5 Tips For a Safe All Girls Road Trip

Long gone are the days when a girl cringed at the though of traveling solo or with her best mates – and a good thing they are, too. These days, women travel alone or with their friends across the globe without any concern. Still, there are risks you’ll need to be aware of when embarking on an all-girls road trip, such as loss of documents or money shortages, forgotten tech, or even wrong turns during the journey. To stay on the safe side of an all-girls travel agenda, make sure to take these five concerns into account and do your best to thoroughly enjoy the trip, whichever destination you choose.

1. Plan your route beforehand

Many a journey has come to an untimely end due to lack of planning. For a girl traveling solo or with her besties, it is essential to plan the road trip carefully before hand. Once you have picked your destination, make a map to make it easier to find your way across uncharted territory. GPS signal is a reliable guide, but it’s always better to be safe than stranded in the middle of nowhere should your high-tech navigation go amiss.

2. Get your car serviced timely

Traveling by car comes with a whole stack of risks in tow, which is why it’d be best to have the vehicle checked in a reputed car service in Sydney before you depart. In case your car needs a tweak or full component replacement, it is better to have it sorted on time since servicing a vehicle on the road can be both risky and costly, depending on your destination and route. Also, it’d be smart to make sure you have all the car essentials in place such as critical emergency equipment, spare tires, and the first aid kit. After all, you never know if and when you might run into trouble en route.

3. Be prepared for bad weather

As the climate continues to shift, you can never know when a bout of bad weather may strike. Religiously checking the weather forecast for the trip will work wonders, but so will a few stacks of warm clothes and a pair of blankets in the trunk. To stay on the safe side of your journey, bring along both sunscreen and sunglasses and a cozy jumper, and also make sure to pack comfortable water-proof footwear in case the weather takes a turn for the chilly and rainy.

4. A safe place for documents

all-girls road trip

The fact that you’re going off to have fun doesn’t mean you can leave key documents behind. After you’ve packed for the trip, check your passport, driver’s license, travel insurance, and ID and make sure you’ve stacked them in a safe place. Many a time a wonderful adventure can be interrupted by an incident involving the authorities, so it’s better to be prepared than caught up in an administrative hassle you could have anticipated on time.

5. Don’t forget high-tech items

Of course you’re going to take a bunch of pictures and selfies on the go – without it, it’s as if the trip never happened. Still, it comes a surprise just how easy it is for most people to forget a piece of high-tech gear such as a phone chargers, camera, tripod or selfie stick, tablet, or laptop. Once you have packed clothes and food, make sure you have placed essential tech in your backpack or trunk. Once you’re out there braving the wild, you may find tech stores in short supply – or their prices beyond your travel budget.

A road trip is one of the best ways to let your hair down and enjoy your brief getaway or full-scale holiday either solo or with your female buddies. After you’ve notified your closest friends and family you’ll be setting out on an all-girls road trip, pack warm clothes, an odd blanket and your tech, have your car checked and serviced in advance, and be sure you’ve packed your important documents and made a route of the trip on a paper map. After all, life is too short for unexpected road trip twists, isn’t it? Good luck, and have fun!

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