3 Great Trampoline Exercises


The trampoline – a staple of many homes nationwide – is a brilliant tool for exercise. With each and every bounce, the pull of gravity drags you back down, and the higher you jump, the more energy you are using up, which increases the number of calories you burn.

Bouncing – or rebounding –  on a trampoline does not just burn calories, though, it also helps you build muscle. As you tumble back down, you are bounced back up which causes your muscles to react against gravity’s force. Rebounding helps you improve your balance and forces all your muscles to work in anticipation of where – or on what – you are going to land.

Not only is it great exercise, it is great fun too! Children love trampolines and you will be hard-pressed to find a family home which doesn’t have one sitting at the bottom of the garden. If you want to learn more about some of the best trampolining brands, check out Trampolinify.

Here are three of the best trampoline-based exercises you can do:

#1: The Simple Bounce

The simple vertical bounce is a routine which works wonders for general toning of the muscles. The repetitive bouncing motion and change between weightlessness and normal gravity stimulates your muscles and forces them all to get to work.

Vertical bouncing requires you to do just one thing: stand in the middle of the trampoline and jump! It is incredibly easy and gives many of your core muscles a good workout. This is an exercise which is suitable for all and is a great way to get your children to exercise without knowing about it!

#2: The Jumping Jog

As you may guess, this combines jogging and jumping on a trampoline, but without the stresses associated with street-based running, such as the hard and repetitive impact on the base of your feet.

Starting at the center of the trampoline, begin increasing the height of your vertical bounce and then when you have a good rhythm going, begin to jog and land on an alternative foot each time. The point here is not to jog in the traditional sense of moving forward, but to remain in place and jog by alternating your feet – it is identical to jogging on the spot, except that it is performed on the trampoline.

#3: Moving in the Air

When you jump up and are in the air, introduce a few twists, turns and other movements to your routine. This will work muscles all over your body, including back muscles, the core, and even your shoulder muscles.

Full body twists, energetic kicking and pulling your knees up are all routines you can perform to get a full-body workout on the trampoline. You can move in any which way you choose, as the overall impact will remain the same as you work all your muscles.

Trampolines are just as much for the adults as they are the kids. They are a great exercise tool and can be used for full-body workouts should you adopt the right routine.

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