3 Ways To Get A Straighter Smile

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a somewhat wonky smile. After all, it’s not something you have control over, so there’s no need to feel like you have to fix it. Having said that, it’s completely understandable if you feel self-conscious about this. We’re all conscious about certain aspects of ourselves, and this could be one of your biggest personal beauty concerns.

If that’s the case, then you can try a few different things to straighten your smile. Hopefully, this will remove any self-esteem issues and make you feel so much better about how you look. Here are three ways you get a straighter smile:


Traditional metal braces are an effective way of straightening out your teeth. If you have a very wonky smile with teeth that are completely out of alignment, this could be the only option to consider. Braces are expensive and need to be worn for a long time, but they get the job done. Effectively, the metal wiring attaches to your teeth and pulls them into a normal alignment. You’ll be quite amazed by how much your teeth can move and fit into place. There are definitely pros and cons to wearing braces, but it might be a necessary treatment for some of you.


Invisalign is a treatment idea that deals with a lot of the negative aspects of braces. While metal braces can be painful and unsightly, Invisalign is…well…invisible! It’s a type of treatment that involves clear aligners that are molded to fit your teeth. You can get these from places like Sunrise Dental Studio, and your dentist will take impressions to create the custom aligners for you. From here, you pop them in your mouth and they force your teeth to move around and straighten. Every few weeks you will need to replace your aligners with new ones, but the idea is that they work as invisible braces. Can they treat extreme teeth wonkiness and misalignment? It depends on how severe your problems are! But, for most people, invisible braces like these will more than do a good job. Sure, they’re expensive, but you’re paying for a lack of pain and convenience.

Composite bonding

Finally, you might not need any sort of braces treatment whatsoever. In some cases, your wonky smile could be caused by one or two teeth that just seem out of place. All it takes is for one tooth to be out of place or a different shape and your entire smile looks worse. Here, you can get some composite bonding on the dodgy teeth to make them into a more normal shape. As a result, your entire mouth suddenly falls into place. It’s like a filling or a crown without the drilling! Or, to be honest, you could get crowns or veneers to straighten your smile as well.

At the end of the day, options exist to help you get a smile that makes you feel comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with having a wonky smile, but if it’s something that genuinely bothers you, try any of these three ideas to straighten it and be more confident.

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