10 Types of Psychic Readings

Psychic readings

Psychic reading is all about talking to your loved ones who are on the other side. They connect you with the ones you have lost and allow you to communicate with them and seek answers to your questions. Mediumship reading is one of the most popular form of psychic reading. The second most popular is the psychic intuitive session which is reading the energy of an individual. However, there is a huge difference between the two type of readings.

Before you book a reading, you need to know the type of reading you want to have. This will help you make the right decision and choose the one that is apt for you. However, there are many other readings which are popular and help you connect with people on a different medium. If you are not sure which reading is ideal for you, it is best you understand the different types of readings available and then make a choice.

Fortune telling

Fortune telling goes back to the early civilizations and there is some sort of divination in the every culture that has ensured this form of reading thrives. Predicting the future is known as fortune telling and the reading is like reading regular cards.

Tarot card readings

This form of reading goes back to the 14th century and was synonymous with fortune telling in the past. However, there has been a lot of innovation in the field and new card decks have been introduced as well. Different types of readers use different cards and it helps answer a number of questions to them. There are a lot of people who prefer psychic phone readings because it helps them get a reading from the preferred reader without having to travel the distance.

Psychic intuitive sessions

This reading is based on spirituality. The reader reads the energy of the individual sitting in front of them and learns about the places, people and things. This information about the past, present and future of the individual is obtained through his energy or aura.

Angel card readings

An angel card reading is very similar to the psychic intuitive reading except that the reader will use a special angel deck and through the same he called on the angelic realm to guide him through the reading.

Psychic mediumship

These readings are for those whose loved ones have passed away. It does not tap into the energy in the person and you cannot choose which spirit will show up. However, the spirit will be familiar to you so that you can get answers to your questions. These readings are ideal for those who have been bereaved. It helps them to heal.

Group Readings

As the name suggests, a group reading is conducted by a psychic with more than three people in the room at a time. It tries to bring the spirits for as many people as they can in the given time and not everyone gets a guaranteed reading.


A demonstration is basically a large group of reading where there are thousands of people present. The demonstration is conducted through more than one medium and it attempts to bring spirits for as many people as possible in a given time.


These readings are very famous across the globe and they focus on the planets in the sky on the day you were born. Based on the movement of the planets today, they give you a reading. These readings are ideal for relocation and compatibility. They can tell you which aspect of your life is impacted by the movement of the planets today and how it will be for the year ahead.


Like astrology, palmistry is a scientific psychic reading. Each one of us has significant lines on our palms and this reading takes these lines into consideration and tells you about the health, career, money and love you will find in your life.


This form of reading is based on numbers which have a significant meaning. The numbers are based on your birth date, your birth name and the name you use today. It will tell a lot about your personality and the purpose of your life.

These are all the different types of readings available today. If you are keen on a reading, you need to find a clear purpose for the same. You need to determine the questions you seek answers for and based on the same, the right type of reading will help you achieve the purpose.

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