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Tell us about your company
We are a sport clothing online store where we have unique workout outfits with high quality materials.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack?
We make the difference in workouts.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
We would like to grow and be able to stop the boring workout clothes and make the difference where people gets motivated to work out in style

Where can people buy your products?
Visit our website

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1) Urban Oasis Shopping/ Educational Tour, 7th Avenue, 888-284-3136
A fun and educational 3 hour fashion education tour of the Garment District in NYC.  An insider’s tour of production facilities, fabric stores, patternmaking facilities and showrooms.  Meet fashion insider’s and shop designer showrooms at 50-60% OFF retail.  Learn how to design and launch a fashion line from an established designer and explore careers in fashion. A must do for those interested in the inner workings of the fashion industry.

2) Visit FIT Fashion Musuem, Seventh Avenue at 27th St,  212-217-4558
Dance & Fashion Exhibition
Fashion’s influence on the world of dance has been profound.  This exhibition focuses on this dynamic.  Highlights include Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain inspired gowns hung alongside Valentino’s designs for the NYC ballet.  Ensembles from designers like Rodarte, Prabal Gurung & Halson will also be on display.

3) The Museum of the City of New York, 1220 5th Avenue, 212-534-1672
Gilded New York
This exhibition explores the mark the upper echelon left in NYC.   Through costumes, jewelry, portraits and ornamental objects created from the mid 1870s through the early 20th century this exhibition provides a historical perspective on fashion

4) Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Pkwy. 718-638-5000
Designer heel exhibition featuring over 160 pairs of designers heels some dating back to the 16th century.  Contemporary designers such as Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood are on display.  Six short films inspired by the high heels accompany the show.

5) Madison Avenue Fashion Heritage Week (October 20-26) 
Madison Avenue is home to some of the City's most glamorous retailers. During Madison Avenue Fashion Heritage Week, the store windows that line the thoroughfare become exhibition spaces that celebrate the heritage of each participating brand. View curated displays at boutiques such as Bally, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and Hermès

by Model on a Mission on September 30th, 2014

Tell us about your company
OUTLETCITY METZINGEN is one of the most successful factory outlets in Europe – and there is good reason for this: nowhere else can fashion followers expect to find such a vibrant combination of fashion, lifestyle, design, food and drink, premium shopping and innovative architecture. All of which makes shopping here a special experience with a genuinely city-centre feel!

In what way does your Outletcity stand out from the pack?
We offer exclusive designer fashion at an affordable price. Including Michael Kors, Hugo Boss and Prada. 

What other plans and initiatives do you have?
We are now introducing OUTLETCITY.COM the Online Outlet for Outletcity Metzingen. No time to travel to the big city centre? You can now shop online and get exclusive offers, bargain designer clothes and beat the long ques. 

Where can people buy your products?
Visit our website
Registration is free.

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 Get your self-esteem back with a beautiful wig from Secrets of a Duchess 

Tell us about your company
Our business is a wig (and accessory) shop and salon in Asheville, NC. We sell wigs to cancer and alopecia patients, cross-dressers, transgender folk, and people looking for costume accessories or those who just want to experiment with being someone else!

In what way does your product stand out from the pack?
Our customer service is the very best! The boss here, Judy Maisel, is attentive and sweet, and she happens to be British with a wonderful sense of humor. The staff takes all the time you need to make sure the wig is the right fit. We also run a thrift shop with designer clothes next door.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
We are beginning an Ebay store, selling to those many visitors to our website that aren't able to come in, either because of distance or accessibility. We also plan to host two events within the coming months, one for cancer buddies, and one for the LGBTQ community.

Where can people buy your products?
People can come to our shop in Asheville at 1439 Merrimon Avenue and review us on our site or Google Plus page (!

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Change you hair color in minutes and get just the tone you want. Hair Color Pro will make your photo look Great!. Try it out and see how you look with a new do!

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Tell us about your company
ReoRia - is a renowned e-retailer outlet just started out of vintage passion! We offer popular 40s,50s vintage clothing range from dresses, tops, skirts. Style as Pin up, Audrey Hepburn, Rockabilly, Wiggle, Sailor, Housewife, Day. And Retro fashion elements: Polka dot, Floral, Print, Swing, Pencil, Halter and etc. Inspired by designer all over the world. Our staffs will search for hundreds of accessories to match your vintage style. Such as vintage, cute bags, handmade jewelry, vintage sunglasses and so on. Our mission is to make people more convenient and efficient to find vintage clothing from all over the world.
In what way does your clothing stand out from the pack?

All the 40s,50s vintage dress at Reoria are using high quality fabrics imported from Europe, exquisite tailoring reproduce perfectly the charm of contemporary women.
We had huge 300+ unique designs for 50s vintage clothing. Multi Size & Color of your choice! The ReoRia dress is not only 'Vintage'. It was suitable for many occasions as Party, Wedding, Bridesmaid, Formal, Prom, Cocktail and Disney.
What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?

We would invite more independent designers to participate in our design and tailoring. And up the product size to us 26. Now the available size was 8-16.
For the customer who share her outfit pics on our blog or product reviews. We would reward $1-$20 to the customer.

Where can people buy your product/get your service?

The official website:
Outfits Blog:
We would reply all email within 24 Hour.  Support Wholesale & Drop shipping!

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Tell us about your company
My company is a traveling pop up shop and online boho chic boutique. Part of my store is "The Kimono Shop" as the mother of a two year old I always feel rushed and never put together. I really liked some kimonos I saw at a local store and bought them and started getting major compliments about how polished I always looked - definitely saw an opportunity there.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack?
I also design and create my own jewelry as well as redeeming vintage pieces into new modern style and giving them a second chance. This idea came from my Savior redeeming me.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
We plan to have a very inventive, creative, pop up shop trailer in the next few years. We have a lot of ideas for this one!

Where can people buy your product/get your service?
Can buy directly from our website or from our Pop Up Shop if you catch us around :)

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We are a green company because we are 100% committed to a clean and safe environment and we constantly and consistently look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We designed our plant and selected our equipment with that in mind: We chose natural gas as our fuel. The recycled steam from our boiler is used to heat our water. Our lighting is energy rated and efficient. Our spotting agents and detergents are carefully selected with the environment in mind and are consistent with our cleaning solvents.

We separate our trash and recycle what can be recycled. All steam pipes are wrapped with fiberglass insulation, for more energy efficiency. Our high ceiling in the basement and plant area and our overhead doors help keep the plant area cool in the hot days of summer, again reducing our energy consumption.

Our sorting and assembly area uses no energy. We purposefully elected manual systems to keep our staff walking (exercise, human power) and reduce our energy consumption. Recycle the water that we use in our heat exchange process as a coolant, thus reducing our water usage

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Wooden eye wears have been existing in the market for a long time. However, it is just a late truth that, these have ended up being prevalent and in vogue with design. These wooden accessories are an impeccable balance between style, capacity and eco nature. These are considered as "green" style items. Added to that, these are found to be notably different from their plastic and metal counterparts. have come up with an excellent as well as uncommon web store to comply with the ever growing demands of these wooden eye accessories. The sunglasses and googgls, highlighted on this web outlet, are made from creative procedures and are known to be typically handmade.

Wooden & Bamboo Eyewear, presenyed by the experts of, are considered to be the unique pieces. These eye wears are loved by the users, for being eco friendly and more useful. is accessible to the fashionable men and women, who keep on looking for varieties of styles as well as designs, while shopping sunglasses.

Designer Handcrafted wood sunglasses of  are made by skilled designers, 
who are profoundly talented. They focus on bringing in timeless style statement that looks completely creative. However, at the same time, every glass, presented by this web store, 
ensures complete protection of human eyes from the unsafe radiations of sun. These glasses are ideal for individuals from all spheres of life, beginning from style conscious 
individuals to individuals, who have to work outside.  

The professionals of this company trust in making artistic pieces that are extraordinary, 
instead of large scale manufacturing of single style. Plastic and metal eye wears are not maintainable and are additionally not eco friendly. These wooden eye wear items are made to support a solid and deep rooted relationship in the middle of man and nature. Besides all these, this company offers affordable pricing and unmatched customer support to the clients.

This company is known to be a preferred choice of the modern men and women, 
as far as designer sun glasses are concerned. A recent buyer of an woden eye wear piece, from this store comments, “I loved the collection of They are affordable and amazing looking at the same time.” presents wooden sunglasses. These glasses are safe and eco friendly. People have also liked the designer look of these glasses. For more details please visit

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Buying shoes is one of the most difficult tasks for women. The shoes need to match with the clothes and must be extremely stunning, classy and must stand out when worn. The shoes are an integral part of the entire dress over and a lot of emphasis is placed on the kind of shoes that are being worn.

Shoes need to be of the latest trend, must be unique and distinct and must not be uncomfortable at all. A lot of factors have to be taken well into account to ensure that a shoe is ideal for a woman to wear. This ideality is hard to get but is now possible with the amazing online store Shoelicious. 

Shoelicious is the most spectacular and popular online shoe store which offers a range of shoes for women to choose from. There is so much variety and diversity when it comes to women shoes that one would simply be left awed and amazed. The kind of styles, the latest trends, the vintage shoes and the comfortable ones are all available on the website and are worth a try. 

Shoelicious offers shoes for weddings, formal events and parties. It also provides normal shoes for office, daily life and for comfortable wearing. There is no limit to the category when it comes to shoes for women and as such, Shoelicious leads the race among all online stores.

The quality of shoes offered by shoelicious is spectacular. The shoes are reliable and durable and are worth the money. They are finely crafted, have the best styles and are super comfortable when worn. The shoes are an all in one package and designed and fabricated maintaining the highest standards of quality, the shoes are surely a delight for women.

These amazing shoes can truly make a woman look appealing and beautiful. There is no denying the fact that shoes impress a look and shoes from this online store are truly fabulous.