3 bridal accessories I wish I could wear all the time


The saddest part of my wedding was when I had to wave goodbye to all my glamorous clothes and probably never wear them again. Not because I don’t like them, far from it, but because it’s impossible to find an event I could show them off at. Isn’t it such a shame that some wedding accessories and dresses are meant for that one day only with no option of wearing them again! I wholeheartedly regret not being able to wear some of the things from my wedding, and secretly hope for another chance to make everyone envious of them.

In case you’re curious, here are the items I am talking about:

Neckwear to Look Great

Finding the perfect choker for a wedding is excruciatingly hard as you must combine the required elegance of a wedding with the choker edge that comes with it by default. In reality, all I wanted was a choker I could wear every day, alas, it now rests in my closet, waiting patiently to be worn once again. Luckily, though, fashion comes and goes and most of the styles keep getting recycled, meaning that soon enough I’ll be able to wear it at random events without feeling guilty that I’m not at a wedding. Remember girls, a choker should be subtle and an accessory to your outfit, not the centerpiece itself.

Walking Down the Aisle in Style

Unless you have the right shoes, you won’t feel like you look amazing regardless of how fab your outfit is. There’s a plethora of shoes to choose from, but going home with the bridal shoes of your dreams takes careful consideration – even more so since you won’t be able to pair them up with anything but your wedding dress. And, let’s be honest, as much as you would like to parade them around looking like a princess, it’d be awkward and impractical. Not to mention uncomfortable at times. Nevertheless, I yearn for a chance to show my bridals off again – after all, they did look spectacular on my W-day!

The Veil of Veils

Whoever thought it was a good idea to design veils for weddings didn’t realize what a great accessory they would be in everyday life. Unfortunately, they don’t really go well with anything – not just in my closet but everyone’s. Ahhh… A beautiful veil shouldn’t sit in the dark waiting to be worn! It should become an accessory you could wear any time. Nobody should judge me for wearing it off the wedding, especially if I feel nice in it! After all, it’s my veil and I looked like an angel in it so why shouldn’t I be able to wear it now? Because the society says so, grrh.

Being a bride is hard work, and reality hits even harder when you realize that you can’t wear the most amazing outfit you ever put together outside of your wedding ceremony. From time to time, I do like to dress up and look at myself, admiring just how great I look and what a pity it is I can’t wear that amazing ensemble to work. I think I’ll never forget my wedding, not just because of the amazing reception we threw but also because I’ll always think back to how great I looked. I’m still keeping my dress and all its accessories in mint condition, for a special occasion, though.

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