5 Must-Have Fashionable Home Decor Pieces

Whether you’re about to start decorating your new home or your current residence craves a quality makeover, introducing fashionable home décor pieces will freshen up the interior by introducing a dose of novelty to it. All the vases, photo frames, mirrors, pillows and rugs that appear mundane at first create the ever-needed cohesion between furniture items, only to present fabulous home décor. If you’re looking for those trademark pieces that will add the necessary oomph to your home, here are or favourite suggestions.

Eye-catching bowls

The choice of décor items can make or break your entire interior design concept. Therefore, you should choose pieces that will stand out without looking kitsch. Bowls can easily add a dose of charm to a living room, dining room and corridor. Place it on a table, a stand or a coffee table to draw the eye immediately to it. From chic, colourful bowls that can stand on their own to classical crystal ones that you can fill with fruit, there’s a full spectrum of trendy pieces that will fit seamlessly into your décor.

Chic vases

home décor

Have you noticed how fresh flowers instantly make the room look lively? To make your interior brighter and more charming, introduce vases to it. Make your consoles, credenzas, and buffets stand out by placing a seagrass vase on them. Not a fan of seagrass? Wood, clay and glass vases will also be exceptional décor choices for any part of your house. A classic piece such as a vase never goes out of style, so you’ll be investing in a timeless piece.

Area rugs

When you don’t know how to make a room more inviting, investing in quality rugs will be the right way to go. Whether you want a few rugs in several parts of the room, or you’d prefer one large rug, the interior will instantly get a dose of comfort you’re looking to introduce. Don’t forget to place an inviting runner in your hallway, and enrich the dining room with a stylish rug underneath the table for that added charm. Aside from adding dimension and visual interest, rugs will also warm up the room during colder months making it more inviting.

Whimsical wall art

Bare walls will make the room look cold and impersonal. That’s why a stylish home needs a fashionable décor piece such as a modern corner shelf. Art is to walls what jewellery is for your outfit, so make it eye-catching and make it chic. From iconic paintings to stunning mirrors, wall art will quickly improve the look of your interior, making it more welcoming than before. Create an artistic wall statement with wall cubbies that will display all of your favourite souvenirs and memorabilia. Put together a gallery wall to show off all of your work, memories or fan art. Frame magazine covers, your family portrait or anything that will make that blank canvas of a wall looks more fashionable. Don’t want anything hanging on your walls? In that case, choose the right wallpaper for your interior, and you won’t need additional décor elements on them.

Bar cart

A bar cart can be a stunning focal point in your dining room or living room. Display all of your alcohol collection alongside cocktail making necessities for the ultimate bar-like feel in your home. However, a bar cart doesn’t necessarily have to serve as an alcohol station. You can also keep only your glassware on it or place it in a bathroom for a little oasis of haven on wheels. From towels to loofas, baths salts, bath fizz, lotions, and candles, a bar cart can be a perfect storage solution while adding charm to your bathroom.

Final thoughts

Decorating a home involves plenty of effort and creativity. If you ever run out of ideas, check our suggestions and start making your home a fabulously decorated place to live in. Choose whimsical wall art, intricate vases and bowls, cosy rugs and chic display items to make your home fashionable.

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