5 Coolest Travel Destinations For Single Gals

Today, solo travel is very popular for women; you don’t need a partner to have an adventure of a lifetime. If you’re very intrigued about solo travel yet don’t know which destinations are suitable for such a feat, here are a few coolest spots in the world all single gals will love to discover and explore:


If you’re looking for plenty of fun adventures on your vacation but also want to enjoy top safety and hospitality, come to the Land Down Under. Australia is a vast country speckled with both natural and human-made attractions. Perfect for solo travelers, this vast land allows you excellent mobility if you decide to rent a car, and with your road trip access, you can see world-famous beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, and magical lookout points. For instance, many travelers decide to hit the iconic Great Ocean Road and make scenic stops along the way. You can book your Great Ocean Road accommodation online and make Torquay your home base. From there, you can easily reach Melbourne or complete the Great Ocean Road drive, and then return to your affordable yet lux accommodation.


If you’re looking forward to meeting new people on your solo trip, look no further than the Philippines. This country has some of the most open people in the world, and almost everyone knows English. As a result, you can get plenty of local interaction and explore many natural beauties. One of the best places for travelers in the Philippines is Siargao Island—once you arrive and see all the beauty, you’ll have to agree with our judgment.


If you want to have a world of color, interest, technology, and quirkiness, visit Japan. As a solo traveler, you have nothing to worry about because Japan is ranked among the top 10 safest countries in the world. And if you’re worried about the language barrier, costs, or food (there are people who don’t like sushi apparently), don’t fear that as well. Today, the country is more accessible to foreigners than ever, mostly thanks to the 2021 Olympics. Most major cities have English signage, and subway routes have been greatly simplified. For your first visit, focus on Tokyo, gorgeous Kyoto, and a few small villages under Mt. Fuji.


solo travel

If this is your first solo trip and you’re extremely worried about safety, opt for the safest destination in the world, tiny Iceland. One of the best things to do on the island is rent a camper van and drive the 1,328-kilometer-long Ring Road. This is a great summer adventure, and during that time, you can meet many like-minded people at the campsites along the way. On the other hand, if you’re looking for solitude and time to contemplate your life, take this road later in the season. In Iceland, you will discover the true appeal of solo travel.


If you’re looking for a very urban environment that’s still very safe, Germany is a perfect choice. Berlin, the capital of the country, is full of culture, quirky things to do, and unique people ready to welcome you to their country. Berlin is perfect if you’re an aficionado of art and good music (especially top-tier raves). On the other hand, Bavaria and Baden Wurttemberg are perfect for girls that love romantic castles, impressive mountains, and dramatic waterfalls. And Germany is a popular destination all year round—in the summer and spring, you’ll get to explore nature, in the autumn, you’ll get to explore the cities, and in the winter, you’ll get to enjoy the best Christmas markets in the world.

Do you feel an immediate attraction to any of these destinations? Maybe you love the hot Australian sun or the fresh Canadian air? No matter which place you choose, your solo female adventure will be a success, and you’ll definitely fall in love with this way of traveling.

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