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"​Using this pouch reduces plastic waste by 95%"

​Tell us about your company
EcoSierra was started to help people limit their waste when using products they use around the home every day. 

You see larger companies like it when you dispose of plastic containers and bottles because when you buy another one, they can charge you more. And the kicker is, a large portion of price in this product is in the container. and you just got rid of a working one!

What are the challenges of being sustainable/eco in your field? 
​Our company has innovative pre measured refill pouches for household cleaners called our Squeasy Pouches Our pouches get rid of all the mess and headache in refilling, making it easy for you. nothing comes out of our pouch until it is cut at the bottom, you place it in the bottle, and squeeze. just squeeze. it's easy (Squeasy pouch. get it?) using this pouch reduces plastic waste by 95%!

Our cleaning products are all at least 98% naturally formulated with a guaranteed satisfied clean and leaves your home smelling fantastic.
Our challenge soley lies in getting the word out. no one else has a product like us and we need others to find out about it!

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
Our products stand out in our innovative packaging. we take pride in coming up with creative new ideas to help make your life easier and save you money!

What other plans and initiatives do you have?
We have plans to use the individual refill pouches for hand soaps and hand sanitizers as well as other products next year.

Where can people purchase your products?
You can currently purchase our products on our website and we are working on coming to a retailer near you!

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"​All our products are handmade by local craftsmen making each pair of our pants unique."

​Tell us about your company
One Tribe Apparels feature product are women's harem pants  that are handmade in Thailand. As we expand this year we'll be adding different styles from Nepal & Indonesia but with a focus staying on hippie & bohemian pants.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
All our products are handmade by local craftsmen making each pair of our pants unique. They are great for yoga, dancing and putting together a fashionable bohemian look.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
Our two biggest plans for the next year are to greatly expand our clothing line and to start having a presence at music festivals. Right now we just sell our clothing online so being on the ground an in person at music festivals will be a great chance to interact with people in our community.

Where can people buy your products?
You can check out our harem pants at and see lots of our friends wearing them at

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​13 Years as Long Island New York Top Makeup Artist Shab Siarezi has built a long lasting well known career as a makeup artist here in Long Island . 

She has been in the business since 2001 and has won dozens of awards and has been featured by Chanel, Christian Dior , HBO, AMC, PBS, Lester’s, 

ESPN and the Food Network have also worked with Shab owing to her flawless makeup skills. 
Shab provides a full range of services for Fashion shoots, Weddings, Film, Television, Theatre and other productions.

Shab Siarezi is now (as of 2015) the most sought after in New York makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup.

To learn more about her special makeup services and commercial makeup services offered visit 

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"​You know how most creams don't soak into your skin. Well Foxy Face goes right on in" 

Tell us about your company 
Foxy Face is an awesome face creme with all of the best of the best ingredients - from the expensive SYN-TC anti-wrinkle new collagen builder to Argireline and SYN-AKE, Caviar, CoQ-10 and Cleopatra's secret to beauty Black Cumin.Age reversing Baicalin, 3 world class moisturizers - Shea Butter, Squalene and HA (hyaluronic acid) - and so much more.

What can you tell us about the ebook that you offer?
The subject of the ebook is How To Stay Young Fit and Healthy - why grow old when you can stay young. Super easy protocol, It works - even if you eat cheesburgers, fries and chocolate ice cream.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? ​
We do not scrimp on the ingredients and we do use all of the best of the best. It makes a difference which shows on your face.

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​"Infinito.NYC alread has attracted a vast amount of celebrity endorsements for its launch on May 2015"

Tell us about your company
Infinito.NYC is being launched by a group of executives from some of fashion's top firms. The incentive for this firm is to be ahead of fashion in a scientific way. Our team has used clinical studies from John Hopkins University, as well as attracted some of psychiatry's finest who treat patters in retail therapy in order to create products that people cognitively desire, yet do not know it yet.​

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
The upcoming line will entail four main concepts: The David inspired by the Statue of David in Florence Italy, The Indelible Icon for executives who want to make a statement concerning their worth in their career, The Trendsetter Pocketbook, a set of fun, and colorful bags for the every day woman who wants to stand out, and lastly, the Brooklyn Book bag, part of the casual line, being praised by prototype testers as the most iconic bag of this century. 

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
Infinito.NYC alread has attracted a vast amount of celebrity endorsements for its launch on May 2015, due to its program of charitable donations made by the firm, chosen particularly by the artist. 

Where can people buy your products?
 As of now, only VIP reservations are accepted, until its May 2015 where it will be open to the public.

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Tell us about your company
​Luzz Accessories is an international online store for positive, fashion-forward modern women.
Our style is timeless classic with a charming vintage touch. We draw inspiration from adorable prints, beautiful patterns, pretty colors, art, photography, and fashion. Our items aim not only to make you look good, but also to make you feel good.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack
We never found fashion brands with a strong purpose behind. Of course we found many products that were fashionable and would look good, but we always felt as if there was no meaning behind them. We couldn’t shake this idea off because everybody has their purposes in life, and if anything, purposes should be shared to inspire others, in a virtuous circle. We decided to create a store that would combine our passion - fashion - and our purpose.

What is your brand's philosophy
We strive to bring you the best picks from the current trends, offer fast worldwide shipping, include only high quality products in our catalog, and always respond to your questions and requests as quickly as we can, because seeing you happy makes our work more enjoyable and rewarding!

People can buy our products Online or

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​Hair, clothes, accessories, celebrity plastic surgeries - When it comes down to it, fashion is everything in Hollywood. There is always that constant need and desire to push all boundaries to the furthest limits. These fashionable young women try to keep ahead of the current trends with the hope to inspire their fans to dress with style and grace, just like them. That’s why these beautiful young ladies reach the top of the heap and are chosen as the fashion icons of today. This is your invitation, find out who makes the cut in Tinseltowns best of the best fashionable woman in young Hollywood.

Kiernan Shipka
She has an incredible sense of unique fashion, vintage, spirited, complex yet at the same time simple and elegant. Perfect. She has an interest in old Hollywood and it shows in her style. At various celebrity events in town she never fails to impress with her wide range of colorful dresses, perfectly balanced for the theme. She has a calculated perception of style that never reaches excess. A quaint, good little lady.

Chloe Moretz
Chloe’s sharp sense of fashion comes natural, she likes to keep it simple yet not too underwhelming. She accredits her mother with giving her the basis of style since a young age. If there is any woman in young Hollywood with a knack for eclectic style it’s her. She is a free spirit, yet her clothing always never travels to far outside the lines. She is certainly up and coming. 
Kendall Jenner
She pulls of the hip and chic with cut-off boots or even jelly sandals. She knows how to perfectly mix vintage with Versace. It never matters how much anything cost, how you wear it or slap it together. She loves to take chances and set new barriers in the fashion world. She can always show the style because with her, anything works. So, if you are trying to keep up with this Kardashian, best of luck.

She is a recording artist and a perennial style maker. She always makes a statement. Her fashion sense is paving the way for the future. Rihanna has a good time with fashion and whatever she does in the biz it’s always flawless with a statement. She is constantly evolving with her unique hair styles and clothing trends.

Taylor Swift
Taylor has the girl next door persona all the way, she just likes to be Taylor. From the simple elegant to the Nashville styled boots and jeans, she is always sharp, clean and care-free. She always knows how to flaunt that body in a classic, elegant way. With her, less is more attitude, it is always a pleasure looking forward to what she has planned next.

​Miley Cyrus
Sure she is an attention grabber and maybe a little over the top but with Miley, it’s all about making the people talk. Not everybody agrees but this girl has the makings of staying power. No Doubt, Miley is in charge of her destiny, so whether you dig her style or not, she is gonna do her thing. She dubs herself Marc Jacobs muse, which is one bold statement but that’s what the girl is all about and bold is what takes her to the next level, every time 

Selena Gomez
The darling of Disney, when she dresses, she makes a statement. Whether it is an memorizing dress or wearing some shorts and a hat. The girl knows how to dress her age and for all the proper occasions. She is always sharp, sophisticated, ultra-glamorous and she knows how get those flashbulbs sparking. She has the quintessential taste in style that keeps you around for a long time. Whether she is dazzling on the red carpet or out on the beach with friends, she knows how to draw attention. There is a reason why she is number one, topping the list of the 7 most fashionable women in Hollywood.

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​All our products are free from chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances and other nasty stuff

​Has your child ever wanted to wear your perfume or cologne? Or are you weary about putting synthetic chemicals on your skin just for the fragrance? Well lucky for all of us Khush-boo is now making natural fragrances that are safe for not only you, but your children also.
Khush-boo fragrances are made using natural essential oils that are blended with non-greasy fractionated coconut oil, which is easily absorbed by the skin. Fragrances are available in 10ml roller ball bottles that are safe and easy for applying on babies and for older children to apply themselves with.
Right now Khush-boo has a campaign on Indiegogo found here. There you can contribute to the Khush-boo campaign so we can see this awesome new natural fragrance line that has so much potential come to life.

​Facebook Link:

Crowdfunding Link:

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Our products are made with prime materials and are designed to scream elegance.

I had the privilege to interview Greg Michaels about his line ofHandbags and Accessories madde of 100% genuine leather. Greg Michaels is quickly joining the race in becoming one of the top real leather designer handbag brands.

Tell us about your company
Our products are made with prime materials and are designed to scream elegance. Our designers meticulously toil to produce world class goods which are sometimes considered art but always considered stylish.

In what way does your products stand out from the pack?
Whether going to work or attending a dinner party, Greg Michaels handbags will always be your most powerful statement.

What are your future plans?
We plan to expand into a lifestyle brand with Womens clothing (dresses, blouses, pants, jeans),& shoes 

Where can our readers buy your products?
You can purchase our products on our website

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​Finding the swimsuit that does justice to your figure is not an easy task – there are so many factors you need to bear in mind, the latest fashion trends, the problematic body zones, the circumference of your waist and bust, the colors that show you in your best light and so on. But before you give up and settle with the first bathing suit you see in the shop, we have some straightforward tips on how to pick the bikini that will help you present your anatomy at its best.
Watch out for prints, patterns and colors

Believe it or not, colors have a power completely unto their own and can make you look slimmer or more lavishly built than your mirror claims to be the case. Bright colors are attention-grabbers so make sure you wear vivid tones on the parts of your body you take pride in, like that slender waist and nicely-built shoulders. On the other hand, dark colors de-emphasize your figure so if you want to conceal any problematic areas, like your not-so-tight belly or wobbly buttock, throw on some browns, blacks or dark greys to draw the attention away from your not so commendable attributes. Horizontal stripes will visually expand your figure so try to avoid them. If you really love lines and bands but have some extra weight that doesn’t do a favor to your figure, go with vertical ones because these will make your body appear elongated and trim down the little imperfections.
Know Your Body Type and Follow its Lines
​Different costume types make the same person appear visually different. Bear in mind that not every swimsuit out there is designed to fit you like a glove – in fact, many will reveal your soft anatomic spots so be very careful when choosing your bikini swimwear online. In case your bust is on the more lush side but your waist is not as slim as you’d like it to be, try underwire or halter tops that accentuate your cleavage and at the same time visually minimize your waistline. Or, if your bottom looks amazing this summer, but you don’t have a matching cleavage, go with bright-colored tankini bikini pants and dark or V-neckline tops.
Show some style but don’t overdo it
​Swimsuit prints change every season, so your last year’s bikini hit will probably not be all that trendy next summer. But one thing’s for sure – wearing tiger or zebra stripes is a big fashion no-no, so it’s better to go with florals, various geometric shapes and one-tone swimsuit sets, because these never get outdated. Just like the little black dress, the V-neckline dark bikini or hypnotically linear print onesie will probably stay in trend-wise for a decade or two, and if you want to have one suit that will survive a one-summer fashion craze, keep an eye out on classic designs because these will never let you down.
Women are beautiful, regardless of their shapes and sizes, but if you don’t want to make an additional beautifying effort and spend hours sweating at the gym or that aerobics class, you’d better take extra care when picking your next swimsuit. Although a flabby tummy or modest bust is not a full-scale personality flaw, package does matter because it’s the first thing you get to see in a person. But worry not - there are ways to work around the problematic and focus on the positive, and it doesn’t even need all that much thought: just follow the simple rules, body types and the language of colors, and your body will shine in its best light the next time you hit the beach for some summertime fun.