4 Essential Pieces of Jewelry to Go with Your Wedding Dress

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect dress for your dream wedding, the next step is to choose the right jewelry to complement it. The right piece of bridal jewelry can instantly transform your look from ordinary to glowing. 

When shopping for jewelry, make sure that it will work harmoniously with the rest of your outfit, from the veil to the dress down to the shoes. Consider your makeup and hairstyle as well when choosing your jewelry so that everything works together on the big day. Remember that each element should work cohesively with the rest of your bridal look, so don’t let your jewelry steal the spotlight. Pick one piece of jewelry that will make a statement, and then let the rest be supporting characters.

Your bridal jewelry should also be a reflection of you. If you’re not comfortable wearing chandelier earrings, then stick to studs. If you’re not usually one to wear a simple necklace, then choose a statement piece that better reflects your personality. Wear something that makes you feel confident on your wedding day – that’s the best accessory of all.

Don’t know where to start? Consider your wedding dress as the starting point of your journey. If you’re wearing a simple wedding gown, treat the dress as a blank slate and pair it with a stunning diamond necklace or statement-making earrings. If you’ve splurged on a knockout dress with lots of details and intricate embellishments, consider wearing a simple set of earrings and necklace that doesn’t take the attention away from the dress.

Here are four foolproof jewelry staples that you can wear on your wedding day and beyond:       

Pearl earrings

When in doubt, always wear pearls. They’re a classic bridal staple that never goes out of style. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and styles ranging from simple pearl studs to extravagant pave pearl earrings. Not into basic pearl studs? You can pile on the sparkle with an extra-long pearl drop wedding earrings or a three-strand pearl necklace. Consider wearing your grandmother’s pearls as something borrowed, or shop for new jewelry at Zadok Jewelers – a fine jewelry store in Houston. The best part is that you can still wear them long after the wedding and honeymoon are over.

Elegant necklace

bridal jewelry

As a rule of thumb, your necklace should match the neckline of your wedding dress. Pendants work best with v-necklines and low-cut gowns. Chokers go well with sweetheart necklines, while statement necklaces are best paired with strapless dresses. If you’re wearing a high neckline, you can ditch the necklace and opt for a nice pair of statement earrings instead. If you’re wearing a dress with a low-cut back, consider wearing a lariat necklace at the back for a swoon-worthy look. Going for a casual and boho look? Try layering two or three necklaces together and mixing your metals for a casual vibe.

Tennis bracelet

bridal jewelry

Most brides opt for a tennis bracelet over other bracelets because it is simple enough not to distract from the gown, yet sparkly enough to stand on its own. Traditionally, a tennis bracelet features a string of stones with the same type and size. However, these days you can opt for a graduated style featuring an array of diamonds that gradually gets larger or smaller, or you can shop for a bracelet with a string of alternating round and oval diamonds. No matter what you choose from the fine jewelry store, you should end up with a bracelet that you can still wear every day, whether it’s a delicate and dainty bracelet or a statement piece.    

Colored gemstone

Are you an unconventional bride wearing a pantsuit or a colored gown to your wedding day? Or maybe you’re a bride looking for a piece of jewelry that will break up an all-white look? Most people associate bridal jewelry with colorless diamonds or white pearls. But if you’re a bride who loves color, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a touch of vibrant color to your special day. Colored stones create a strong fashion statement and will make your wedding day look pop even more. If you’re searching for something blue, you can go with the very deep sapphire blue or the lighter blue topaz jewelry. By wearing colored gemstones, you can have an ensemble that works well with the color palette of your wedding and adds a sophisticated appeal to your wedding dress.

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