6 Rules That Men Should Follow For Choosing A Perfect Undershirt

Though there much less hype about men’s dressing, they still need to look good just like women do. And there is much more to men’s fashion than just shirts and trousers. Undershirts are equally critical for the discerning male. While there has always been debate whether they should be worn or not, men still vouch that they are better off wearing an undershirt beneath their favorite dress shirt. Choosing an undershirt, however, is trickier than it sounds because a wrong one can actually hamper the appearance of even the best shirt. So if you are not really sure about picking a perfect undershirt, here are some easy tips to help.

Know the basic types

Even before you start undershirt shopping, you need to understand the various options you have. Essentially, they come in three styles, namely V-neck, crew neck and tank top. The V-neck style is ideally suited for casual wear, when you would want to leave your shirt unbuttoned. The idea is to ensure that the undershirt is not visible. Crew neck works only when you plan to button up your shirt all the way up or wear a tie along with it. A tank top, on the other hand, is meant to cover your skin, block sweat or give warmth. Other less conventional options include compression undershirt and long-sleeved undershirt.

Understand your needs

When you choose an undershirt, consider your specific needs. For example, V-necks are a good choice if you are planning to leave for a holiday while crewnecks are a must-have for professionals who need to dress formally. If you have a lot of flab on your body, a compression undershirt is an apt choice because it offers support and conceals the loose skin effectively. Long-sleeved undershirts are meant to keep your arms warm during the colder months.

Mind the fit

Besides the style of the undershirt, the fit is something that should considerably influence their choice for you. Invest in pieces that offer a comfortable fit because an undershirt is meant for all-day wear. Also, make sure that it lies smoothly over your body and feels relatively snug without giving you a constricted feeling. Also, it should be of an optimal length; one that is too short will not stay tucked in while one that is too long may get rolled and ruin your overall look.

Choose fabric according to the weather

Undershirts made in natural fabrics such as cotton are best for hot weather because they offer good comfort and breathability. This material keeps you feeling fresh and cool even during the hottest days. Synthetic fabrics are known for their moisture-wicking abilities but they are not as comfortable as natural ones. There are also ones crafted in easy blends which bring together the softness and comfort of cotton with the moisture-absorbing quality of synthetic materials. Besides considering the weather, you should also bear in mind the care instructions for the fabric before choosing an undershirt.

Think beyond white

You may think that white is the only color option in undershirts but surprisingly you can explore much more when it comes to colors. Of course, a few white pieces are essential because you will probably need to wear them underneath workwear. Also, the advantages of white include easy availability and simple care and maintenance routine as they can be bleached to remove the sweat stains. At the same time, you can go unconventional with colors by buying black, grey, charcoal and tan colors for your undershirt collection. The rule of thumb, though, is that your undershirt should not be visible from under your shirt.

Know that a t-shirt and undershirt are not the same

Another important tip that you must remember is that your t-shirts cannot double up as undershirts because they are thicker than the latter. In fact, you may end up adding bulk to your appearance by opting to wear a t-shirt under your dress shirt. Moreover, the thick t-shirt material may not absorb sweat as undershirts do and it can even make you feel uncomfortable. Remember that an undershirt is meant to conceal stains and sweat while remaining undetectable, which is something you cannot expect with a basic tee.

Now that you know the fundamentals of selecting the best undershirts for your needs, shopping for them will be easier. Give a try before you buy them because perfect fit makes all the difference. If you are buying online, do check the return and exchange policy so that there are no hassles if you are not happy with the undershirt’s fit or quality.

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