’ve overplucked, you don’t need to worry about your natural eyebrows becoming very sparse. It will also keep the hair luxurious and healthy, giving them a good appearance so you don’t need to fill them in as much.

4. Don’t Try to Change the Shape

The most important part of an eyebrow care guide is going with how your brows are shaped and not trying to change them. Your eyebrows are shaped to match your face and you should always follow the natural arch!

As well as this, trying to change the shape can have disastrous consequences. At best, you’ll have to keep on top of it as your natural shape tries to come back and fix what you’ve done. At worst, you could end up with completely unfixable unmatched brows!

While it’s fine to tease the brows gently into shape and make them neater, drastic changes are a recipe for disaster.

5. Moisturize

When you’re moisturizing your face, don’t skip the area around the brows! If you’re constantly adding make-up to the area and plucking, you may end up with some dry skin around there that can feel and look unpleasant.

Make sure you let the moisturizer set in there too. It’s not just the hair on the brows that you need to take care of, but the skin around them — just like the skin on the rest of your face!

Exfoliating is just as important too, to get rid of the dead skin cells you might find.

6. Brush Them

While most people are aware they need to brush their hair, sometimes they aren’t aware that they should also brush their brows!

While your eyebrow hairs likely aren’t long enough to tangle, you should still brush them to follow the same direction. This makes all other steps of maintenance easier too, such as plucking and applying make-up.

You can use a spoolie for this. They’re the best way to make sure you’re gently brushing and not going too hard on the skin.

7. See a Professional

Even if you’re the master of at-home eyebrow care, you should still see a professional every now and again.

The extent of what you do is up to you. If you want low-maintenance eyebrows and have the cash to spend, you might want to see a microblading professional every few years to get perfect eyebrows always. You might just need someone to wax or thread them and get them back into shape.

Regardless, if you’re not a professional and always trying to take care of your brows yourself, they could get out of hand. At-home maintenance is totally fine in between appointments but, especially if you have unruly brows, a professional can always do the best thing for them.

Eyebrow Care Is Essential

Too many people neglect their eyebrows! While it’s fine if you like their natural appearance or don’t care too much about it, you still have to exfoliate and moisturize the area and condition the hair to make sure they stay in good shape.

Sometimes it’s not about how they look but just indulging in self-care to take care of your body and all of its features.

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