10 Qualities To Look For in the Best Pair of Yoga Leggings

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Whether you’re in the gym or at the grocery store, yoga leggings are a wardrobe staple. However, there’s a lot to think about. Fabric quality, comfort, whether they’re see-through and sweatproof … these factors are crucial. 

If you’re interested in buying yoga leggings, it’s important to do your research. That’s why we’ve assembled a guide to ten factors you should consider for your next pair of workout leggings.

1. Consider the Waistband

If the waistband on your yoga leggings is too low-rise, many people feel uncomfortable with their stomach shifting around or hanging below their shirt. If it’s too high, it can be uncomfortable to perform many exercises. 

Depending on the waistband, it can pinch, roll, shift, or move in ways that aren’t comfortable or flattering. Consider what types of tops you like to pair with your leggings, and what kind of waistbands are comfortable on your body type. It might take a little experimentation to get there!

2. Fabric Quality 

What happens when you start sweating, lunging, and squatting? If you use your leggings during intense sessions with a certified personal trainer, or other intense physical activity, then they need to stand up to the test! 

Sometimes, doing squats in poor-quality leggings make them see-through. To avoid feeling awkward or embarrassed, put each pair of leggings through the ‘squat test’. It can make a big difference when it comes to being unpleasantly surprised at the gym. 

3. Fit 

We already discussed waistband fit. But make sure you don’t have to constantly adjust leggings during a workout, too. Consider whether they’re too loose or too tight. 

Length is also important. For some people, full-length leggings will drag too much. Cropped leggings also may end up bunched around your legs during high-intensity workouts. 

If that’s the case, try a pair of 7/8 workout leggings. They might be perfect for you!

4. What Activities Do You Do?

Different types of yoga leggings work for different activities. Even if it looks really good on a fitness model, it might not work for your lifestyle!

For instance, do you want to carry your phone and keys in your hands during a run? Or would you prefer to have small pockets in your yoga leggings?

The right workout leggings can also help performance, too. Compression leggings can help with blood flow and circulation during a difficult workout, too.

5. How Does Your Body React?

Some people sweat a lot during exercise. If this is the case, you may want lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics. This will help keep you comfortable. You want to stay dry and cozy during every workout, so you should also consider the activities you’re doing. 

For instance, lightweight fabric is a must for activities like hot yoga. For a simple Pilates class, though, thicker fabric might be appropriate.

6. Ease 

We all know the struggle of trying to worm out of a sweaty piece of clothing. But that struggle is even worse if your yoga leggings never fit in the first place!

Don’t force it. Remember that clothing is made for your body, not the other way around. If your yoga leggings are difficult to get on, they’ll be even harder to take off!

7. Safety First 

If you’re running, yoga leggings are a great choice. They keep your legs warm, protect you from moisture, and help improve your performance with compression technology. 

But what about safety? There are lots of tragic stories about runners being struck by heedless motorists. 

When you’re purchasing a pair of leggings, think about finding some with reflective material if you tend to run outdoors a lot. It can make a big difference!

8. What’s Your Personal Style?

Everyone gravitates toward a different aesthetic. For some people, it can be hard to find yoga leggings that fit their style. Many workout leggings are solid colors, without any fun details, patterns, or different colors. 

Black, grey, white, maroon, dark blue … those seem to be the staples of the workout world. And if those options fit into your style, that’s great! 

But if not, keep looking for yoga leggings that actually fit your wardrobe. If you are wearing clothing you actually like, you’ll be more motivated to put on your favorite clothes and work out. After all, it certainly can’t hurt.

9. Check the Seam 

If you buy yoga leggings with a cheaply constructed seam, you may end up with the dreaded camel-toe situation. When yoga leggings are cut, they can be designed in two ways. One way produces tension upward. 

Thus, when you work out or pull up your leggings, camel toe results. The other option pulls tension to the sides, which helps your legs look toned and avoids camel toe. 

If you’ve had embarrassing experiences before, it could be enough to turn you off yoga leggings forever. It’s important to know that there’s nothing wrong with the leggings!

Instead, it might be the brand. Or, it could just be that specific pair of leggings. With Leggings from Beyond Yoga, it’s never a problem.

10. Sustainability 

When you make purchases, what values guide that process for you? Some people want to make sure their purchases don’t have a negative impact on the environment or other people. 

Some major clothing manufacturers use unethical practices, child labor, poor working conditions, and more. It’s important to note how your yoga pants are being made, and how your dollars are contributing to working conditions. 

It’s also important to pay attention to the material. Make sure it’s recyclable, packed in sustainable wrapping, and that the company supports environmental practices. If these values are important to your spending, they will help you feel better about the yoga pants you’re wearing. 

Buying Yoga Leggings 

When buying yoga leggings, there are lots of options available. If you want stylish leggings that make you look and feel good, there are some great companies that have exactly what you want. By prioritizing your own comfort, the activities you partake in, and sustainable practices, you’re making great progress on your yoga journey!

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