6 Common Jewelry Shopping Errors and How to Avoid Them

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What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to jewelry shopping. A quality piece of jewelry is hard to come by and even harder to find when shopping online.

If you want to amp up your accessories, you might find yourself shopping for new jewelry to give your style a boost. Avoid these common jewelry shopping errors when looking for your next statement piece. 

1. Believing that Higher Price Means Higher Quality

As the jewelry industry evolves, more options become available at a variety of price points. Don’t make the mistake of assuming the piece with the highest price tag has the best quality.

Diamond prices, for example, are based on clarity and size. So while expensive options might be larger, smaller options may have more clarity with a lower price tag.

Before assuming the most expensive is the best, research the quality of materials used and determine if it’s worthwhile. If a website or store doesn’t inform you of the materials used, be cautious about buying from them.

2. Shopping Without a Budget in Mind

Before shopping for jewelry, you need to decide on a budget. Jewelry stores often have an array of options, so knowing what you can afford beforehand can narrow down your search.

It’s easy to get distracted by unique pieces and persistent salespeople. If you come prepared, it’s easier to stick to your ideal price range.

3. Buying Without Comparing Prices

When buying jewelry online, it’s wise to compare prices with several retailers before checking out. Sometimes different stores mark the same types of jewelry at higher prices. Comparing jewelry prices ensures you get the best deal.

You’ll want to read the descriptions, look at the materials used, and look at the photos to make sure you are comparing the same item.

4. Ignoring the Reviews

Reading online customer reviews is one of the best ways to find realistic feedback on the jewelry you want to buy. Reviews offer first-hand accounts of the shopping experience, quality of products, customer service, and policies.

Reviews also offer guidance on caring for the product, reaching out for help, and what to expect from the brand.

5. Not Looking Into the Store’s Policies

Many jewelry companies have policies in place to protect your purchase. Read the fine print for their warranty, returns, exchange, and regular jewelry care policies.

If a store has these policies in place, you can have peace of mind that your jewelry can be repaired or replaced if any damage occurs.

6. Choosing the Wrong Materials

Choosing jewelry made of the wrong materials might lead to allergic reactions, tarnishing, damages, or lower quality. If you want jewelry that lasts a long time, look for the list of materials used in the description.

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Don’t Make These Common Jewelry Shopping Errors

In a sea of options, shopping for jewelry can be overwhelming. If you do your research and avoid these common jewelry shopping errors, you’re sure to find some breathtaking pieces that will last you a long time.

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