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​Orla James offers top quality wedding jewelry at incredible prices. We understand the symbolic importance of wedding jewelry and always deliver more than our customers are looking for. Our totally free ring sizer tool has been used by many thousands of online wedding jewelry customers to ensure that their wedding rings will fit perfectly.

Our products and service differ from others thanks to our attention to highly personal customer service. We strive to treat ever customer as a VIP and pride ourselves on the high quality reviews that we consistently receive.

We are constantly expanding our range of unique and interesting wedding jewelry. We are constantly on the look out for new wedding jewelry designers who are creating unique, unusual and interesting jewelry that our customers will love.

Products can be purchased online from:

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​Before you start seeking modelling projects, do some research on the industry

Do you have the heart and perseverance to pursue your dream of a career in modelling? At Zed Casting, having launched successful modelling careers within a short span of operations, we can say that getting a slice of the trillion dollar fashion and glamour industry is about playing your cards right. For the industry to take you seriously, start by learning the rules, because we have seen how luck favours those who are prepared for the opportunities. Since every job is different from the previous one, being able to adapt quickly in a changing environment will help you navigate through trying times and challenging assignments.
Before you start seeking modelling projects, do some research on the industry—and set short- and long-term goals. In a journal, make notes about your aspirations: amount of money you want to make, brands you want to represent, countries you would love to travel to, photographers you want to work with, publications you want to appear in, runway shows you want to do, and how your new found status would change your life. Look back often to assess progress. From the introspection, you will discover your true potential and the markets, where your chances are the best. 

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​“Anyone who plans to be a billionaire in their lifetime does not have time to investigate the latest fashion trends."

​Buy. (Rip). Throw away. Repeat.
“Men hate this. They need go-to style with highly durable quality for all their adventures.”

Oliver Palnau exists to be the coefficient of professional style. Every piece can be paired with another and match perfectly. Saving hours of lifetime and saving you money and energy.

“Anyone who plans to be a billionaire in their lifetime does not have time to investigate the latest fashion trends. Men don’t have time to walk through the mall and visit 37 stores before finding the right shade of blue for a shirt. They could be planning extraordinary adventures for their wives with the time I save them on fashion choices.” Says Oliver Palnau.
Each piece comes with a 2 year warranty covering all potential wear. The shirts are a hybrid between classic and slim fit shirts because of the emotional ups and downs of serious businessmen. A C-level executive can be sitting down at one moment, then they check their profit and loss and violently jump up arms swinging. With a tight slim fit shirt this motion would cause immense stress of the material and could result in a tear.
Twitter @oliverpalnau

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Yeah, it is kind of hard to follow up on all the trends that keep popping up around every corner. One day it's crop tops, the next day it's peplum skirts- who can keep up with that? Filling up your closet with new clothes every season isn't really something a lot of girls can afford, so it might be smarter to invest in some better and timeless pieces that will last you a long time and that will always be in style no matter what the trends are. Moreover, it's important to find pieces that will suit your style and your figure perfectly- that way you will have a good value of everything you buy. Here are a few tips to follow to shop on a budget.

I am Not Rich Enough to Buy Cheap Things
This should be your mantra. Stop blindly following the trends- you don't have to have every possible style of skirt or dress there is. Chances are some models probably aren't even the most flattering for your figure. Also look for the tag on the things you buy and look through the materials that were used. Avoid synthetic clothes, because your skin won't be able to breath in them. Invest in some better quality pieces, because they will last you a much longer time, they won't strech or fray, whereas buying cheap things and being aware that they will last you for just a few washings would just be a concious waste of money, so always buy less but better quality.

Basics are Key
There are thing that will never go out of style and that you will always need. Buying basics like a good cotton white t-shirt, good pair of jeans of a little black dress is also good because you will always be able to combine them and make various outfits, whereas buying accent pieces won't give you many options when it comes to combining pieces. You can always dress it up or down with accessories such as shoes, bags and stylish jewelry. You should also try buying in specialized stores like dress shops or shoe shops - those will most probably have the best quality products in the range they are selling.

Invest in Good Shoes
Buying cheap shoes just to have a variety to choose from really isn't the smartest option. Bear in mind that bad quality shoes can really damage your feet and make deformations that you will not want to deal with, especially when you get older. It's always better to invest in a few timeless quality pairs of shoes such as good flat boots or black pumps, that could work for many different outfits.

Don't Get Swept Away by Sales
We know that sales can get you many good deals, but girls often get swept away and buy things they don't actually need or like just because they are cheap. This way you end up with a closet full of things you will weat one or two times and shove to the side. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go to sales, but kepp in mind what you need and what you want and try to get the best deals for those.

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"​Our pieces are all fantastic quality, guaranteed sterling silver, and semi-precious gemstones."

I had the privilege to interview the founders of Taraxca Jewellery launched by Hector and Melissa Aragon. Read the interview to find out more about their stunning collection!

Tell us about your company
We launched Taraxca Jewellery in 2005. Our goal was to bring gorgeous, high quality local and global jewelry to Vancouver.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
We source our products both locally and globally bringing a unique sense of fashion, quality and adventure to every customer's purchase. Our pieces are all fantastic quality, guaranteed sterling silver, and semi-precious gemstones. Its really gorgeous jewellery at great prices. 

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
Taraxca Jewellery is very excited to have just launched Impressive, uniquely you! This product allows customers to make custom impressions of their fingerprints, hands, feet to make a unique silver keepsake! 

Where can people buy your jewellery?
There are 2 ways to purchase Taraxca Jewellery - online at and also in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada at our two locations on Granville Island and at the BC Ferry Terminals, Tsawwassen Quay Market, Tsawwassen, BC

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"Buy a beanie, donate a beanie to the homeless. #Hats4Hats™"

I had the privilege to interview the founders of Peace and Love. Their mission is to bring dignity to third world communities and make a difference. I am truly inspired by their mission and believe it's a great way to make a positive impact, read the interview to find out more.
​Tell us about your company
We created #Hats4Hats™ for every beanie sold, we donate an identical beanie to a homeless soul. To date we have donated 120 beanies. In addition, we partnered with The Red Elephant Foundation, which is focused on empowering women and young girls on a global scale. For every beanie sold, we also donate 5% to The Red Elephant Foundation.

In what way does your product stand out ? 
The beanies are soft guaranteed not scratchy vegan yarn, and each beanie is adorned with a wooden burnished hand crafted artisan tag, which says Peace and Love :)

What other initiatives do you have?
we are proud ambassadors of the IDWP project, which is the worlds largest art project, and aims to raise peace consciousness. IDWP was inspired by John Lennon and is a non profit.

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"We designed these shoes for long wear. Since we wanted women to be able to carry personal items inside their shoe, and replace their purse, one of our goals was to make a shoe that can be worn comfortably for hours."

Tell us about your shoes
The Double Agent Shoe (Patent Pending), is a lady's shoe with a secret compartment. Ladies now can carry their money, credit cards, ID, keys, makeup–and even personal care items, like tampons, and more, inside their shoes.

Ladies…No more worrying about keeping up with your purse! Plus, they are extremely comfortable!

In what way does your product stand out?
We designed these shoes for long wear. Since we wanted women to be able to carry personal items inside their shoe, and replace their purse, one of our goals was to make a shoe that can be worn comfortably for hours.

Can you tell us more about the design proces?
The safety of one’s personal belongings was of paramount importance when engineering and designing the Double Agent Shoe. The doors to the shoe(s) are spring-operated, and have powerful magnet(s) to keep the door secured and in place. The spring mechanism works on reverse pressure and holds the door tightly in place. The additional magnet(s) offer further security.

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We use 90 Ocean Elements and Pure 24CT Gold in our products.
What exactly is 90 Ocean Elements?

We get asked that a lot. Our proprietary ingredient, 90 Ocean Elements is a purified combination of 90 isolated natural elements that are found in the ocean and also in the healthy human body. Most of us are severely lacking in the full spectrum of necessary elements needed for true cellular health. These are the same elements that are abundant in balanced pristine nature. Our process for isolating these pure, natural, fundamental elements is a closely guarded proprietary secret but rest assured, 90 of the most critical elements needed for optimal health and life itself are contained in our product line. We are the only natural skin care company in the world to utilize this life enhancing ingredient. We have truly found the secret to delivering mother nature’s perfect balance of minerals and elements…transdermally.
We work on keeping our ingredients pure and putting together the right formulas for healthy skincare.
Our products stand out with the 90 elements we use in them, 90 OCEAN Elements.
Here are a few of the major macro and micro nutrients found in Herbal Transdermal products. These are critical elements needed for true cellular health. The vast majority of the earth’s population is significantly lacking in these natural elements, especially those people eating western diets. Herbal Transdermal is the only skin care company in the world to utilize these life enhancing elements in a transdermal skin care line. Our products are developed to flood your body with Mother Nature’s true life enhancing elements.
Go Natural…Get Healthy.
We expect to keep growing and helping people Go Natural Get Healthy, we believe that What Goes ON Your Skin Goes IN Your Body
You can find our products on our Retail website located at ( ) and also in some retail locations around the country.

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M Models and Talent Agency is constantly striving hard to make sure that their clients get placements in some of the best companies and brands ranging from food products to other entertainment services. In recent months, M Models has successfully managed to place their clients, some of the most competent and best models across a range of brands and companies and in different forms of media ranging from commercials to print ads and even music videos.
Sarah W, who is their client from the kids division, will now be appearing in a commercial for Cola and Walmart commercial. Both Coca Cola and Walmart are not just well known in the industry today but are also some of the most popular brands all over the world where Coca Cola is a well known brand of a carbonated drink and Walmart is an American Multinational retail Corporation.
Cineplex Inc, an entertainment company in Canada that is popular for a range of entertainment services including movie theatres, gaming, food services and the likes is set to launch a new commercial that will have Scott W who is a talent at the M Models and Talent Agency.
The Aecon Print ads will feature Jinder A, Zohra T, Jordan O and Asti L and the TSN Raptors Promo commercial will see Bakir M and Alexander K as the leading faces, all belonging to the M Models and Talent Agency family.
Royal Tusk is in the process of shooting their next music video which will star M Model’s very own talent Jesy J. Royal Tusk is a music band that has created foot tapping music in the past and continues to do so till date. For more info on our projects please visit our blog or our website at
Based out of Canada, M Models and Talent is an Agency whose main focus is to have their clients featured in commercials, print ads, music videos, principal acting. They take under their wing a host of highly talented models and talents who go on to work on prestigious projects by some of the most popular brands and companies.

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City girl fashionista....stylish elegant clothes, shoes and books. Just enjoy life, feel great. 

I had the privilege to interview City Girl Fashionista they offer unique fashionable items you can't find anywhere else! Besides that they offer legal services for models and designers read the interview to find out more.
Tell us about your company
City Girl Fashionista is an online store.  Our fashion experts can help you find you the perfect outfit.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
We offer shawls, bags and necklaces. All of them are hand made from fine wool, cashmere and silk in accordance with the old traditions in Kashmir. Each product is hand made with the unique signature of the artisan in Kashmir. 

What other initiatives do you have?
We are all city girl fashionista lawyers and provide full legal services to models, designers etc. such as legal advice, trade mark registration and management, tax structuring for models and designers. We provide full range of legal services to designers and models.

Where can people buy your products and get your service?
Visit our website: