6 Points You Must Know About Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere has been considered the finest material of scarves for decades. In fact, cashmere scarves have been synonymous with luxury and opulence ever since European nobility brought them to public attention centuries ago.

Such scarves balance comfort, practicality, style, warmth, and decadence through their intricate and handmade design. This is why the entire world has been swooning over them.

If you plan to get your hands on this luxurious accessory piece this winter, you must know some essential things. Considering how big of an investment such scarves can be, a little bit of research can be worthwhile. Hence, here are the top facts about cashmere scarves.

1.   Cashmere Scarves Are Natural Insulators

Despite being only a few inches thick, cashmere scarves can absorb and release water vapour from humidity. They also help to maintain your body temperature, so they will keep you warm but never hot. For this reason, the material is considered to be a natural insulator. In fact, these scarves can keep you eight times warmer than ordinary wool.

2.   Not All Cashmere Scarves Are Pure

Unfortunately, the fashion market is flooded with fake copies of cashmere scarves that are much cheaper. When you pay for something pure, it cannot be cheap. Pure cashmere came directly from the Cashmere goats of Kashmir and was made labour-intensive.

The tension in the stitching of the scarves should tell you whether it is pure cashmere or not. If you stretch it and it quickly returns to its place, the scarf is likely pure cashmere. 

3.   They Are Non-Itchy

Another striking feature about cashmere scarves that you should know about is that they are practically non-itchy and non-irritating. This is why cashmere scarves are considered one of the most comfortable and softest scarves out there. They are one of the most delicate things to come in contact with your skin. Many people also use these to wrap babies because of this.

The fibres in the cashmere material are pretty fine, and their density is much higher than wool. Hence, the overall texture is non-scratchy or rough.

4.   One Cashmere Scarf Comes From Fleece from Three Goats

One of the main reasons cashmere scarves are expensive and considered a luxury is that one cashmere scarf actually comes from the fleece of two to three cashmere goats. This is mainly because of the extremely thin fibres of the scarf, which are actually even thinner than human hair.

5.   They Go through a Thorough Production Process

Yet another reason behind the high price of cashmere scarves is the thorough, labour-intensive process of making them. Each cashmere fibre is removed manually with a comb from the undercoat of cashmere goats. Then, it is spun to a filament, after which it is ready to be woven and knitted.

These fibres are also only acquired during springtime. This scarcity and the difficult and laborious procedure contribute to the cost of these scarves and make them luxury items.

6.   They Are Highly Durable

A cashmere scarf is undoubtedly an investment since it can last you for up to ten years, if not more. Their quality always remains the same. When properly taken care of, they can be used for decades. It is undoubtedly not uncommon for these scarves to be passed down through generations.

Final Words

When you get cashmere scarves, you are buying an item of luxury that will not only look good but is highly practical as well. Their softness and warmth are addictive, and you might not ever be able to go back to wool.

So, step into opulence and luxury by buying a handcrafted, snug, and the warm cashmere scarf or wrap from Cashmere today!

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