5 Tips to find the perfect bikini for your body type


Did you notice your figure looks better in some bikinis? That’s because there is a suitable bikini for every figure. No matter if you have a curvy figure, if you are skinny or have small or big breasts. When you know the strengths of your body you can find a bikini that fits well. On fiercesquared.com you can find swimwear for any body type! Read on for some tips to find the perfect swimwear.

Tip 1 Color
You can wear any color of the rainbow but if you don’t want to look pale read on. Let’s say you haven’t been in the sun for a while and you are very pale. The colors not to choose are black and white. White makes you look even paler and black is to far of your own skin tone. Go for soft colors instead like violet, pink and soft blue. If you have been in the sun for a while black and white are fine. Bright colors will look great on you too.

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Tip 2 Small breasts
For all women among us who have small breasts. Choose a bikini or swimsuit with a push-up pad. It makes them look fuller. You can also choose for a triangle top or a top with a busy print.

Tip 3 Big breasts
When your breasts are big you need more support. A bracket bikini can make them look smaller. A halter bikini is another great option, just make sure the material is sturdy. If the material is weak your breasts will hang. So make sure you have a good quality swimwear for the right support.

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Tip 4 belly
If you have a belly don’t worry! There are so many ways to still look great. You can wear a swimsuit that covers your belly completely. Or you can wear a tankini or corrective bathing suit. Another option is to wear a beach dress or pareo over your bikini if you feel uncomfortable.

Tip 5 Be honest
No matter how nice a bikini looks make sure you choose the size that’s right for you. If your top or bottom is to tight it doesn’t look good. So make sure you buy the right size your figure will look better when you do!

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