20-Minute BJJ Workout That Will Change Your Life

When it comes to BJJ, most people think of a self-defense or combat game that can help them become street smart. They don’t think about its impact on their lifestyle or food choices. This limited vision of BJJ is very common among people who are not so aware of its benefits. According to most BJJ professionals, the scope of BJJ is so broad that after choosing BJJ you will eventually feel healthier. This will not only help you maintain good body weight, but it is great aerobics as well. So you are getting all the benefits that you might acquire from regular exercise, however, you will not feel that you are working out. BJJ is not only fun, it is a skill-based plan so you will eventually feel motivated when you will notice an improvement in your body movement. BJJ not only makes the overall body movement effortless, but it also helps with reducing the chance of injury. In short, BJJ is a life-changing experience but most people feel they should only use BJJ for self-defense because it is an expensive game. You will not only need an instructor but you will also need to join an institute.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about the best workout that you can perform at home. You don’t need any assistance for this workout and you don’t have to join an institute. These workout steps are very easy to follow and you can easily track the performance of the workout.

Benefits of BJJ in Real Life

BJJ is not just limited to self-defense. It is a lifestyle that will help you choose healthy living and healthy eating. You will eventually see that you are losing weight and you can work out for hours without getting tired. This is especially important because most people complain that they get tired very easily. Some of the best benefits of BJJ in real life include:

  • It helps in improving the blood sugar level
  • It helps in reducing the blood cholesterol level
  • It increases the bone density
  • BJJ helps in weight loss and melting extra fat
  • BJJ will also help in improving the strength that will make weight lifting and workout effortless and less painful
  • BJJ will also help you in avoiding injury

Quick and Simple 20-Minute BJJ Workout

For the workout, you need to start by dividing your workout into three major sections. Most people do not understand the importance of each section and some even end up missing a few steps. Each step has its significance. Apart from this, if you miss one section this will impact your whole workout routine and your body will not show good progress.

How to Divide the Workout in Section?

For dividing the workout, you need to divide it based on the goal. Start with a simple warm-up session where you can help start the workout. Your body will not have to face an injury and it will get ready before the second or rather an intense session.

The second section of the workout is rather intense. Another important thing is that it is goal-oriented and will only help you improve the technical and the skillset. You will learn how to kick or punch and how to read the other person and make a practical strategy out of it.

The third section of the workout will consist of a cool-down session. This will help you relax and you will be able to bring down your heartbeat as well as help you with strategy building. In most cases, people do not conclude the workout properly and this eventually impacts the body. If you want to relax, the cool-down session is very important for you.

Step By Step 15 Minute Workout

Before starting the workout, you can mark the time or start tracking the time. Your warm-up time will consist of at least 3 minutes and then you can move to one min intense workout and with 30 seconds of rest, you can continue with a one-minute workout again. Overall this will become a high-intensity interval workout. Also, this will be a circuit-based workout so you can keep exercising till you get to complete your 15 minutes workout.

This workout is very basic, you can easily modify it according to your goal. Most people do not need upper body strength, others want to work on their footwork, so you can customize the workout accordingly. Some people aim for sculpting the body so they just increase the intensity. Others want to lose the fat so they keep the workout at medium intensity for a long time. For this exercise, you just need to keep moving and then take your time. To increase the progress you also need to modify the workout so that you can track the progress.

  • Start with jumping lunges. This will take just 3 seconds to hold and then you can carry the goblet hold as well. You need to do it 5 times.
  • The second exercise is a dive bomber along with pushups. You will have to do it ten times and then do a pike push-up as well.
  • The third exercise is windmill reach. You need to do it at least 5 times and then you need to push down the back foot when you lift.
  • Another exercise that you should perform is the Cossack squat. You need to perform it six times and then keep rotating the foot with a straight leg.
  • Another most effective exercise is the bear hold. You then have to do the reverse table with a top bridge at least 5 times. The progression of this exercise is done with a simple add-on kick.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, BJJ is more than just a simple combat game. Your whole body will engage in the workout and you will see improvement in your mental health as well as your physical health. Where most people think about BJJ as an investment in their defense, most people do not understand the idea of BJJ fully. BJJ not only helps you strengthen your whole body, but it also increases your stamina and helps you perform your daily activities in a better way. In short, it all comes down to the practice, and then you will be able to track the progress of the workout as well.

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