5 spring cleaning tips for a healthy mouth


Lovers of spring and lots of sunshine rejoice! As the weather gets warmer and spring is just around the corner, many people start thinking about a thorough house cleaning. Spring cleaning is the best way to ensure that clutter is out of the way and anything that no longer serves its purpose is thrown out. If you are also among the many people putting together a spring cleaning checklist, then remember that the same thing can be applied to proper oral hygiene. Here are five essential tips to ensure that your smile is beaming all year round, and not only during the period of spring.

1. Invest in the right toothbrush

Even though some ancient civilizations had to use frayed twigs to cleans their teeth, the modern generation is blessed to have a wide array of powerful tools on the market. When shopping for the right toothbrush, choose one that is comfortable to use. Dentists recommend electric brushes due to the fact that they work harder and provide more effective cleaning. One thing people overlook is the importance of replacing the tool every couple of months. To be exact, a toothbrush should be thrown away as soon as the bristles become frayed, or more importantly after you have recovered from a cold. Large households should respect the rule of never sharing a toothbrush because this can lead to different illnesses and health issues. Dental hygienists recommend brushing the teeth and scraping the tongue at least twice a day, but for achieving the best results, a person should have a dental routine after every meal.

2. Floss every night

Many people shy away from flossing because this step might seem unnecessary and often painful. In reality, proper flossing is a must in a healthy oral care routine, because it removes plaque and food bits that might have gotten stuck in hard-to-reach areas. Unfortunately, plaque buildup can easily lead to horrific tooth decay and gum disease. Luckily, by choosing to floss regularly, you are able to prevent all of these issues very easily. When shopping for the best floss you can find, you need to make a distinction between nylon floss and single filament floss. Nylon floss is cheaper (it also tears very easily) and it comes in a variety of fun flavors. The latter is more expensive, but it is virtually shred-resistant. The bottom line is, whichever type of dental floss you choose to invest in, make sure that you are consistent, and results will come.

3. Pick a quality toothpaste

The most important thing when looking out for a high-quality toothpaste is to check the label and read what claims it makes. Is it a safe and effective product? Frequently, people feel as the whitening power or the flavor of a certain brand of toothpaste is more important than the actual ingredients that the product contains. Actually, one ingredient you should be looking for when purchasing quality toothpaste is fluoride. Fluoride is key in the ever going battle against germs and bacteria that lead to dental decay. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that public dental patients are more likely than other Australians to have dental decay. In order to combat illnesses and make sure that the pearly whites are as healthy as possible, it is important to do some research and find the best toothpaste in Australia. Look for a product that not only helps the teeth remain strong but also contributes to healthy gums and fresh breath. If you are shopping for a child, then go for one that tastes great and has a milder formula. Of course children are especially picky so go for a toothpaste that has a fun flavor such as mild mint, strawberry or bubblegum. It is certain that by taking these extra steps, even children will get excited when it’s time to use a toothbrush!

4. Mouthwash

A quality mouthwash can easily be a game changer in your oral healthcare routine, due to the fact that it is convenient and easy to use. It is helpful in three distinct ways; firstly, it reduces the amount of acid in the mouth, secondly it cleans the hard-to-brush areas in the mouth that a toothbrush or dental floss could not get to, and thirdly, it re-mineralizes the teeth. There are two main types of mouthwash to choose from. People who have bad breath issues can opt to choose either a cosmetic or a therapeutic one. Whilst cosmetic mouthwash is excellent to mask bad breath, it does not treat the actual cause. The latter is the way to go to make sure that bacteria is killed and chances of cavities are reduced. In addition, when dealing with more serious cases, people have the option of purchasing antiseptic mouthwash, which has the powerful ability to get rid of the growth of fungi and viruses. Of course, antiseptic mouthwash is quite strong, and due to its high alcohol percentage, it may dry the mouth out and cause serious irritation. Of course, it is always highly recommended to remember to ask your dentist for specific mouthwash recommendations!

5. Visit the dentist regularly

Scheduling a dentist appointment at least twice a year is vital to ensure that any problems are treated on time and that illnesses are prevented. So, make an effort to find the best dentist for your needs and get a regular check-up. A professional will provide you with preventative care such as X-rays, a full examination and thorough cleaning. Also, make use of an appointment and ask about whitening options or other procedures that you might be interested in. A professional can easily answer all of your questions whether you are considering a whitening procedure,
dental braces, or perhaps porcelain veneers.

In summary, achieving beautiful and healthy teeth takes a lifetime of care, but by following these helpful tips, you can rest assured that your smile will light up the room. So, remember that spring cleaning does not only apply to your home area, but it can also motivate you to achieve that Hollywood type of look.


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