6 Colored Gemstones Worth Swooning Over

It is a well-known fact that jewelry completes your look for any occasion. Most of us tend to go for the obvious choice of diamonds that undoubtedly add a sparkling touch. But it is the colored gemstones that lend extra-vibrancy and oomph to your attire. The question here however is – which colored gemstone to choose?

Fret not! Here is a list of 6 colored gemstones that’ll lend an ultra-vivid edge and grab eyeballs every time. Keep reading….

1. Blue Sapphire:

The very first on this list is the blue sapphire, the most popular member of the sapphire family. For years together, this beaming gem has been enticing people with its luxurious aura and beautiful hue. Also, this jewel is the second hardest mineral available, so it’s not only stunning but equally durable too. What more reasons do you need to add this one to your collection?

2. Ruby:

If you were asked to name a red gemstone – ruby would be the first name to pop into your mind. This jewel is a part of the world’s top four precious gems and captivates with its bold hue and striking allure. Also, this ravishing gem is a renowned symbol of love, passion and power which further adds to its popularity.

3. Aquamarine:

The serene aquamarine stands true to its name and sparkles vividly with its clear sea-blue hue. No wonder, its fan-base includes mermaids, sailors and all those in love with its refreshing shade. Aquamarine’s tranquil appearance and subtle charm appeal to every discerning eye and makes it the ideal pick for all occasions.

4. Emerald:

Known as the ‘Gem of Spring’, the enchanting emerald is considered to be the most loved green gem around the globe. It sparkles with nature’s very own brand of color and reminds us of its lush green beauty. An emerald’s appeal lies not only in its glorious hue but also in its symbolism – growth, joy and abundance.

5. Tanzanite:

The next addition to our list of highly desired colored gemstones is the vibrant tanzanite. Discovered in the later part of the 20th century, this gem derives its name from its sole place of origin Tanzania, Africa. Its interesting history, extraordinary hue and rarity have enabled it to gain immense popularity over the years.

6. Morganite:

Named after financier and avid gem collector J.P. Morgan, the gorgeous morganite is a visual delight. It is available in shades of peach and pink, and holds its own among the other colored gems of the world. It exudes charismatic appeal and understated beauty that ensure that you get noticed everywhere you go. Be prepared to receive tons of compliments!

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