5 Beauty Secrets to Try at Home

Every culture has its own beauty secrets that are passed down from generation to generation. Unless you are part of the tribe, you probably won’t be privy to their beauty tips and secrets. That’s why we have created this list of 5 vogue beauty secrets that you need to know to up the ante on your beauty routine. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Use a Filtering Shower Head

Do you live in a city that has hard water? You probably weren’t aware of this, but hard water can be incredibly harsh on your hair and skin. And it’s easy to fix! Install a filtering shower head in your bathroom and you are good to go! The softer water will be rejuvenating and revivifying, not drying to your hair and skin.

2. Don’t Throw Away That Rice Water

Are you a fan of rice like a majority of the population? Do you throw away that precious rice water as if it were nothing? Don’t do that anymore. Rice water, especially when fermented for a couple of days, can be used as a toner and dark spot remover for your face and a cleanser for your hair. Many cultures around the world swear by this beauty secret. Shhh!

3. Get a Jade Face Roller

You’ve probably seen a deluge of face rollers on the market and wondered what that was all about. Even though it’s not so much a secret anymore, many American women still haven’t jumped on the face roller bandwagon. What are you waiting for? Get a jade (or rose quartz) face roller and start rolling away those wrinkles and fine lines. Do it while you watch your fav show on Netflix.

4. Do Face Yoga Every Day

Did you know that yoga isn’t just for the body anymore, but also for your face? With certain massage techniques that can be done daily, you can rejuvenate the skin in your face, making it look healthier, younger, and brighter. It’s something you can do at home by following the various YouTube videos on the subject.

5. Remove All That Unwanted Hair

Are you self-conscious about all that extra hair on your body and face? It might be easy to hide it in the long winter months when you are all covered up, but it still makes you feel icky to have hair all over your body. Why not use laser hair removal to get rid of that hair and become hair-free once and for all? You can do it at home or go to a spa to get it done professionally.

Beauty Secrets That Aren’t So Secret Anymore

There you have it – five beauty secrets that are now out in the open for everyone to take advantage of. Start using the beauty products mentioned above and move into the elite club of beautiful women.

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