5 Things Guests Notice Immediately About Your Home

In an ideal world, guests wouldn’t notice anything negative about your home as they walk through the door. Instead, it would feel just like being in their house – or a little bit better.

But that’s not what usually happens. Instead, people who visit will immediately pick up on the unique aspects of your property and take note.

When you think about it more carefully, you know this is true. That’s because when you visit somebody else’s home for the first time, there are things that you immediately notice.

So what do people always notice?


The first thing people will notice is the level of clutter. Do you have junk lying around on all your sideboards? Or does every object in your home have its place?

In many cases, guests will pick up on the fact that you have a lot of clutter in your home straight away. If they are the type of person who likes to run a tight ship, it may create a bad impression.

Lack Of Amenities

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Another thing guests will notice is any lack of amenities – things that they take for granted in their home, but that you don’t have.

Good examples include things like hand conditioner in the bathroom or paper towels in the kitchen.

If you plan on entertaining guests, make sure that you keep all amenities stocked. Make your home as luxurious as you can.

The Smell

You probably don’t notice the smell of your home because you live in it all the time. But you can bet your bottom dollar that your guests will notice.

Sometimes they will like it: and that’s okay. But if it is too different from what they are used to, that could reflect negatively on you.

If you have an issue with the smell in your home, make sure that you give it a proper clean. Take out the trash, clean any mold and get AC repair to ensure that you’re not circulating filth around your property.

Pet Hair

Guests who have pets will likely accept pet hair around your property. But those who don’t won’t. People don’t want to sit down on armchairs, only to find their sleeves covered in fur.

Before guests arrive, be sure to give all your upholstery a good vacuum. Sweep up all the pet hair and get it out of the way.

Unclean Bathroom

Guests want your bathroom to be perfectly clean so that they can feel relaxed and enjoy the experience. But if there is mess in the toilet and mold on all the caulking, that will put them off. They may not want to return.

To avoid this, give your bathroom a deep clean before anyone arrives. If you can afford it, hire professional cleaners as they tend to have the tools and equipment to do a great job. Don’t forget to include plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom so that your guests don’t suddenly run out.

So there you have it: some of the things that guests notice immediately about your home. If you regularly entertain, you’ll want to make sure that you create a good impression on all these points.

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