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​Want to dress your boyfriend to look the way you want, then we’ve compiled a whole array of tips on how to do so. These will have him out of those old jeans and t-shirt and looking fab in some great new garbs – take a look.

Discover why he dresses the way that he does

Unless your boyfriend prefers a very specific style of dress, chances are he either doesn't know any better or doesn't care.  My boyfriend dresses to be comfortable and many guys do the same thing.  You need to show him that it is possible for him to be comfortable while still wearing stylish clothes that fit properly.  Try your best to understand your boyfriend's point of view.  For example, my boyfriend is a large guy and has very athletic legs.  He isn't comfortable with trying to wear slim-fitting jeans.  However, that doesn't mean he needs to wear baggy jeans.  A happy medium can be settled on, such as straight legged jeans with Lycra that stretches when he moves so that it is flexible and comfortable. Here are some food tips from Glamour.

Surprise your guy with clothes that you like

When you get a gift for him, it really is for you too.  Tell him how you found the clothes and thought he would look great in them and how much you loved them at first sight.  Ask him to try them on!  One thing I have learned after being on the retail floor for many years, is that once you can get a man into a fitting room, the battle is half over.

Encourage him

Once your boyfriend finally takes the step to wear something you have picked out for him, you need to offer him plenty of encouragement.  Let him know how flattering he looks in his new jeans.  Tell him how handsome and hot he looks. 

Use his Idols

Point out that such and such an idol of his dresses really well and lay down some heavy hints. Whether he’s a big sports fan and it’s a stylish footballer or he’s a movie buff and fancies himself as a James Bond, you can entice him to dress better by encouraging him to use his idols. This infographic from Shade Station should help.

Invite him to go somewhere where he will need to dress up

If you have a perpetually casual man and would like to improve his wardrobe, you need to come up with a reason for him to dress up.  Bring him or invite him someplace where he will need to dress up.  Then, once he is sporting his upgraded look, shower him with compliments.  When I was celebrating my first Christmas together with my boyfriend, he got invited to my family's home.  I let him know weeks in advance that everyone would be dressed up.  So he showed up at the house wearing a 3-piece suit, which made him the most dressed up of everyone there.  He looked great and everyone told him that.  If he was able to wear a suit at Christmas time, then he is capable of wearing a button-down shirt when we go out for dinner.

Gradually get rid of those clothes you don't care for

If you really think you will be able to wean him off from wearing his favourite t-shirt that you hate, then think again.  Before you are able to sneak out the old stuff, you will need to rotate new clothing clothes in slowly.  You will love when it comes time to do some spring cleaning.  Help your boyfriend sort through his wardrobe.  Clothes that don't fit him any longer can be donated.  Also try to replace items of clothing that you think could be improved without a lot of fuss.  Before you know it, the old clothes will be out and new ones will take their place to give your guy a whole new look.

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​It may be confusing when you are trying to find a good laser hair removal clinic. How do you sift through the hundreds of advertisements, all offering great results to find the right clinic to meet your needs?  Which of these laser hair removal clinics will provide you the best results? Before making your first appointment, you should ask the laser hair removal clinic staff these very important questions.
Are you certified and may I see proof of these certifications?
This is the single most important question to ask the clinic staff. It is important that you ensure the laser hair removal clinic you choose is certified to operate the laser. When you visit the clinic, look on the walls where the certificates should be clearly displayed. If you are going to a U.S. clinic, the laser hair removal physician will most likely be board certified.  This may not be true for other countries, so be sure and ask. I know it’s certainly not for laser hair removal by Proskin
The next question to ask is who will be performing the laser hair removal?
It is important that only a certified physician perform your laser hair removal treatment. This may seem obvious, but you may think the clinic has several board-certified physicians only to find out when you arrive that there is only one and they are not available to perform your laser hair removal. Always ask the clinic about the certification, training, and experience of the physicians and staff.
What brand and type of laser is used in your clinic?  Will it work with people of my ethnic heritage, skin type or hair color?
Not all types of lasers are good to use with every skin tone or hair color. This is why is it important to ask before your treatment starts. The most successful laser hair removal treatment is on people with dark hair and light skin. There are, however, lasers which work well on other types of hair/skin combinations. Before your treatment starts, ensure the laser used will work for your hair/skin color combination.
Do you treat people with my hair color and skin tone often?  If so, how many have you treated?
You are more likely to be comfortable getting laser hair removal treatment if you know the clinic has experience working with people of your skin tone and hair color.
What is the cost of a laser hair removal treatment and how many treatments are typically needed?
This is good information to help you plan your treatments so they work with your budget. You will also have a good idea of when to see results. If possible, visit several clinics and ask these questions. Then, compare the answers. Just because one clinic is less expensive than another is not a good reason to select them.  Get all the information you need and then make an informed decision.
May I get a consultation and a patch test?  How much will this cost me?
You should be able to get a consultation and a patch test at every clinic.  Some may charge while others will not.  This could factor into your decision on which clinic to choose. During your consultation, discuss all pre-treatment steps such as stopping certain medications which could interfere with the laser hair removal treatment or which might increase the risk of side effects

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​Wholesaling involves the act of purchasing large quantities of goods from one or more producers and manufacturers and selling them in relatively smaller quantities to retailers, resellers and distributors. Wholesalers can be business units or independent companies who buy stock of goods at low prices as they order bulk quantities and usually sell them at costs lower than the recommended retail prices. This is known as wholesale pricing.

Although wholesalers act as middlemen in the supply chain, some may also be manufacturers or Brand owners that can sell their goods to retailers or even directly to consumers. They usually have distribution centers or warehouses, where they store their goods in bulk. These are generally located nearer to the point of sale rather than the manufacturer. 
​Wholesalers specialize in any one industry like garments; tools etc. and sell all different products of different categories within it. With the fast growing internet trading networks and online sale, a number of wholesale suppliers for women’s shoes, especially elegant pumps, are becoming popular. Distributors of wholesale pumps have a diverse collection of trendy shoes available in a number of styles, prints and colors to choose from.

Wholesalers can be classified into 7 different types which include:

General Wholesalers –These are the typical wholesalers who buy in large quantities from suppliers and resell it in smaller quantities to retailers. Merchant Wholesalers – These wholesalers are owners of the product they sell to retailers or other distributors at wholesale prices. Specialty Wholesalers –These wholesalers resell products falling under a specific industry that they might have purchased from more than one supplier. Specific Product Wholesalers –They resell only one kind of product such as computers or footwear e.g. pumps which may belong to different brands. Drop Ship Wholesalers – They do not actually handle the goods and complete their sale by dispatching the stock directly from supplier to the customer. On-line Wholesalers– They sells their products on-line and offer discounted prices and deals to buyers as they save on overhead charges. Discounted Wholesalers- They sell refurbished goods with significant discounts in their prices.

​Advantages of buying from wholesale suppliers:

​· Wholesalers keep their profit margin extremely low because they operate with large volume of goods.
· They have a larger collection of pumps compared to retailers in terms of shoe designs, colors, sizes and styles. They keep up with the latest trend update their stock as they maintain a direct relation with the fashion industry.
· They always have ready supply of stock and never make retailers or consumers wait for them.

What makes good wholesalers 

​· Good wholesalers meet your price and quality requirements.
· They should be able to provide bulk stock, maintain steady supply and meet your demands in a timely and reliable fashion.
· Their trade should be legal and validated and they should have good reputation in the industry and market for their services.
· Location, credit facilities and terms and conditions are important factors for determining good wholesalers.
· They should provide all the necessary information on regulations if they are exporting their goods outside the country.
· They should not charge taxes which are included in the consumer prices. They should not impose local taxes on goods which are exported.

​Wholesale pumps can be conveniently purchased from warehouses as well as online. The sophisticated style of pumps suiting every outfit is nothing short of stunning. Given the benefits of wholesale trade for both consumers and retailers, the only task left is to identify distributors who are reliable and efficient. 

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As a parent, you will be required to go through all the available prams before you settle on the one that you feel is good for your baby and that will not give you a hard time. Investing in quality baby products should be on the top of every parents to do list.

The benefit of using prams is that they are good looking, are practical and very adaptable when it comes to functionality. Since all he prams available are good for your kid, your choice will be largely affected by the taste and design you want and your budget. You should understand that these are very great investments and it is wise to know exactly what you are buying. Having your child visit the outside as a toddler will be beneficial to him or her and you should do it often. Here are the four designs of bugaboo prams that you can choose from:

I. Chameleon Pram
Just like a chameleon is known for its ability to change its color, the chameleon bugaboo pram can be used as both a pram and a stroller. It is very versatile for use and it is built with a heavy posterior thus enabling it to be strong enough to carry a lot of weight. The chameleon is designed in a way that it can be easily reassembled into a bassinet. This makes it very cost effective since it can be used for the tasks of two different products.

II. Bee Bugaboo
When you are dealing with a lot of movement all day as a father or mother, you need a stroller that will best suite your movement. A bee stroller is well suited for this kind of activity because it is lightweight thus making movement a lot easier. This is best suited for people who love travelling a lot. It is very compact and easy to handle. To make sure that your child is safe and comfortable when you are moving on rough terrain, the bee stroller is installed with suspension and also has some deal bars that can be reversed to change the direction your child is facing.

III. Donkey Stroller

This is one of bugaboo’s double stroller and it is the latest design produced. It is possible for you to purchase it and use it as a single if you do not have two kids. It is also possible to use it as a front to back and this is very good for infants since it is nice to be changing the scenery for the child from time to time. What makes it more appealing is the fact that it is a double stroller and yet it has some very easy configurations to use.

IV. Bugaboo Frog Stroller

This is the most popular stroller in the market and it is named frog due to the fact that it has two large wheels and two smaller back wheels. This arrangement of wheels makes it easier for the stroller to move a bout and even to jump over curbs and sidewalks effortlessly. It can also be adjusted for bad weather making it very useful even in harsh environment conditions.You can choose any of the bugaboo styles above based on your taste and the amount of money that you might be having. All of them are great in their own separate ways, you just have to go with what you find good for your child.

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Choosing the appropriate handbag to suit your lifestyle can be a demanding task. Mentioned below are some handbag types, such as crossbody handbags and the type of bodies they are suited for.

In addition to carrying your essentials, handbags also serve other purposes. Over the recent years, handbags have become a great way of incorporating the latest trend in your outfit and wardrobe as well. Additionally, handbags also have a role to play in defining your personality. This implies that not just any type of handbag is suitable for any outfit, occasion or lady for that matter. Throughout this article, various tips, with regards to handbag selection, that will help you accentuate your best features and conceal the bad ones with your handbag.  Currently, there are numerous handbags to choose from, including the crossbody handbags.

The Main Handbag Styles
Currently, there are numerous brands, colors, types, sizes and styles of handbags to suit varying personalities. Some of the popular handbag types include:
  • Tote bags
  • Evening handbags
  • Satchels
  • Crossbody handbags
  • Weekender handbags
  • Hobo handbags
  • Shoulder bag
  • Messenger bags
Choosing the Perfect Handbag Depending On Your Body Shape
An increasing number of ladies today are buying handbags that will depict the best features on their body, accentuate their eminent aspects and handbags that are in line with their personalities. Depending of the type of body you have, here are some of the handbags that may suit your personality.

1. Inverted Triangle Type of Body

This is a body shape whereby the hips and the wais are smaller than the shoulders. In this regard, such ladies should get handbags that have long straps. This will attract attention to the smaller part of the body. Such handbags include the crossbody handbags, shoulder handbags and hobo handbags.

2. Rectangle Type of Body

Ladies with a rectangular shape are the ladies whose shoulders, waist and hips are of the same size. If you are such a lady, you should opt for the handbags that tend to add curves to a lean and long type of body, such as hobo handbags and satchel handbags. Again, the handbag you opt for should not fall below the waistline.

3. Triangle-shaped Bodies

This is a body type where the buttocks and the waist are wider than the shoulders. Ladies with this type of body should look for handbags that will makes the shoulders appear broader, hence balance the figure. If you happen to have this type of body, you may try the satchel handbags.

4. The Hourglass Type Of Body

​This is a body type whereby the shoulders and the hips are almost of the same size, but the waistline is slender and well defined. If you have this type of body, you should consider yourself lucky because almost any handbag style will suit you. However, it is advisable to opt for the handbags that are proportions in terms of type, size. Such handbags include satchel handbags, tote handbags, shoulder handbags and crossbody handbags.

Other aspects that you need to consider while choosing the perfect handbag are the practicality and comfort of the handbag. As such, you should also consider the size of the handbag, the number of compartments it has and for how long you will be wearing the handbag at any given point.

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​Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Grab your pitch forks, light your torches and prepare to slay the costume competition this Halloween.

Halloween is without a doubt my favourite night of the year. Dressing up and adorning your body with prosthetic scars and blood wounds may not be everyone’s idea of fun but in my world it’s the greatest way to express your dark side – but in a light hearted, festive fashion.

I usually plan my Halloween costume months in advance – this year however I’ve been so busy I don’t even know how I am celebrating, let alone what face paint I’m going to use.  What I do know, is that I will go all out, as I do every year, and probably spend hours searching for an ‘original’ get up (if there is such a thing left out there). In past years I have dolled up and said a little prayer as Madonna, put on my Poker Face as Lady Gaga and spent the night no strings attached as a ventriloquist doll. The costumes themselves were always handmade and thrown together on the simplest of budgets – but I was always determined to outshine my party guests when it came to tailoring my hair, make-up and even mannerisms to the character I was portraying.

It’s not enough to just have a half decent looking vampire cape and false fangs anymore; with prosthetic make-up tutorials going viral and bloodshot contact lenses for £7, to win best costume you have to really go the whole Frankenstein’s monster. Let’s put traditional Halloween into perspective; at the annual celebration you have your standard half-effort girls turn up as tragic house hold pets and all of a sudden you’re partying with about 10 ‘cats’ and a few bunny rabbits. You have a handful of sporty guys turn up in their football kits and claim they spent weeks planning how they would enter your home chanting a lyrically lacking stadium anthem, and obviously your old man decides to dress up as the Count Dracula – as this is his castle you are partying in after all. There’s also bound to be a few pointy hats, several scream masks and enough dead school girls to start your own zombie academy. And then of course you have the one friend who decided last minute to turn up without a costume and so throws on an old used bed sheet and says BOO to really get the crowd going.

I see Halloween as a bit of showcase; how well can you portray your evil alter ego? – For one night you can be a beautifully wicked enchantress, or a sickeningly gruesome monster, a mysteriously psychotic killer or a blood thirsty werewolf. Of course I am merely talking costumes, masks and make-up, let’s not get carried away. But all in all it is a night of artistic expression and glamour and escapism into the phantasmagorical world of fantasy. So why not use the opportunity to push the boundaries of standard spook-tactics?

I found this great website the other night whilst I was frantically trying to unearth some Halloween-esque inspiration and discovered an alcove of magical gems! ‘Cosmetic Co’ is an online beauty outlet offering some of the most prestigious brands of cosmetics, fragrances and best of all Special FX make up! Absolutely perfect for our scary October festival. Catering for those of us who want to drown ourselves in fake blood, liquid latex witch noses onto our faces and highlight our hair with temporary vivid streaks, ‘Cosmetic Co’ has a catalogue of brilliantly priced products for any get-up.

Cosmetic Co also has some great ideas for Halloween make-up with its vast range of face paints from renowned brands Snazaroo, Ben Nye, Wicked and more. Perfect for quick tutorial fixes is Fun World, who offer Zipper Special FX kits  for a gory realistic zip-on-the-face look sure to shiver the timbers of fellow party goers. Snazaroo has a rainbow of vibrant paint palettes to ensure your green witch or your orange pumpkin is as intensely bright as the full moon. Brand Mehron provide stage effects such as Squirt Blood, Castor Sealer and 3D gel for those who wish to physically morph into characters with sharper cheekbones than Angelina Jolie as Maleficent (which this year would be a great option to dress up as by the way.)

So if you’re too old to trick or treat but you’re too wild to sit at home watching Freddie Krueger films with a bottomless tub of popcorn, get creative and knock ‘em dead!

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Over the past few years, I have noticed that rather dismally, many of the high street shops in Britain sell pretty much the same items only differing ever so slightly in price and design. Not only does this make shopping boring, it also makes it very difficult to stand out and make a statement through your clothes.
Whilst I follow fashion religiously, I am very much opposed to looking like a clone of my friends or the models on Topshop’s walls (although I’m absolutely not against looking like them in any other respect!) which is why I have started to drift away from the high street shops and look in more boutique stores and online shops to find more unique and interesting fashion clothes that suit and flatter me whilst still being highly fashionable and individual.
After much searching both around town and online, I came across a shop called ‘La Vida Boutique’: who specialise in unique, boutique fashion. They offer a wide range of different brands and the one brand which especially stood out to me was their Rebecca Rhoades brand. I have picked out three of my favourite pieces that they do and have explained to you why:
​Rebecca Rhoades Lucy Poppy Top

This beautiful top made from crepe polyester is perfect to wear for either smart or casual occasions. It’s abstract poppy material design makes it easy to match with a number of different colour of bottoms and the design and shape of the top makes it a very versatile item of clothing. Suitable to wear with either a skirt or trousers, this top is a great investment.
​ Rebecca Rhoades Rita Poppy Dress
 Similarly to the Lucy Poppy Top, I love this pattern. It is a stunning   dress that whilst is a very fashionable style (midi dress), it also very unique and special looking. Coming into the autumn and winter seasons, the long sleeves make it particularly appealing as it adds a little warmth. However, the open back still makes it very sexy.
Rebecca Rhoades Sophia Dress
I love the bright patterns and abstract print of this dress. The colours are perfect for jazzing up any party. The looser top with pencil skirt fit bottom is an incredibly flattering design and I love the sophistication of the midi cut and the hollow back. Great for cocktail parties or dinner parties!
​La Vida Boutique is a prime example of why you should look elsewhere other than the high street for beautiful fashion items. Buying from boutiques means that there is never any fear of rocking up to a party in the same outfit as someone else. Boutiques and independent stores also tend to offer better quality clothes than those of the high streets (although not always) as they are not usually bought in huge bulk which is what allows for shops to buy and sell clothes at a cheap price.
So if you are like me and are looking for some clothes to show your individualism and character but still remain fashionable, head to La Vida Boutique for some inspiration!

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​With the summer sadly coming to an end and the joys of autumn’s blustery winds and showers just on the horizon it is now time for us all too finally pack away all of our shorts and sandals and bust out our big fluffy woolly jumpers and boots. I say to finally pack away our shorts and sandals, however most of us probably never even got them out from the so called summer we received this year in our beautiful Britain. However we can all now just give up hope of sun this year and focus on picking out the best winter woollies and even better (my personal favorite), some brand new pretty boots!

Although our summer this year was pretty grim we can all look forward to wrapping up warm and updating our cosy winter wardrobe. I must say that fashion wise autumn/winter are my favorite seasons of the year because it is that time of the year that we all get to wrap up in big cosy fluffy jumpers to brace the rain, snow and cold winds which is my least favorite part.
When the sun is out everyone is always in a good mood to work and play, however in the winter, we all go into hibernation mode and any task that we have to conduct that involves leaving our warm cosy beds or comforting heaters becomes the biggest chore known to man. However, this is why I have written this article, to show you all out there that you can enjoy leaving the house in the cold! If you are wondering what this lunatic is on about then I will clarify for you – I am talking about autumn/winter fashion.

Living in the UK, sun is something we rarely receive, therefore there is no point in sitting down and dwelling on how much we would love to be in the Caribbean or Spain and focus on all of the fashion possibilities that are open to us! As I mentioned earlier, autumn/winter fashion is my favorite as there are so many possibilities open to us, especially in the shoe department!
This is the first time I will ever admit that I am a massive shoe hoarder and boots are my favorite type of footwear! As much as I love the coziness that my woolly jumpers bring me, I love my boots more. From knee length flat boots to heeled suede boots and ankle boots, you can be sure that I have every type and color of boot under the sun (or  rather the dark and gloomy clouds for us.)  

So as we step into September it is now time to do some good old autumn/winter shopping! From all my researching through retail stores and online, I found an amazing retailer called ‘The Spanish Boot Company’. These boot specialists have an unbelievable range of footwear that you all just cannot miss out on, I do not know how I did not find them earlier! Their new range of short, suede ankle boots are just simply a work of boot art and they come in 7 different colors!

​It is so hard to pick my favourite but I think out of all of them the ‘Valverde Jodphur Boots’ in navy have got to be the ones I fell in love with the most! Go crazy and browse through their amazing range and trust me you will need to clear your schedule for the rest of the afternoon because it is so hard to pick just one, or you can empty your bank account and buy everything they have on offer!  

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Fingerprint jewellery, commonly referred to in the UK as keepsake jewellery (due to its sentimental value and meaning) tends to be most popular amongst women, frankly because women wear more jewellery.

Fingerprint jewellery allows you to capture the fingerprint of a loved one in silver. Treated with care it will last you a lifetime and allows you to keep something so personal so close to you for such a long time. There is no real coincidence as to why there has been such a spike in the popularity of fingerprint jewellery. There is no doubt that fingerprint jewellery is a beautiful and timeless concept but not until recently has it been so readily available for people, so easy to purchase and so simple to find. Online stores have made the method of purchasing and designing fingerprint jewellery so easy that more people have been drawn to it than ever before. It is now so easy to find a variety of different online stores selling varied and distinct fingerprint jewellery designs that you can personalise (even more than a fingerprint!) with classic or trendy appeal.

Looking online for a fingerprint jewellery maker can be difficult as like any online store, it can be hard to know the quality and reliability of the maker. Fingerprint jewellery is usually made from silver or gold. The use of these precious metals adds to the appeal of fingerprint jewellery, ensuring its timelessness and allure, after all, jewellery has been made from silver and gold for centuries. Fingerprint jewellery made from sterling silver will be more durable than that made from fine silver, although as a precious metal it will still need to be treated with care.

When considering what style you want your fingerprint jewellery in, there are many options: on a ring, on a charm, on a bracelet, on a necklace, cufflinks or even as a keyring. Many online stores will give you a wide selection of options to choose from so take your time to carefully pick which design you want as this jewellery is of such sentimental value that you will end up wearing it every day. Currently, some of the most popular and trendy designs for fingerprint jewellery are coming in the form of rings, cufflinks or heart shaped pendants although there a plenty of other beautiful designs available too.

I would recommend purchasing fingerprint jewellery online because you can take your fingerprints in the comfort of your own home at a time when your child is relaxed. There is generally more variety and choice of design and you can often contact the maker to have your unique item of fingerprint jewellery made exactly as you want it. One particular online shop that provides beautiful and unique fingerprint jewellery is ‘Hold upon Heart’. Visit their site at: for great variety, fantastic quality and a wide selection of gorgeous jewellery. 

by Model on a Mission on September 1st, 2015 ​Yet again, florals have been the staple pattern of our summer wardrobes. Flowery dresses, skirts, tops, shorts and trousers have been seen paraded around both the catwalks and the high street for  several years on the trot now and shows no sign of slowing up.
One style that has particularly stood out this summer season has been the white floral prints. A white or cream background with large floral patterns in a variety of bright colours has been a very popular style this year with many catwalk, high fashion, high street, fashion bloggers and many normal lay people flaunting over the last couple of years.
Although it would seem the British summer is already coming to an end with all this gloomy weather we’re having, it isn’t even August so these dresses are still flying off the shelves and in great demand from the warehouses.
The Made in Chelsea star, wife to Pro Green and fashion icon Millie Mackintosh has certainly not missed this trend and is pictured above wearing a cute white floral dress to a VIP event in London. Born Camillia Mackintosh and grew up in Wiltshire, England, the TV star's ancestors were the inventors of Quality Street, Caramac and Toffee Crisp. Despite her grand inheritance, this flawless lady is renowned for her leading fashion styles rather than her leading business ideas or partialness to sweet foods (in fact she is quite the opposite, being quite famous for her avoidance to carbs - not a good ambassador for her father’s companies!)
This particular outfit worn by Mackintosh has caught the attention of several paparazzi, fashion bloggers and fashion critics alike talking about it’s simple elegance and stylish pattern that flatters her very slim frame and gorgeous skin tone - no wonder the ordinary fashion fiends among us have gone mad trying to find this beautiful dress somewhere.
In our quest to hunt out this dress, we realised the price was largely out of our budget and the length of the dress was not particularly practical nor appropriate for everyday wear, nor for women over a particular age so we decided to go for a ‘Get the Look’ and find a design within budget, just as beautiful but with a slightly more practical edge. Enter, La Vida Boutiqe’s AX Paris Cut Away Neck Floral Printed Midi Dress. You can find this gorgeous item at: which is a British boutique selling lovely and individual fashion garments at reasonable prices.
The floral patterns in La Vida Boutique’s design reflects that of Mackintosh’s as does the high neck of the dress and the overall feel and elegance to the item. Perfect for multiple occasions such as evening parties and summer barbecues, this look is one that cannot be missed.