5 Tips To Be Kawaii Without Spending A Fortune


If Japanese culture is a matter of interest for you, then you will probably know what kawaii is. Essentially, kawaii means cute and the Japanese associate it with cute stuff such as frilly dresses, Hello Kitty, anime and more. It is much more than an artistic style and fashion trend as people visualize it as a means to do away with stress in their everyday lives. So if you are really interested in being kawaii without having to spend a fortune, we have a few tips for you.

Forget about shape, size, race and ethnicity

Since your shape, size, race and ethnicity are those parts of your existence that you cannot change, accept them and embrace them with aplomb. Being kawaii is all about loving yourself the way you are, without worrying about the color of your skin, the size of your body and the race you belong to. Accept your own beauty and others too will think that you are beautiful!

Practice the art of empathy

Kawaii goes beyond beautifying your body because it is more about the beauty of your heart and soul. Instead of just thinking about wearing cute outfits, focus on practicing the art of empathy and kindness as they make you beautiful from the core. Remember that physical cuteness is only skin deep but empathy is something that makes you radiant from within.

Dress like a cutie pie

Another good idea to be kawaii is to dress like a cutie pie. You can visit a brand store or check out a cute kawaii shop online to hunt for pretty frills, lovely ruffles and gorgeous dresses, all in pastel shades and super-cute styles. You can get some great deals on online stores, which makes it easy to enhance your look without toppling your budget.

Makeup matters too

If you know the basics of kawaii makeup, you can achieve the right look pretty effortlessly. The idea is to look clean and innocent, with a rosy look that is created with shimmery highlighter, bright pink blush, winged eyeliner and sparkly pink lip gloss. Just the right amount of the right shade applied at the right places will instantly elevate your cuteness levels!

Work up on hairstyles as well

With kawaii style, you need to opt for youthful hairdos such as pigtails, braids, bows and headbands. Try different styles with different apparels and you will definitely be able to nail it. If you want to go over the top, try a brightly colored wig rather than experimenting with your natural hair. You can get plenty of options in the market. Buy a few and make them a part of your kawaii collection.

Besides following these useful tips, you can gain some inspiration from Japanese anime and kawaii role models to create different looks right within your budget. When you buy outfits and accessories, think long term and pick pieces that you can mix and match for creative reuse. Go beyond the dress, makeup and hairstyle as you need to be kawaii in your attitude and mannerisms as well.

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    I LOVE Kawaii!! Especially bears.

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