by Model on a Mission on September 23rd, 2015

Over the past few years, I have noticed that rather dismally, many of the high street shops in Britain sell pretty much the same items only differing ever so slightly in price and design. Not only does this make shopping boring, it also makes it very difficult to stand out and make a statement through your clothes.
Whilst I follow fashion religiously, I am very much opposed to looking like a clone of my friends or the models on Topshop’s walls (although I’m absolutely not against looking like them in any other respect!) which is why I have started to drift away from the high street shops and look in more boutique stores and online shops to find more unique and interesting fashion clothes that suit and flatter me whilst still being highly fashionable and individual.
After much searching both around town and online, I came across a shop called ‘La Vida Boutique’: who specialise in unique, boutique fashion. They offer a wide range of different brands and the one brand which especially stood out to me was their Rebecca Rhoades brand. I have picked out three of my favourite pieces that they do and have explained to you why:
​Rebecca Rhoades Lucy Poppy Top

This beautiful top made from crepe polyester is perfect to wear for either smart or casual occasions. It’s abstract poppy material design makes it easy to match with a number of different colour of bottoms and the design and shape of the top makes it a very versatile item of clothing. Suitable to wear with either a skirt or trousers, this top is a great investment.
​ Rebecca Rhoades Rita Poppy Dress
 Similarly to the Lucy Poppy Top, I love this pattern. It is a stunning   dress that whilst is a very fashionable style (midi dress), it also very unique and special looking. Coming into the autumn and winter seasons, the long sleeves make it particularly appealing as it adds a little warmth. However, the open back still makes it very sexy.
Rebecca Rhoades Sophia Dress
I love the bright patterns and abstract print of this dress. The colours are perfect for jazzing up any party. The looser top with pencil skirt fit bottom is an incredibly flattering design and I love the sophistication of the midi cut and the hollow back. Great for cocktail parties or dinner parties!
​La Vida Boutique is a prime example of why you should look elsewhere other than the high street for beautiful fashion items. Buying from boutiques means that there is never any fear of rocking up to a party in the same outfit as someone else. Boutiques and independent stores also tend to offer better quality clothes than those of the high streets (although not always) as they are not usually bought in huge bulk which is what allows for shops to buy and sell clothes at a cheap price.
So if you are like me and are looking for some clothes to show your individualism and character but still remain fashionable, head to La Vida Boutique for some inspiration!

by Model on a Mission on September 23rd, 2015

​With the summer sadly coming to an end and the joys of autumn’s blustery winds and showers just on the horizon it is now time for us all too finally pack away all of our shorts and sandals and bust out our big fluffy woolly jumpers and boots. I say to finally pack away our shorts and sandals, however most of us probably never even got them out from the so called summer we received this year in our beautiful Britain. However we can all now just give up hope of sun this year and focus on picking out the best winter woollies and even better (my personal favorite), some brand new pretty boots!

Although our summer this year was pretty grim we can all look forward to wrapping up warm and updating our cosy winter wardrobe. I must say that fashion wise autumn/winter are my favorite seasons of the year because it is that time of the year that we all get to wrap up in big cosy fluffy jumpers to brace the rain, snow and cold winds which is my least favorite part.
When the sun is out everyone is always in a good mood to work and play, however in the winter, we all go into hibernation mode and any task that we have to conduct that involves leaving our warm cosy beds or comforting heaters becomes the biggest chore known to man. However, this is why I have written this article, to show you all out there that you can enjoy leaving the house in the cold! If you are wondering what this lunatic is on about then I will clarify for you – I am talking about autumn/winter fashion.

Living in the UK, sun is something we rarely receive, therefore there is no point in sitting down and dwelling on how much we would love to be in the Caribbean or Spain and focus on all of the fashion possibilities that are open to us! As I mentioned earlier, autumn/winter fashion is my favorite as there are so many possibilities open to us, especially in the shoe department!
This is the first time I will ever admit that I am a massive shoe hoarder and boots are my favorite type of footwear! As much as I love the coziness that my woolly jumpers bring me, I love my boots more. From knee length flat boots to heeled suede boots and ankle boots, you can be sure that I have every type and color of boot under the sun (or  rather the dark and gloomy clouds for us.)  

So as we step into September it is now time to do some good old autumn/winter shopping! From all my researching through retail stores and online, I found an amazing retailer called ‘The Spanish Boot Company’. These boot specialists have an unbelievable range of footwear that you all just cannot miss out on, I do not know how I did not find them earlier! Their new range of short, suede ankle boots are just simply a work of boot art and they come in 7 different colors!

​It is so hard to pick my favourite but I think out of all of them the ‘Valverde Jodphur Boots’ in navy have got to be the ones I fell in love with the most! Go crazy and browse through their amazing range and trust me you will need to clear your schedule for the rest of the afternoon because it is so hard to pick just one, or you can empty your bank account and buy everything they have on offer!  

by Model on a Mission on September 1st, 2015

Fingerprint jewellery, commonly referred to in the UK as keepsake jewellery (due to its sentimental value and meaning) tends to be most popular amongst women, frankly because women wear more jewellery.

Fingerprint jewellery allows you to capture the fingerprint of a loved one in silver. Treated with care it will last you a lifetime and allows you to keep something so personal so close to you for such a long time. There is no real coincidence as to why there has been such a spike in the popularity of fingerprint jewellery. There is no doubt that fingerprint jewellery is a beautiful and timeless concept but not until recently has it been so readily available for people, so easy to purchase and so simple to find. Online stores have made the method of purchasing and designing fingerprint jewellery so easy that more people have been drawn to it than ever before. It is now so easy to find a variety of different online stores selling varied and distinct fingerprint jewellery designs that you can personalise (even more than a fingerprint!) with classic or trendy appeal.

Looking online for a fingerprint jewellery maker can be difficult as like any online store, it can be hard to know the quality and reliability of the maker. Fingerprint jewellery is usually made from silver or gold. The use of these precious metals adds to the appeal of fingerprint jewellery, ensuring its timelessness and allure, after all, jewellery has been made from silver and gold for centuries. Fingerprint jewellery made from sterling silver will be more durable than that made from fine silver, although as a precious metal it will still need to be treated with care.

When considering what style you want your fingerprint jewellery in, there are many options: on a ring, on a charm, on a bracelet, on a necklace, cufflinks or even as a keyring. Many online stores will give you a wide selection of options to choose from so take your time to carefully pick which design you want as this jewellery is of such sentimental value that you will end up wearing it every day. Currently, some of the most popular and trendy designs for fingerprint jewellery are coming in the form of rings, cufflinks or heart shaped pendants although there a plenty of other beautiful designs available too.

I would recommend purchasing fingerprint jewellery online because you can take your fingerprints in the comfort of your own home at a time when your child is relaxed. There is generally more variety and choice of design and you can often contact the maker to have your unique item of fingerprint jewellery made exactly as you want it. One particular online shop that provides beautiful and unique fingerprint jewellery is ‘Hold upon Heart’. Visit their site at: for great variety, fantastic quality and a wide selection of gorgeous jewellery. 

by Model on a Mission on September 1st, 2015 ​Yet again, florals have been the staple pattern of our summer wardrobes. Flowery dresses, skirts, tops, shorts and trousers have been seen paraded around both the catwalks and the high street for  several years on the trot now and shows no sign of slowing up.
One style that has particularly stood out this summer season has been the white floral prints. A white or cream background with large floral patterns in a variety of bright colours has been a very popular style this year with many catwalk, high fashion, high street, fashion bloggers and many normal lay people flaunting over the last couple of years.
Although it would seem the British summer is already coming to an end with all this gloomy weather we’re having, it isn’t even August so these dresses are still flying off the shelves and in great demand from the warehouses.
The Made in Chelsea star, wife to Pro Green and fashion icon Millie Mackintosh has certainly not missed this trend and is pictured above wearing a cute white floral dress to a VIP event in London. Born Camillia Mackintosh and grew up in Wiltshire, England, the TV star's ancestors were the inventors of Quality Street, Caramac and Toffee Crisp. Despite her grand inheritance, this flawless lady is renowned for her leading fashion styles rather than her leading business ideas or partialness to sweet foods (in fact she is quite the opposite, being quite famous for her avoidance to carbs - not a good ambassador for her father’s companies!)
This particular outfit worn by Mackintosh has caught the attention of several paparazzi, fashion bloggers and fashion critics alike talking about it’s simple elegance and stylish pattern that flatters her very slim frame and gorgeous skin tone - no wonder the ordinary fashion fiends among us have gone mad trying to find this beautiful dress somewhere.
In our quest to hunt out this dress, we realised the price was largely out of our budget and the length of the dress was not particularly practical nor appropriate for everyday wear, nor for women over a particular age so we decided to go for a ‘Get the Look’ and find a design within budget, just as beautiful but with a slightly more practical edge. Enter, La Vida Boutiqe’s AX Paris Cut Away Neck Floral Printed Midi Dress. You can find this gorgeous item at: which is a British boutique selling lovely and individual fashion garments at reasonable prices.
The floral patterns in La Vida Boutique’s design reflects that of Mackintosh’s as does the high neck of the dress and the overall feel and elegance to the item. Perfect for multiple occasions such as evening parties and summer barbecues, this look is one that cannot be missed.

by Model on a Mission on September 1st, 2015

With the weather warming and the sun starting to poke through the clouds, the hope for a beautiful hot summer is closer than ever. However it is still not hot enough for us to bust out our collection of multi-colored shorts but it’s too warm for our winter woolies so the big question here is what do I wear?!

Before you have a massive B.F. (quoting White Chicks – if you know you know) we are here to save you from all of your wardrobe worries!

I don’t know about you but I am so glad I can start packing away all my winter woolies! No matter how much I love their comforting warm hugs through our blusteringly breezy British weather, my vitamin D deprived self does love the hot summer shines even more. Although, we are not at the peak of our summer yet (let’s hope we get there) and we are in that awkward weather stage where it’s not hot yet not cold either the issue we have to fight everyday over what to wear is even bigger now so I took one for the team and did some research into what kind of things are good to wear!

On my deep Gok Wan inspired research I came across this great collection called Grace and Lace on a website called Spanish Boots.

My first thought when I came across the Spanish Boot website was that this will not suit me because I don’t exactly ride horses and I don’t really dress as though I am a jockey or going to play polo but I decided to look further into what they offer anyway and I’m glad I did. The Grace and Lace is a lot different to the rest of the clothes that Spanish Boots has to offer because it is truly a range that will suit everyone no matter their age of style. With all of their bright bold patterns and delicate lace fringing you can be sure to fall in love with one of their scarves, tops or boot cuffs just like I did!

My favorite piece just has to be their highly versatile Ikat Wrap Scarf. You might be thinking it’s just a scarf what can possibly be so special about it? The great thing about this scarf and what Spanish Boots have done to showcase this scarf is show how many different ways it can be tied and warn which is something I have not seen anywhere else. This scarf is definitely perfect for this awkward weather we have now as you can wear it as shawl when it gets a bit chillier or as a sleeveless wrap dress when its warmer!
This amazing versatility is truly one of kind and perfect for any occasion and any kind of weather we may be graced with in our beautiful Britain!  

by Model on a Mission on August 16th, 2015

​Looking naturally beautiful is something that you can achieve with a little help and some effort from your part. If you’re not a girl who wears too much makeup, but still want to look fresh and flawless here are a few tips on how to get that fresh natural look.

1. Understand your skin
This is the first step you take in when you want to get that fresh natural beauty look. First, get to understand your skin type. In which of these categories does your skin fall oily, dry or combination? The next step is to know which products to use for your skin type and how it responds to each of those products. In addition ensure that you always wash your face with cold water.  

2. Exfoliate 
This is the removal of dead skin on the surface of your skin. Ensure that you exfoliate at least once a week. It keeps your skin vibrant and adds a natural glow. Washing your skin and exfoliation allows make up to even out your skin easily.
​3. Moisturize daily
Moisturizing ensures that you keep skin soft and beautiful. Using moisturizer ensures that your skin does not trap dirt and sweat. Also remember to use only moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type.

4. Apply a good liquid foundation
When applying foundation, it is advisable that you do not apply it on the whole face. Apply foundation only under the eyes, nose and on any red spots. 

5. Apply powder
For shiny skin, apply powder. It will help to reduce the shine on your skin. Use a brush to apply and swirl the powder on your face for that natural look.
​6. Work on your cheeks
Apply a pink hue on your cheeks for that natural looking flush. Apply a gel based flush and ensure you blend it with your fingers for the best natural look. You can also lightly apply a highlighter to contour your cheeks.

7. Make your eyes stand out
To do this, ensure you have enough natural light. You can even apply your make up by a window for enhanced lighting. Apply a thin line of eyeliner whose color is very close to your skin color and the result will be an enhanced natural shape of your eyes. Also, apply dark mascara and a shade of naturally colored eye shadow. You can also dot naturally colored eye pencil on your brows and have them slightly plucked.
​8. Lips 
For natural looking lips all you require is a lip balm that matches the color of your lips. Apply with your finger to enhance blending and create the natural look you want.
With these tips, and proper care for your face and skin, the fresh natural look will always be your look. Whenever you are going out, ensure that you use sun screen which will protect your face from the harmful effects of the sun such as sunburns. Keep yourself beautiful looking fresh and natural at all times with this advice.

by Model on a Mission on August 5th, 2015

Pantyhose are great. They look great, they feel great (well, good quality ones do), they go with multiple outfits, they cover any blemishes you may have on your legs, they look professional, they look fashionable, they’re great for holding your tummy in and most of all, they’re great for keeping legs in skirts warm in the cooler months.
As a big fan and a big wearer of pantyhose throughout the seasons (obviously not on the scorching hot days), I seem to go through them like there’s no tomorrow, particularly flesh colored tights, normally because they’re made of slightly thinner material and thus snag very easily. I always seem to rip, tear, catch, hole or ladder my pantyhose in some way or another but over the years I have learnt a few tricks on how to keep this to a minimum and I want to share these with you. So here are 5 tips on how to stop your pantyhose from laddering:
It may seem obvious, but the better quality the tights, the longer they will last. They will be more resistant to the elements and will snag and tear less. However, the more sheer they are and the lower denier that they, the more they are likely to ladder. One particularly gorgeous pantyhose store is Fiore Direct USA, who stock ladder resistant pantyhose. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for that exceptional quality for exceptional price.

The right size
This may seem simple but it’s astounding the amount of women who do not purchase the correct size pantyhose. If they’re too big, they will bag and catch very easily, and if they are too small they will rip when either you put them on as your dig your nails into them hitching them up, or as you keep pulling them up all throughout the day because they’re too small! It is vital that your size is right. Check out the sizing charts for pantyhose before you buy. Again, Fiore Direct’s Pantyhose Size Chart ( is a great resource.

Smooth hands and filed nails
Gentle hands and nails are vital for the prevention of laddering. If you have a bit of rough nail and you dig that into your tights, those pair are gone. Similarly with rough hands, hard skin is not beneficial for the preservation of pantyhose so make sure that if you’re a regular pantyhose wearer, moisturize often.

Pull from the bottom
As easy as your ABCs but also just as invaluable, learn to pull your pantyhose up from the bottom. Take the ankle and pull up - never pull up from the top! Gradually move your hands up as they tights come up.

As soon as there’s a small hole or snag, put clear nail varnish on it
This is not just an old wives’ tale! It works! As soon as you see a small snag or tear in your pantyhose, cover it in clear nail varnish to stop it from getting any worse. This works great for when a tear is higher up the pantyhose where no one can see as it means they’re still wearable and this will stop the hole from getting any bigger. 
I hope these 5 tips and trick will help you from buying and re-buying pantyhose every few week. Follow these tips and you will save money and save your favorite pair of tights!

by Model on a Mission on July 27th, 2015

​One of the major things that many human beings love to own is precious ornaments, coming in various shapes and form. These gems combine rarity and cost, transforming them into a strong symbol of life, beauty, wealth and sophistication. Convertible into numerous ornaments including rings, bangles, necklaces and much more, their seduction is irresistible to a woman, resulting in their constant listing on women’s shopping lists. Diamond earrings, though costly and rare, continue to top the chart in demand.

Different types of diamond earrings:
Earrings made from diamond come in various types. Types that include style, size and weight of the diamond determines the price of the ornament. You can buy a ready-made earring of a diamond that is often made from a piece of pieces of diamond. You can also buy a custom-made earring of the diamond, which you can request the jeweller to make it as per your request. The diamond custom-made earring may be expensive at times, but it is the best since you will get what suits you or your lover. You can also have an earring that suits a certain occasion such as wedding, dinner or even an anniversary.

When in doubt, choose the diamond earring
Leave guessing to the genius and pick an earring for your woman’s birthday or any other special occasion. Remember special occasions can be the time you spend together in the café sipping coffee as you discuss you love and life matters. Change the usualness of the day with diamond earrings. Age does not matter; diamond ornaments look magnificent on any woman despite her age.

What about the cost
Finance is definitely one of the major constraints on your way to getting the best gift for your loved one, but as long as you are determined to land the price this should not be too much of a tall order. Doing some research will undoubtedly uncover the best places to get the best diamonds at the best prices, so do shop around, and you are sure to land your best bet. Set your budget and move around to see what you can afford without squeezing too hard on other needs. However, in the event that everything seems out of your reach, fret not. 

How to clean diamond earrings
As you continue wearing the earrings, they acquire dirt from your skin. The lotions, powder, oils stick on the earrings degrading its brilliance. The dust gets into the clevises on the diamond. Removing the foreign material restores the quality of the diamond. You can choose to get an expert to clean the diamonds for you or you can do it yourself. Cleaning is not a complicated task so use the help of jewellery cleaner only if you are a busy person.

To do it yourself
To clean the diamonds yourself; make a solution of water, baking soda and ammonia. Instead of baking soda, you may use liquid dishwashing soap. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the diamond earrings until the dirt is completely gone. A microfiber cloth avoids the accumulation of link caused by regular materials.

by Model on a Mission on July 27th, 2015

​The thing about engagement is that there are hand and first rules. It has some freedom of where you can buy your ring. For instance, you can purchase the ring from a second-hand store, from a regular jeweller, or you can design your engagement ring online. However, this sounds like a sweet deal for many; it still confuses some. This confusion crops from the fear of disappointments. In this article, I will explain to you how to avoid disappointment once you design your Engagement Rings Online.

The purpose of the ring symbolises unending love. Wherever you buy or get your ring from you should do it in a way that will avoid disappointment. The engagement ring that you give to your special one should be from the heart, a symbol of how you feel about each other, and above all, it should be unique. One of the sure fire way to avoid disappointment is to design your ring from a reputable online store. Here is the reason you should choose this option.


Unlike the stone and motor store in your town, the online store offers you a variety of choices. In the local shop, there are many types of rings of different brands, metal and carat but at the end of the day, they always look the same. When you design your engagement ring from an online store, you will be in a position to choose practically any setting, style, metal or diamond that may come into your mind. You can create a unique variety of ring that identifies with your fiancée in style and personality.


The convenience it the other factor you get when you decide to design your ring. It will become ideal if you have the type of ring you want in your mind. Sometimes you may go for from one store to the other looking for your dream ring but find none. The solution lies in designing your ring that suits your needs. This is where convenience comes in.


Designing your engagement rings online allows you room for experimenting. You will create different designs of rings and finally settle for one that suits your needs. During the experiments, you will have an idea of the type of the ring, the metal worth and the overall price. This will help you avoid any disappointments.

Learn About Your Investment

Whether you are purchasing a precious stone ring or another bit of precious stone gems, it is a venture. When you design your engagement ring from an online store, you will likewise have access to an education centre that will show you all about the diverse styles, settings and what makes one jewel more valuable than the other does. You can utilize this information to make an astounding ring or to help you to locate your ideal ring at the best cost.

Easily Stick to Your Budget

You will be able to stick to the budget once you choose to design your ring from an online store. When you go to a local store, you may be forced to buy a ring that you did not like just because it is within your budget. Design your engagement rings online and enjoy the explained benefits.

by Model on a Mission on July 27th, 2015

​Is your wardrobe a collection of neutrals? Do you consider brown to be too colorful? How many black tops do you own? Neutrals are wonderful because they go with everything, including other neutrals. Sometimes, though, we get stuck in neutral. If your wardrobe is dying for some color, this needs to be the year you buy a colorful leather handbag. Bright designer leather handbags are the perfect pop of color that a neutral wardrobe needs.

Your wardrobe gets stuck in neutral when neutral colored garments are all you buy. Having a neutral wardrobe is comfortable and familiar and safe. Neutrals are convenient. We don't have to worry about if things match when our wardrobe is limited to black, white, and beige, and a few navy pieces for when you feel especially daring.
A lady in neutral can look timeless, classic, and sophisticated. But sometimes a neutral wardrobe can make even the most stylish woman look plain, unremarkable, and ordinary. There's a fine line between simple outfits looking fashionable and not boring.
How Do I Shake Up My Neutral Wardrobe?
If you love neutrals, you shouldn't abandon them. If you suddenly started dressing like a peacock in a Christmas tree, nobody would recognize you! You don't want to radically change your wardrobe or you look like you've become somebody else. But you can brighten up your look without replacing everything. To add some punch to a simply colored closet, you need to start simply.
The best way to bring color into your look is to add things so subtle that they just enhance your clothes instead of changing your whole style. Once you know to start simply, it may also reduce any anxiety you have about wearing something colorful.
Colorful Designer Leather Handbags
A bag is the perfect way to start adding zest to your wardrobe, because it's a single item that will work with everything you own. There are many designer leather handbags available in every color imaginable for you to choose from. Leather handbags are a safe investment because you know they will last. Look for a bright leather bag in a solid (but not neutral) color.  You don't need to start out with loud prints or giraffe spots. A handbag in a solid bright color will go with all your neutral clothing and you'll still retain your always-pulled-together timeless look.
Start off by resolving that this is the year you find a beautiful designer bag in a color that isn't a neutral. One great thing about starting with your handbag  is that it's a commitment. You can't decide at the last minute not to wear it. You've got to take with you, or where are you going to put all of your stuff?
One Accessory, Dozens of Possibilities

The next step to breathing new life into your wardrobe is a scarf. Scarves are the perfect follow up to colorful designer leather handbags. You're already used to a little spark of color in your look. Now you need another accessory that will go with all of your clothes. A scarf is a fantastic option, because you have so many fabrics available to choose from that you should be able to find one you think is gorgeous. Then you need to learn how to wear it and tie it in a multitude of ways. Search on YouTube for videos that will show you how.
One scarf that you love can become a signature piece for your style. A scarf tied smartly around your neck is a completely different look to wearing a scarf loose, just hanging down. You'll have endless possibilities. Just these two items will wake up your wardrobe, and you won't have to part with any of your treasured neutrals.