5 Best Training Ideas for Fashion Models

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It is that time of the year again: the time when we all take a look back at the year behind and make big plans for the time ahead. For most people, fitness is an essential point on the list of New Year resolutions, but then again, for most people, the average gym drill can get boring after a while. That is why it is highly recommendable to experiment with fitness programs and find a routine which is both interesting and effective in the long run. In case you want to follow in the footsteps of fashion models, here are a few workout routines you might want to give a go in the year to come.

1. Give HIIT a Go

If you want to get back into shape or achieve quick weight loss results fast, look no further than HIIT. High intensity interval training such as running, swimming, skipping rope, or cardio kickboxing is an excellent way to cut body fat and build strong muscles, as well as improve stability and posture. For optimal results, aim for 30-60 minutes of high intensity cardiovascular activity on most days of the week, and keep your workouts diversified to avoid boredom or overtraining.

2. Stretch it out

Another useful workout type that can help you tone your muscles and make them lean and strong, stretching exercises such as yoga and pilates will help you achieve the top model look and increase strength and flexibility at the same time. To get the most out of your workouts, you should incorporate a stretching routine to work on every muscle group for 20-30 seconds after your workouts. That way, you will elongate the muscles and achieve peak shape without the risk of adding excess bulk to your physique.

3. EMS Training

A recent trend reshaping the fitness industry, EMS trainings are ideal for models looking to boost or maintain their shape since they offer excellent results with less time and effort required. A great workout for models with too many points on their daily To Do list, EMS trainings will allow you to achieve superior results within a significantly shorter period of time. If you have little time and need a quick shape-up, it might be a good idea to book your EMS training in Melbourne and see just how far this fitness technique can take you.

4. Go Swimming

Another excellent workout for models looking to stay in top shape, a quick training in the pool can help you maintain shape and improve overall body functioning at the same time. Swimming is a great workout that targets all major muscle groups and allows you to enjoy a moderate to high intensity workout. In addition to that, swimming is a perfect workout to incorporate on your rest days, which makes it a go-to for models looking to supplement their regular training schedule with an enjoyable yet effective routine.

5. Bodyweight

If you want to build bigger muscles or just tone your whole body outside of the classic gym, bodyweight exercises might be a perfect option. Pushups, pull-ups, back extensions, side planks, and bridges will allow you to work on your mobility and increase muscle mass. For a smart bonus, you can do them anywhere and anytime you want, without the need for costly props and gym equipment. Including bodyweight exercises in your regular training agenda is a surefire way to build lean muscles and remain youthful and strong in the years to come.

Are you ready to start your fitness journey following in the footsteps of top models? Feel free to try out the training routines listed above and experiment with different techniques until you come up with your unique training plan. After all, life is too short to spend it in anything by peak shape, so go ahead and do your long-term health and body image a favor. You are welcome.

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