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Ellaé Lisqué represents class, sophistication and exceptional quality. The line is designed to compliment a womens physique in a sexy and tasteful manner by also boosting her confidence.
Maxie James the Owner and Designer of Ellaé Lisqué is based in Los Angeles.
Getting her start as a stylist in Hollywood, she managed to dress some of the hottest models and actresses to date. Having been inspired by a number of influential designers and celebrity stylists her dresses for Ellaé Lisqué are considered trendy and a must have fashion essential. With all her hardwork she has managed to garner a name for herself within the fashion industry and a designer to “watch-out-for”.
As Maxie would say…
“The brand is innovatively designed to inspire the imaginative, perplex the ordinary and impress the prominent.”
Make sure you checkout her designs at
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Excited about the launch of one of Brazil’s newest offerings into the world of fashion, Alexandrino. Alexandrino as described by the owners is a brand with instant vintage based on its heritage from Brazil.
Alexandrino also celebrates, desire and envy for all the things that influence remarkable lives and is seen as a life lived well. The line with its contemporary classics that’s fused with timeless designs with a selection of high quality fabric is a must have fashion essential. 

The brand is focused on unique and special pieces that add sophistication and flare to your wardrobe and is curated for the savvy, sexy and groundbreaking woman.

We highly recommend that you get one of these pieces as we see it being the new-age fashion must-have inspired by simplicity; chic and sophistication with a tough of edge. 
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Maternity clothing and baby accessories

I had the privilege to interview the founder of Baby Mama Mio, unique high quality maternity wear for women of all ages. Read the interview to find out more! 

Tell us about your company
We offer trendy jet classic maternity wear, 
 ranging from swimwear separates to daily wear to formal gowns. Timeless pieces that never go out of style. 

In what way does your maternity wear stand out from the pack? 
The online store caters to the discerning new mom to be with our beautiful maternity clothes and adorable, personalized baby accessories. We also carry plus sizes and beautiful baby shower and cocktail dresses! The best thing is we deliver Worldwide. 

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
We plan to include more baby gear such as strollers, slings and cribs in the near future. Specials are updated weekly.

Where can people buy your products? 

Visit our store

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13 Years as Long Island New York Top Makeup Artist Shab Siarezi has built a long lasting well known career as a makeup artist here in Long Island. She has been in the business since 2001 and has won dozens of awards and has been featured by Chanel, Christian Dior , HBO, AMC, PBS, Lester’s, ESPN and the Food Network have also worked with Shab owing to her flawless makeup skills. Shab provides a full range of services for Fashion shoots, Weddings, Film, Television, Theatre and other productions.

Shab Siarezi is now (as of 2014) the most sought after in New York makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup.

To learn more about her special makeup services and commercial makeup services offered visit

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Remarkably Renee is a new line of unique jewelry design, that lets you show YOUR jewelry style. Offering a unique selection for men, women and children, each can easily be worn with most fashions, to either dress it up OR down. All work is hand made by Renee Howard, at her home in Louisiana.

Her work stands out through inspiration of imagination, beauty and contrast come together, exploding  into each unique jewelry design.
Renee's  jewelry design is a form of modern Art Deco, with "Art Deco" being the true definition of eclecticism. It is created by drawing inspiration from a wide variety of sources and it has its own unique look, that is difficult to define. The range of characteristics makes it extremely versatile, and is easily able to integrate into a wide variety of personal styles.

Renee is currently working with a NYC Couture Fashion Designer, creating  a new line to accent her beautiful gowns/dresses. She welcomes the opportunity of creating new jewelry lines for other fashion designers, and increasing her boutique presence. She has a new Bohemian line not yet released, because the first pieces sold on first showing.

Remarkably Renee has over 300 celebrities who now own THEIR unique jewelry design, with at least two of them having been worn on the Red Carpet, by Erica Dasher & Bai Ling and 17 pieces that made their way to THIS year’s Oscars Dinner Gala, in Beverly Hills.

Her online store is :

Twitter name is 1uniquejewelry, Renee can be found on other sites across the web, so just Google Remarkably Renee.

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Plants are here for a number of reasons. They liven up our space, they give us the oxygen they breathe, and they’re also used as ornaments that add a sense of life to our homes. That’s only true, of course – if you don’t forget to water them.

Look no further. Using a variety of sensors such as moisture and humidity detectors, Filipino student Russ Malangen has devised a crafty way to prevent just that. 
  “I programmed 3 microcontrollers that each have a soil and humidity sensor hooked to them.  The only thing I have to worry about now is refilling the water reservoir that waters the plants, although it can easily be attached to a rain barrel so they’re completely independent, barring any electricity outages that might occur.”

   Malangen’s plant-watering system revolves around the use of a computer-like device called the Arduino. It is used to trigger the electrical ports, supplying 5v to the AC coil in charge of pumping water into the soil. This platform allows the control of the state of the plants through several parameters, essentially becoming a robot that is threaded through plants! With further experimentation this project could prove to be a step further towards agricultural progression, if done correctly.

The young inventor says he hopes to be able to build this prototype on a larger scale hoping to change the goal from assisting forgetful individuals to something that could be able to change the plant and agricultural industry.

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It's not often that I write about games but a few weeks ago I was going thru Tillywig's Fall Award winning toys and I stumbled upon a card game called Qetchup. What a weird name for a game and I was like what the heck...However, as I read the review I felt like buying the game and I did. Amazon seems to be only place where you can buy this game at the moment. I played the game with my family and they totally loved it. An absolutely great way to help the little ones understand what does NOT make a good healthy meal.

​The Q card has three different functions which I thought was peculiar but the game flows like charm...It's one of the most innovative games that I came across in a long time. I googled it and the makers are from Chicago. The game also apparently won two other awards from California-based Toy Man. One of them being the eco-Recognition seal. Further research concluded that Qetchup also received Creative Child Magazine's 2014 Game of the Year award. Insane, isn't it? The cards are made in the US which I think is great as you barely find ANY toy these days in the US that's made in the US too.

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I had the honor to interview blogger and fashion desinger Joan Reese. I love her amazing colorful scarf designs. Don't forget to follow Joan Reese's Blog, " New York City Artist" she posts her latest creations and resources for traveling and everything you need to know about having a great time in New York City! Read the interview to find out more about her. 

Tell us about your etsy store
I have always loved giving and receiving silk scarves as gifts. Scarves have always defined my personal style. Now, I have the pleasure of painting on silk. 

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
I am influenced by Asian, floral,abstract and geometric motifs, that can be readily applied to my silk paintings. My Silk Scarves are unique "one of a kind" high fashion designs. The ultimate gift.

What is your blog about? 
My blog is about sharing my newest creations: Paintings,Poetry, Video and Photographs. Always with my camera, I capture interesting characters and street scenes. Love to feature Talented Creative People. 

Where can people buy your products?
Visit my etsy store:

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Sugaring is a method of hair removal that has been used in Persian cultures since 1900 B.C. that utilizes a sugar syrup rather than wax for epilation. The Sugar Stripease Hair Removal Kit captures the tradition of sugar hair removal for at-home use and comes in an adorable jar with convenient spatulas and fabric strips. Sugaring has many benefits over traditional waxing products since the sugar syrup does not contain any resins or unnatural ingredients.  Waxes can adhere to live cells and strip them away, causing more pain and irritation during the hair removal process. Clean up is also more difficult with waxing since solvents are needed to clean the waxy residue from the skin. Sugar Stripease only adheres to dead skin cells and effectively removes hair by the root with much less pain than waxing.  This process also exfoliates skin and conditions follicles leading to permanent hair removal, and will not irritate skin since the sugar syrup is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Another benefit of Sugar Stripease is a decreased risk of burns since the syrup only needs to be heated to lukewarm temperatures before use. Finally, clean up is a snap since the sugar syrup is completely water soluble.

In addition to being 100% natural, Sugar Stripease is also certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free.  If you have sensitive skin you may also want to consider trying the Sugar Stripease Pure Fine Talc before hair removal to absorb any moisture on the skin and the Soothing Mist with witch hazel to calm and soothe the skin afterwards.  Overall this product is amazingly effective at removing even very coarse hair and leaves skin feeling smooth and silky.

To find out more and to purchase Sugar Stripease ($24.95 for a 9 oz. jar) visit the company’s website at You can also find them on Twitter (@SugarStripUSA) and Facebook (            

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Bobblehead gifts are ageless, timeless and can suit any occasion or any theme

I just received my custom bobblehead and I love it! I always wanted a mini-me especially when i see pictures of celebrities showing of their bobbleheads on instagram and other social media. I'm happy you don't have to be super famous anymore to have your own custom bobblehead. 

What I love about these bobbleheads is that you can not only make it look like you and have your hair and face but you can also personalise it with your favorite outfit! You can order your bobblehead easily just send a picture with your favorite outfit, I promise it will look just like you! Besides that you can choose a theme like artists, sports, wedding and music. 

A couple of days ago I left my custom bobblehead on my desk and my coworkers wanted to know how I got it. It is a great gift for weddings, birthdays or if you just want to suprise someone and put a smile on their face. Ofcourse you can get one for yourself too, who doesn't want to flaunt with their own mini-me. If you are a pet lover like me, you can get a bobblehead of your pet too. I think that will be my next order a bobblehead of my cat!