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Jacaranda Living is an embroidered linen and nightgown company. We have been featured in Time Magazine for our role as a socially responsible company employing women from my native South Africa home. Many of these women have been left to care for their families due to the AIDS epidemic in Africa. They work in a nice small factory, in US working conditions and we love them and visit them twice a year. Not all of our products are made in the South Africa but our company as a whole allows us to keep our manufacturing there. 

Our most popular fashion product are our white cotton embroidered nightgowns. They are light and 100% cotton. We have styles from short, sweet and sexy which are great for honeymoons to longer sleeved and longer lengths, wonderful for cooler weather. Our nightwear has no toxic chemicals.

In October will have some new styles being released and we just released many new styles in Spring 2014. We also offer monogrammed pajamas, bathrobes and slippers which make great wedding gifts with Mr. and Mrs. embroidery or other creative ideas. We also offer over 100 embroidery designs. The slippers and robes are embroidered in SA.

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Tell us about your company
Viola Lane is an online reseller of lightly used designer women's clothing & shoes. We offer an alternative to the thrift store and consignment hunt for desirable brands. From the items we sell to the way they are shipped our customers get a retail experience without the retail cost.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
Purchasing secondhand is a great way to be stylish, save a bunch of money and help to conserve the environment. If you can’t resist brand names, you will love the variety of designers & styles that we have available through the store.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
We are hard at work adding the ability for anyone to be able to sell their unwanted designer label clothes & shoes via the site. Why not make a little cash for those items you would otherwise donate or give away? 

Where can people buy your product/get your service?
We can be found online at or checkout are blog at we post great new articles about women's fashion and style virtually every day!

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We at B. Rocke Landscaping deal in landscaping design and building. We are very much devoted to creating fascinating and unique yards, gardens and general outdoor living spaces. When nature and design come together, it is sublime. We are very flexible in everything we do, whether it is planning or executing. We bend towards the client's desires as, of course, we are doing this for them. The composition of our team is not dull; we have experts in many areas which will make sure that every aspect of the project is at a perfect level.

We have one goal – to create an idea of a splendid outdoor environment, and bring it to life in such a way that people get a new desire to live when they see it.
Can you tell us more about the services you offer?

Firstly, when you are seeking to hire us as your Landscapers, you should contact us for consultations. You need to tell us the following for us to get you an accurate design of what things will look like, and to also give you a rough construction estimate:
  1. We need a lot plan. If you don't have one, a certificate of the property and buildings will do.
  2. Pictures of the house and the property (those pictures need to be from all of the corners in the lot, and the pictures need to look forward to the building.)
When you provide us with all the info we need, then our computer program goes to work and begins with the designing process. The program is there to help us create a unique 3D model, which will help you in visualizing your project better. The first draft of your design should be done in about a week or so. Generally, we create 2 design options so you have a greater choice.

When the models we created have been concluded to be great by you, a contract between us and you will be signed, and your project placed on our schedule. A month is the usual time it takes us to complete projects, but it varies a lot due to the size of different projects.
We know that safety is always important in construction. How does your company deal with that?
We are very concerned and dedicated to the safety and general health of every single person that is in some way involved in a certain project. It is a cliche, but safety truly does come first. We do our best to keep everything as safe as possible. All hazards are quickly identified and removed. Safety is our top priority!
Where can people find your site?

You can find us on and connect with us at

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Eklectic Xplosion is an Online Boutique Specializing in Authentic Vintage clothing, and accessories. Styles Ranging form the 40's to the 90's Every piece is head hunted by me! I only select Vintage that is in amazing condition, Timeless, Classic, and Mostly designer. I pride myself on eclectic pieces and amazing customer service. You can expect More styling and Photoshoot coloabs in the Future better displaying my Vintage finds.

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Dream Tats produces the highest quality temporary jewelry tattoos on the market. Created by a team of world-renown artists, the Dream Tats collection of designs are like no other. Our intricate assortment of jewelry tattoos are sure to please fashionistas of all ages. Whether you’re looking to add a little flash and flare at the beach or pool, or want to add a little extra glamour to a night on the town, our gorgeous jewelry-inspired tattoos are the perfect choice!

Visit the website:

See the Dream Tats promotion commercial:

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It is a fact that purchasing goods on-line is the norm nowadays as it saves us time and hassle ordering with the click of a computer from the comforts of our homes or offices.Purchasing the age old Scottish kilt on-line can give rise to a misunderstanding between buyer and seller if communication is not clear from the buyer’s end. What must you do when you need to buy a kilt?

Determine the type you want
There are three widely used variants of the kilt today- the original tartan-patterned kilt, the single solid colored kilt used by Irish pipe bands, and the contemporary kilts that have become mostly associated with the U.S. Knowledge of this will also help you to understand the type of fabric you want.

Specify the style

The next thing you want to be sure of when you need to buy a kilt is the type of fashion or style that you want. Specifying the type of fabric is important. An easy decision can be reached based on the variant type chosen. For a single colored kilt, you will be looking at a simple and ordinary style highlighted by a single solid color. For a tartan-patterned kilt, however, your style choice would revolve along the lines of the type of sett pattern that can be designed with the worsted wool. Otherwise, you will be looking at one of the numerous patterns that come with the contemporary kilt. The contemporary kilt, however, gives you the choice of a variety of fabric like denim, cotton, corduroy or even leather. So you can take your pick.

With a contemporary, also known as utility kilt, there is a lot more you can get with your kilt. You can buy a kilt of this standing to suit work and recreational purposes. You can even order one based on weather. With the utility kilt, you are truly spoilt for choice. So, you can factor this into your specification when ordering a kilt

Size matters
The next thing you want to consider is the size of kilt you are ordering. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction after receiving kilts that do not suit their vital statistics. You can buy a kilt only after specifying the waist, length and hips size. This is an essential part of the ordering process as it helps the supplier to know the exact measurement you are looking for.

Then, the frilly bit; you might also want to specify whether or not you want pockets for your kilts. Most merchandiser would give you the option of specifying this also. Again accessories can be ordered for, but they are a part of the small matters involved when you need to buy a kilt.

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"I am always inspired by entrepreneurs and artists who have not conformed to any rules and live life on their own terms."

When did you started acting and what do you love about it?
 I did not follow a traditional route when it comes to the craft of acting. I used to be an investment banker and worked in corporate world all around the world before I traded it in to follow my dreams of being a global artist. So I started in perhaps 4 or 5 years ago. But im an extreme sort of person and have some intense concentrated training and experiences. So a lot happend in a few short years for me.

Once I made the decision to pursue this profession, my world changed quite instantly and I found myself being accepted at one of the best acting schools in the world. I also got picked up with one f the best agents in Sydney, with no credits whatsoever or even a headshot who used to be Russell Crowe’s first agent in fact. And I got cast in a few big national commercials as well as some huge Hollywood movies that were shot in Sydney. This gave me a lot of reassurance that I was on the right track and that my efforts and courage would not be unrewarded.

I find acting a very spiritual process. One of my first acting teachers used to work at the Moscow dramatic school of arts in Russia. And she introduced me to Stanislavsky and Chekov techniques and these are very deep, spiritual and intuitive acting techniques. It suited my own philosophies in life and spiritual foundation. So I loved doing those deeper processes and all the technicalities of breaking down a character etc. I love being on set and have such a good time, as I love to laugh and love to meet other fellow actors. I am glad I came to it with a very green, open and joyful vibration.

You moved from Sydney to L.A. could you tell us about your transition 
there and what the difference is for you between those places?
 Well my story is quite unique, as I never set out to actually move to LA. I won an acting scholarship to study in New York one that I really did not even apply for. They had seen my profile somewhere and asked me to submit myself. Then I went traveling to south East Asia for 2 months and when I came back, I followed up with missed calls and emails and was then told that I had won it and when I was available to travel to USA. I truly never looked back from that moment in time. I knew intuitively that I just had to be there and decided to go for it and not waver on that decision. It may have been one of the best decisions of my life.

I moved to Los Angeles from Sydney truly on a whim. I packed a small suitcase, bought a one-way ticket and had no accommodation organized. I literally landed at LAX, one evening 3 years ago with no actual destination to go to. But it was one big adventure to me and I just trusted that everything would be just fine. And it was more than fine at the end of the day. There has always been an essence of magic in my path that I live by and it never failed me.
I did not take me long to feel at home in LA. I have always been very excited and positive about life and especially when I travel or move to another country- as I have done that many times in my life. I knew I had to be in LA whether I liked it not to pursue my dream- and luckily for me, it had been a very blessed stay here.

The weather, beach culture, friendly warm attitude and casual fashion sense are identical between LA and Sydney, so they are very similar in many ways. After you get past all the smoke and mirrors of the entertainment industry you realize that it is just like any other metropolis, people going about their own lives trying to make it work.

Ultimately I see LA as a place where who you really are as a person reveals the reality that you will experience. In my won words, LA has the good, the bad and especially the ugly. It's what you manage to tap in to.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
My parents have had the biggest affect on my journey and me. I am the person that I am today because of their unconditional love and support. The values, morals and spiritual perspectives that they instilled in me are the basis of my foundation. So I thank both my mother and my father wholeheartedly for that.

Other than that, I am always inspired by entrepreneurs and artists who have not conformed to any rules and live life on their own terms. Who care to dream and reach for the stars and never give up.

I am also deeply inspired by individuals who are spiritually very aware and conscious. Who choose to live a life with integrity and moral code. It encourages me to live a life of truth and honesty.
Photographer: Leon Fotografia
Make up: Gabriela Lara

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"Barring Eyewear entered the market with a mission: wear, share, and benefit."

Sunglasses are a fashion accessory that’s indispensable in summer, but the truth is that if they could get away with it, people would wear them all the year round, just because they love the look. Barring Eyewear knows that the sunglasses look is integral to the selection process. But the company doesn’t feel that it’s enough to just offer high-quality designer sunglasses at prices that anyone can afford, although they’re justifiably proud of doing just that. They take the look beyond the reflection in the mirror. For every pair of frames that’s purchased, the company will donate $1 to cancer research. Philanthropy may seem like an unusual angle for a business venture in the contemporary world of cutthroat competition, but Barring Eyewear entered the market with a mission: wear, share, and benefit.
Chief Marketer Joseph Hwang, Chief Innovator Cody Tucci, and Chief Marketer Eric Fiore are Barring Eyewear, but they’re more than just business partners, although their friendship developed through a common interest in designing a line of sunglasses that matches quality with fashion. But what inspired the company came out of a time of mourning. In 2014, each member of the trio lost family members to cancer, that vicious and relentless disease that personally impacted each of them. However, the disease which claimed the lives of their loved ones was ironically the catalyst that led to the formation of Barring Eyewear. Now, their goal is to build a sustainable business that is committed to funding cancer research. They’ve set out to meet that goal by enlisting the crowdfunding support of Indiegogo in a campaign to raise $10,000 by November 2.
There are four Barring frames to choose from: Zebrawood; Noir; Rouge; and Coffee. Plans are underway to add two more models, Bella Vista and Haverford, to the line-up. Every lens features tri-acetate cellulose (TAC) polarization, wrinkle-protection technology, scratch and shatter resistant layers, and 100% ultraviolet protection from UVA and UVB rays. The combination of polarized and category 3 UV400 protection eliminates sun glare while optimizing clear, crisp vision. All lenses, which exceed European Union standards, are FDA approved.
The unisex frames are manufactured with high quality, durable materials, fitted with the polarized synthetic resin lenses that enhance ergonomics and clarity, making them the best that optical technology has to offer. Along with the sunglasses, customers will receive a branded wooden case for wooden frames and a branded sunglasses case for acetate frames; a microfiber wipe; and a dual drawstring microfiber travel bag.
The crowdfunding support from Indiegogo backers is needed in order for Barring Eyewear to reach the minimum quantity of orders that’s needed to launch the first collection of sunglasses. The profits will be used as seed money for inventory purchasing and permanent working capital. By cutting out the middle man in all aspects of the supply/design chain and selling directly to the consumer, Barring Eyewear is able to offer a product of exceptional value that comes to the consumer without wasting resources on large-scale marketing promotion. Their reasonably priced product transfers the value back to the consumer, and builds funding for cancer research into the business model. By developing a socially conscious, luxury brand of sunglasses that simultaneously gives value to the consumer while supporting a meaningful cause, Barring Eyewear is blazing a commercial path that leads to the greater good.

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Win an iPad Mini w/ Retina Display enter our "Numero Uno" Phone Case design contest.

Our focus is on high quality, specialized printing that can be applied to almost any surface and we offer the ability to create raised surfaces from vector elements on existing products, a brand new technology that is exclusive to Treofab.

The challenge of being a part of the fast paced industry of technology is that while we see a revolution in how things work, we have yet to see a any large change in how technology looks on a case by case basis. This is where Treofab excels, offering our particular expertise in adapting the cookie cutter designs that can be found worldwide into something that is one in a million and unique to every individual.

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Edgy high fashion look stun everyone everywhere you go! 

Tell us about your company
We are a fashion design company in Miami Fl and we create the most exquisite resort-wear for woman all kinds!

In what way does your product stand out from the pack?
Our line is funky and trendy, we offer one of a kind godess dresses, cocktail dresses and silk pants. Stun everyone everywhere you go!

What fashiontrends can you recommend us?
Fresh shades of green with lace or dare to wear one of our sexy front cut and open back godess dresses.

Where can people buy your product?
Visit our website: