6 Style tips for petite women

If you do not have a standard size, it is often difficult to find clothing that fits you perfectly. A day of shopping can also be a challenge for short women. Do you struggle sometimes with pants that are too long or clothes that just doesn’t seem to fit. For women that are short, it is not always easy to find nice clothes. Most pants are too long and maxi dresses often look more like a tent than a fashionable item. Here are some tips for short and petite women.

midi dress

                                                                        Silver midi dress

1. Vertical lines

Horizontal lines are often not a good choice for women in general, because they make you look bigger. Even as a petite woman, you better opt for vertical lines only. This is not just about striped sweaters, but also about lines in your entire outfit. This is the best way to go for an outfit in one color or, for example, in the same shade, making you look taller.

In addition, for example, you can also create more vertical lines by going for an open cardigan or blazer. It may even be long for you, because the long vertical line makes you look taller. You can also achieve this effect by wearing a long scarf that you do not tie around your neck, but simply drop down.

2. Shorter items of clothing

In the summer you often come across items of clothing that are slightly shorter, such as 7/8 pants and shirts. Especially the 7/8 pants are very handy, because they often fall just right in length! In the winter you can, for example, combine them with ankle boots or high sneakers, if you are otherwise just too cold.

camel mini dress, petite women

                                                                             Camel mini dress

3. Wide versus tight

If you go for horizontal lines, which can of course just be your favorite items of clothing, make sure it is flattering. For example, black skinny trousers with a white voluminous sweater. Always try to combine a wide item with a tighter item, so for example a wide blouse with skinny jeans. Also make sure that you continue to accentuate your waist, for example by putting the blouse in your pants, so that your legs immediately look a lot longer. Also, avoid oversized and wide clothing. You look even smaller because of it.

white mini dress

                                                                  White mini dress

4. Heels

You must have been told many times at clothing tips for small women. As a small woman you just have to wear heels! Not every woman likes to wear heels, but it gives your confidence a boost. It is important that you choose heels that are really comfortable, that are not too big and that are great to walk on. If you do not feel comfortable in heels wear wedges or shoes with a platform.

I like to wear heeled boots myself, because this is a lot more comfortable for me. In addition, you can perfectly combine this under many pants and you immediately look a lot longer. I think it is especially nice to wear long trousers, which fit you in terms of length, and which show just a little or nothing of your shoes. Your legs look extra long!

5. Small details

Finally, in my clothing tips for small women, I give the tip to use small details. It may make sense to use smaller details when you are short, but you may never have thought about it. So you better go for a narrow belt on your high-waisted jeans, opt for small prints instead of the large prints and opt for minimalist jewelry.

denim jeans

                                                                             Blue denim jeans

6. Emphasize your waist

A high-waisted short is a real eye-catcher. They emphasize our waist and extend the legs. The belt is an indispensable accessory for petite women. A beautiful belt can even turn an XXL dress into a sexy, fitting outfit. Moreover, a belt also emphasizes the waist. Ultimately, everything revolves around proportions and accentuating the right places.

These were my clothing tips for petite women. I think that we should not worry too much about our height anyway. Everyone is different try to apply the clothing tips and wear whatever feels best on you. Perhaps you unknowingly take all the right clothing combinations out of the closet.

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