7 Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Woman’s Shoes

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If you are the kind of woman who travels a lot, then it will be necessary that you own a good collection of shoes. But with a large number of choices available today, picking the right one can be a difficult choice. And to help you with it, we list below the seven things to keep in mind when purchasing a woman’s shoes.


The shoe must be flexible enough that you are able to use it for long periods of time without any discomfort. Check the resistance of the soles by twisting it right from the heel to the toes. If the resistance is at light to moderate levels, then it should suit you well. Similarly, try bending the toe of the shoe upward. If this results in a bend under the ball of the foot, then that too is a sign of flexible shoes. Without flexible shoes, your feet will feel sore after a few minutes of use. As such, be sure to conduct these tests when checking the shoe at the store.


When checking out the style, make sure that you only pick shoes that will go well with almost all types of clothes you generally wear. Shoes which are designed in an overly fanciful manner will likely match with only a few dresses. As such, it is better to avoid those. Similarly, check out the color of the shoes too. It is advisable that you go with classic colors like black, brown, dark greys, and so on. Vibrant colors like bright green, yellow etc. may not go well with all colors of dresses.

Get Multifunctional Shoes

As far as possible, avoid buying shoes that only serve a single purpose. Instead, select one that can be used for many things, like walking, running, hiking, and so on. Not only will it save you money, but you will also not have to waste time trying to choose from your collection of shoes every time you go out for a light stroll or jog. However, in some situations, you will need to purchase multiple shoes. For example, you cannot wear a shoe, which was bought for running, into a wedding party. So, be practical while selecting your shoes.


If you live in a place where it rains more often, then it is inevitable that your shoes will be exposed to water many times. As such, it is very important to check whether a particular pair of shoes which you like is waterproof or not.  If not, then you can check with the store owner whether a waterproof version of the model is available or not. If this too is of no help, then it would be better for you to check for other waterproof models. After all, if the shoe gets wet regularly, and you are unable to get it dry by the morning, then it will be very uncomfortable wearing these shoes.


Another thing to consider is the cushioning of the shoes. And this will depend on whether you will be using the shoe mostly for walking or running. If you will be using it for walking, then you need to check for a good amount of cushioning at the ball of the foot. And if running will be the main purpose of buying the shoe, then you also need to ensure that the cushioning under the heel is also good.


Take into account the weight of the shoe. Sometimes, a lightweight shoe is preferable for certain activities, like jogging and such. And in some other situations, you may need a heavier shoe. For example, when you are sprinting and making random side motions, then you may need better support on the shoe, which can make it heavier. So, have a clear idea of what the shoe will mostly be used for, and only then purchase them.

Arch Type

You should also remember to check out the arch type of the shoe. Usually, you will have three choices regarding this – raised arch, low arch, and the neutral arch. In a raised arch type shoe, only the heel and ball of your feet will even touch the ground. In a low arch type, the entire foot will be in contact with the floor. And in a neutral arch shoe type, the foot will absorb the shock from walking equally.

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