11 Reasons Why You Should Own Sun Protective Clothing

Sunlight provides a lot of benefits as a source of vitamin D and sustainable energy. At the same time, it is a two-edged sword with how UV radiation affects your skin. It becomes the source of skin problems such as sunspots or skin cancer.

For this, you need a good deal of UV protection. Aside from sunscreen lotion, you can also gain from clothing. Sun protective clothing can shield you against harmful UV rays when working long hours under the sun.

Below, we look at the reasons why you should get sun protective clothing and have them in your wardrobe. If you spend a lot of time under the sun, consider investing in sun protective clothing today.

1. Specialized Sun Protective Clothing Has Higher Degrees of Protection

One of the main benefits of sun protective clothing is how it protects your skin against UV radiation. Sun protective clothing not only completely covers your skin but also uses its fabrics to either absorb or reflect light.

There’s a common misconception that any clothing can protect you from the sun as long as it covers your skin. That is where sun protective clothing stands out when compared to regular clothes. You can quantify this capability by the fabric’s UPF (ultraviolet protective factor).

At most, the ones that show enough sun protection are clothes with UPF50+. A regular T-shirt has a UPF of 5 and below.

2. Minimizes Direct Sun Exposure to Your Skin

Due to the design of sun protective clothing, you can minimize direct sun exposure on your skin. Melanoma is one of the primary concerns of direct sunlight exposure. Sun protective clothing works great as a preventive measure.

Other features of note to decrease direct sun exposure would include collars and thumbholes on sleeves. Sun protective hats would have wide brims or legionnaire flaps to cover the ears and neck.

3. Design Comes With Longer Sleeves

The most prominent design choice here would be the tops sporting long sleeves. This is a sought-out feature that can provide you a good deal of sunlight protection for your arms.

4. Can Keep You Cool in Sunny Conditions

One of the benefits of sun protective clothing is that it can help cool you down during hot days. The fabrics used are also lightweight and provide wearers with enough sunlight protection. These fabrics also tend to be moisture-wicking and breathable.

Notable fabrics that provide high UPF include polyester, wool, and silk. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort for protection.

5. Style Options Have Increased

As of late, styles have continued to increase for UV shirts and more. Aside from the long-sleeved versions, it also comes in other styles. For instance, you see them as a polo dress that provides both style and coverage.

The many styles available allows for variety. This gives you a chance to protect your skin more while looking stylish.

You also have other items like hats and sunglasses. These offer sun protection to other parts of the body.

6. Approved by Medical Experts

Dermatologists around the world agree that sun protective clothing is effective. Even a simple hat with a broad brim can do wonders to protect your face from harmful UV rays. Experts say that sun protective clothing has the same effects as sunblock lotion.

However, with clothing, you don’t have to worry about reapplying every few hours. Sunblock lotion requires periodical applications to remain effective. With UPF50+ clothing, you have protection throughout the entire day.

7. Helps Prevent Skin Aging

An interesting note here is how sunlight affects the skin. About 90% of aging happens to come from sunlight exposure. Proteins in the skin deteriorate due to sunlight, although this occurs over time.

With proper sun protection, you can avoid this problem. This gives you a good reason to get some UV apparel.

8. Loose Fits Offer Better Movement Range

UV shirts and clothes would need a loose fit to work well. If the fabrics end up stretched, it loses its effectiveness in protecting the skin from UV light. For this to work well, you need sun protective clothing with loose fits.

The good thing is that most UV apparels have a loose fit for easier movement. This is a crucial quality that you should look for when choosing sun protective clothing.

9. Colors Used Can Reflect and Absorb Sunlight

How does sun protective clothing work? One factor here is the use of special types of dye that would increase the clothing’s UPF capabilities. Putting this in conjunction with the fabric itself and the right colors can push the sun protection higher.

The usual case for colors is that darker shades work better for this than lighter ones. Bright colors also work great for this setup, noting the specific type of dye used on the fabric.

10. Provides Options for Sun Protection

Aside from style, you also have options on how you can approach sunlight protection. Along with the use of hats and eyewear, you also have clothing in the selection. This works well when you don’t have the chance to get any sunscreen ready.

You can supplement your sun protection with the use of sunscreen. Take note of the SPF levels, and you should get more than enough protection from UV light.

11. Worthwhile Investment for Better Health

In the end, it is a great investment in the health aspect. It does not only cover style, but it also helps in preventing skin cancer and more. It’s never too late to invest in sun protective clothing.

Invest in Sun Protective Clothing Today

Getting sun protective clothing can be a welcome expansion in your wardrobe. Not only does it look stylish, but it also helps protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

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