4 Best Burger Joints in Margaret River

A mouth-watering, delicious burger is a creation of the finest ingredients which satisfies your desire for food and also amazes your taste buds. Deciding what makes burger the best is a personal choice because what one likes in a burger varies from one person to another. There is nothing in this world as fine as a tender hamburger and here are the four best burger joints in Margaret River.

  1. The Greenroom Margaret River: Located on Bussel highway, the restaurant is down the street from the Visitor’s center and it has a casual ambiance. There is friendly staff, outdoor dining, and daily dining-in. It has ample parking space and is open for lunch, dinner, and snacks. The menu at the Greenroom Margaret River offers pork, beef, and chicken in addition to vegetarian burgers that are prepared with fresh, local produce. You can also order side items and desserts from their menu.
  2. Burger Baby: Located on the main shopping complex on Bussell Highway, Burger Baby is a favorite of the locals. They have indoor and outdoor dining options and a casual atmosphere. The items are available for a takeaway. The menu consists of vegetarian burgers, beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. The burgers will be prepared on order with fresh ingredients and will be served on a freshly baked bun. There are desserts, side dishes, local wines, alcoholic drinks, sodas, and beer also available. Read more about the best burgers on https://www.forestrise.com.au/best-burger-in-margaret-river/. Burger Baby is open for lunch and dinner for seven days a week.
  3. The Urban Bean: This is the perfect restaurant for vegetarians to enjoy every single item on the menu. The buns are locally baked and all the ingredients are fresh. Their menu changes from time to time due to the availability of fruits and vegetables. There is a casual vibe at the restaurant and the food is available for takeaway. They serve non-alcoholic beverages and a number of healthy drinks. It remains open from 6:30 AM to 4 PM daily. It is open for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and snacks.
  4. Cafe Boranup: This cafe will give you a unique burger experience. It is located in a natural setting of a bush with music provided by nature. There is a casual ambiance and the tables are constructed from the solid Jarrah trees. There are full-size glass windows to enjoy the natural environment. The cafe also has a play area for children and an outdoor seating area. The menu includes vegan burgers, beef, venison, and chicken. They serve beer battered chips with all burgers and the beverages available are non-alcoholic. It remains open from 9 AM to 4 PM for snacks, lunch, and brunch.

Your search for the best burger ends here. However, a true foodie will only decide on their favorite burger after trying out all the burger joints mentioned here. Each joint has something unique to offer in terms of ingredients and taste.

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    Burger baby is to die for, I’ve dined here before and it became one of my burger go-to gastronomic eateries. Margaret River is lovely but it’s my go-to burger that makes it awesome for me.

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