5 Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Hearing Aid In Top Condition

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Many people do not clean their hearing aids properly. As a result, not only will the quality of sound they hear suffer, but the device itself will not last for long and can stop functioning even before it reaches its life expectancy. And if you have recently purchased a hearing aid, and are looking for ways to clean it properly, then follow the tips below.

Regular Cleaning

The first tip to keep in mind is to clean the hearing aid regularly. So, what does ‘regularly’ mean? In simple words – every single day. Ideally, you should clean the device in the night time when you will be keeping it separate from your ear. And remember to avoid alcohol or other chemicals for cleaning since they can end up damaging the hearing aid. Cleaning during the night will also give the device sufficient time to dry out after the cleaning process.

Get The Right Tools

Next, ensure that you have the proper tools available to clean the hearing aid properly. Firstly, you need to have a wax pick that will allow you to remove the wax stuck inside the openings of the device. Secondly, you will require a special hearing aid cleaning brush. Such brushes have very soft bristles which ensures that you can clean the hearing aid thoroughly without damaging them in any way. An alternative will be to use a multitool, which provides the functionalities of both the wax pick and the cleaning brush in a single device.


The earmold of the hearing aid can stain and smell over a period of time if you neglect cleaning it properly. As such, it is recommended that you clean them by using soapy warm water at least once a week. This should help avoid any chances of discoloration. Remember to dry out the earmold naturally in the open air before putting it back into the device. And if you notice any bad smells from the earmold, it can be an indication of ear infection.

Microphone And Speaker

Make an extra effort to ensure that both the speaker and microphone and are kept clean. Due to constant use, both these parts can attract wax, which can turn out to negatively affect the performance of the aid. In fact, you may only hear muffled sounds if the microphone and the speaker are blocked with debris and wax. You can clean them using a brush or a wax pick.

Clear The Vent

The hearing aid will also have a vent that allows the air to go from one section of the device to the opposite side. If this vent gets blocked by dust and other particles, then the hearing aid may not function properly. So be sure to clear out the vents when doing your regular maintenance of the device.

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