3 Bike Safety Tips For Kids

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Riding a bike is fun and for some, it is a way to show some tricks with the bike. But when you are thinking to give a bike to a kid, then you have to confirm safety first. Because kids will not understand how to control the bike when it needs to. So it is up to parents to teach kids to learn and play safe with the bike. Here I will talk about 3 bike safety tips for kids. You may think why is safety important? Well if you do some research, you will see most of the bike accidents a happens with kids and the injuries are serious. Most of the injuries are a head injury and head means brain. The brain injury is a life taking injury. So safety is important.

–    Where to Ride?

  • As a kid, you have to talk with your parents where to ride and what place is safe for you. Know your limits and safe place to ride. As a kid you have to ride on the sidewalk, try to avoid street.
  • When you are on your bike, be alert for cars and trucks. Because accident happens suddenly.
  • Choose a place where car or truck don’t go there. It will be best where the riders or walkers use that place. It will be safe for you.
  • Avoid places with wet plants, big pools, and sidewalk to ride, rocks, and curbs.

– safety tips:

  • Pick a bike in which kids can sit properly, hold the handlebars and the feet touches the ground. Don’t pick a bike that is not proper for your kid. Get the bike with foot operated brake, it is the safest one. When your kid is on a bike, obviously put a helmet on his head. The helmet should be fit and also comfortable to wear. Use v strap helmet for kids. It stays in place and also comfortable.
  • When your kid gets ready for riding a bike, check the brakes, gears are shifting properly and the tires are tight and bloated. Let your kid wear a bright vest, jacket, and shirt even your kid will go out in the daytime. It is getting noticed easily. Use white light in the front, red light in the rear and different reflectors on the bike. Don’t use loose cloth when you are on the bike.
  • Don’t let your kid ride at dusk or in dark. Because this time is not safe for kids. Don’t let your kid use any other things that will distract the mind. Let your kid focus on the road and bike. Teach your kids the road rules. It will help in the long run. Your kid will be in the habit of obeying signal and traffic signs.

Starting to teach your kid to ride:

  • While picking the right bike for your kid, make sure the wheel is 14 to 16 inch. You have to make sure his feet are touching the ground when he is on his feet. Get a light size bike as it will be tough to ride with the heavy bike.
  • Start with an easy bike. The best bike to start with is no pedals. It will help to learn confidence and balance. After your kid is ready to go for a pedal bike than picking the best one.
  • When your kid is ready for a bike, then start riding in an open and safe place. The best place is a parking lot, an open field, a playground. Don’t go in a narrow place or a traffic place, your kid will get nervous. Let him get used to pedaling on the playground with the pedal. Then let him go to the places where he is safe.
  • Let him start lonely. Make him steady and confident.

Kids love to ride the bike and they tend to be on it the whole day. So when you are thinking to go for a bike for your kid, then think about the safety of your kid. Don’t go for a cheap bike for your kid. Even it is out of the budget, go for a strong and durable bike for your kid. Because kids are not easy with the bike. They thrash and do anything with their toy. Pick the right size bike.

It is normal that kids will tumble, slip, crash and fall. It is the main fun of being a kid. But we parents have to be alert that this fun doesn’t get into a serious injury. To avoid the injuries we have to be careful and let kids know about the safety. When your kid is on the bike, parents need to be careful and alert. Because a bike ride can give fun but if you are not careful thane it can give your kid injury. In a bike ride, kids mainly get injury in the head. And head injury is not good. So when you are thinking to teach your kid to learn bike riding, at first take safety equipment’s first, then let your kid learn to ride. Don’t ever forget to teach kids to wear a helmet, because the helmet is the main part of riding a bike. Once your kid will opt this habit, he will not ever forget to wear a helmet. Here in this article, the 3 bike safety tips for kids are proper for first-time bike rider especially kids. Parents, you have to know the safety tips before your kid. Learn it then teach your kids.

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