3 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

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You can lose weight and still eat. I can’t think straight and I feel depressed when I’m not eating well. Just like relationships, when we go against our own values for our health we lose our self-worth.

There are 3 effective ways to lose weight without starving yourself.

  1. 100% natural green tea with no sugar/salt is very effective. A cup of green tea after every meal will clean the toxins in your body. The more you cleanse your system the more weight you lose. Green tea will also make you less hungry and prevent you from binge eating. Green tea can help you lose weight gradually and prevent you from gaining the weight back.  I recommend 100% natural green tea with hot water and no salt/sugar.  I feel great when I drink green tea.  I feel energized and motivated to work in the morning.  I recommended green tea to my friend and she lost 10lbs in one month.
  2. Besides green tea, lemon with hot water is an ancient secret that never goes out of style. Lemon with hot water after meals can clean out the toxins in your body too. Whatever your weight loss goal is lemon with hot water helps you manage your weight even after your weight loss.  Make sure you drink lemon with hot water after meals and not before.  It’s great for people who want to stay In a good mood before bed.
  3. Dark green vegetables after every meal can also cut down pounds. Dark green vegetables are low in fat and high in fiber. If you want to maintain your weight fruits are not the best option. Besides weight management, dark green  vegetables  have  several benefits, including  reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease.  I eat romaine lettuce / spinach after meals to beat my sugar cravings, to stay mentally strong and physically healthy.

Losing weight may seem hard but if you think of weight management as a habit you will easily become healthier just like me.  Once you start the process you will enjoy the benefits.  Good luck on your weight loss journey

Author: Sodline D.Ferdinand


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