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​"Designers Town aims to provide designers and artists a platform to tell their story, present their vision."

Tell us about your company
​Designers Town is a global marketplace and showcase for talented and innovative Indian designers and artists. 

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
Designers Town aims to provide designers and artists a platform to tell their story, present their vision.

Designers Town encourages an active dialogue between designers and customers. This ensures that any personalisation and customisation requested by an individual is understood and agreed by the designers themselves, thus reducing any margins for errors and ill fitted product.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
We will keep unearthing the new designers and keep providing them with a platform to engage with people

People can but on

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"​The hallmark of our brand is our eco-friendly fabric which feels as good as it looks!"  

JWalking Designs make eco-friendly, funky and functional fitness fashions for women and men. From our 3-pocket women's active skirts and leggings, to our men's running kilts and button-down, wide-collared shirt for running and golf, we want you to have the self-confidence to get out and get active in style!

Our products are Made in the USA from eco-friendly, PET - recycled plastic bottles turned into fabric.  Being responsible to our country and our planet is very important to us, but they come at an added expense.  We feel it is worth it.

The hallmark of our brand is our eco-friendly fabric which feels as good as it looks!  Our skirts, shirts, kilts and leggings are all American-made from 84% PET - recycled plastic bottles that are cut into shards of plastic that are then melted and turned into strands of plastic fiber.  That fiber is then transformed to make anything from outdoor carpets to the fabric that makes our fitness fashions! 

The 84% PET keeps our active wear lightweight, breathable and comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures.  The 16% Spandex keeps our products flexible and combined, they are washable!

On our white eco-friendly fabric, we print our fun and funky patterns and plaids.  We want you to look good and feel good while doing good for the environment. 

At upcoming races, expos and events, I plan to have water bottle recycle collection bins, where I will send the collected bottles to companies that repurpose them into eco-friendly fiber for fabric. Besides giving people a place to properly recycle the plastic and keeping them out of our landfills and oceans, it helps fuel our fabric source.  Win-Win!

Check out our online stores at: and at @Amazon

We offer Free Shipping to customers across the United States and to our military serving overseas.

Also, look for our plaid, patterned and pocketed skirts and kilts at races through the U.S.!  Our CEO races often, carrying 10% off coupons in one of the three secure pockets in her @JWalkingDesigns "Mad About Plaid" purple running skirt!  Stop her and say hi!

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​"Our argan oil is sustainably harvested and fair trade by a group of Berber women. This supports the environment and empowers women. We never do animal testing."

​Tell us about your company
ISA Professional is dedicated to helping you be your most beautiful. We design and manufacture professional salon quality hair tools. We make flat irons, hair straighteners, hair curlers, hair dryers, blowers, bamboo hair brushes, makeup brushes, argan oil, and the XANADU line of 24K Gold Vitamin C face serum.

We are based out of the USA and Canada. USA orders will be shipped from the USA. Canadian orders will be shipped from Canada.

All our styling tools have a 2 year warranty.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
We pride ourselves in leading edge technology, excellent product quality and caring customer service. All our styling tools have a 2 year warranty. (The industry standard is only 1 year). Our argan oil is sustainably harvested and fair trade by a group of Berber women. This supports the environment and empowers women. We never do animal testing. We care about our customers, our workers, and fuzzy bunnies.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
To be released this spring, a new line of bamboo hair brushes and makeup brushes.

Where can people buy your product/get your service?
Find us at better spas and salons. And now directly online

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"The benefits of not making wasted journeys or getting lost by following out of date maps will reduce the amount of emissions you are producing by driving your car on unnecessary journeys."

Tell us about your website
I run a Honda Navigation Update website. I have built this Honda Gps Update website after realizing the benefits that updating in car technology can have on fuel consumption. I review the latest Models of Honda Navigation Updates ensuring that the review are Model Specific. Explaining the benefits of updating your navigation system for the readers. The benefits we review can save our readers money. Reduce fuel consumption and time spent in their car while using out of date maps. With loads of benefits and great savings if our readers have the latest in car technology they can help the environment by reducing amount of time spent in their car by following up to date maps.

What are the challenges of being eco-friendly in your field?

The biggest challenge we face is getting people to understand the benefit to the environment they can have by updating their in car Navigation System. The benefits of not making wasted journeys or getting lost by following out of date maps will reduce the amount of emissions you are producing by driving your car on unnecessary journeys.

In what way does your review site stand out from the pack?

The reviews are written by Honda enthusiasts that look to seek all the benefits for people like them. This is different to majority of Review sites in this niche. We talk in detail about how you can reduce gas usage and your carbon footprint. All the articles our completely unique and written by one of the many Honda owners we work with to create fantastic informative reviews. The aim to help our readers when making their decision on updating their navigation system.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
I plan to evolve this site and pick of other key brands in America. To help educate other motorists on how Navigation updates can help them save money and be better for the environment. We will also be keeping an eye out for any other green motoring tips we come across along the way. These will be uploaded on to our blog for an informative read and this is where you can find other auto Tech websites we partner with.

Where can people get more information?

Click here to view our site read the reviews and purchase your Honda Navigation Update.

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A woman should never apologize for two things: looking fabulous, and feeling confident. So when full, flirty eyelash extensions give you a boost in appearance and esteem, you should revel in it, rather than entertain the notion that you may have some kind of problem. In fact, you might have 99 problems but flimsy lashes ain’t one!
Eyelash extensions are the ultimate accessory for any glamour-loving gal; and once you’ve had yours done by a good lash artist with the best eyelash extensions training from Dreamlash Academy, you’ll understand why they deserve to be part of your beauty regime. And once you start, you won’t ever want to stop!
When properly applied, eyelash extensions are individually adhered to your natural lashes to instantly spruce up your face with a come-hither, Kardashian-esque flutter that will have you proudly proclaiming, “I woke up like this!” With such ego-boosting results, who can blame you for loving your semi-permanent lashes?
The best lash stylists apply the knowledge gained from a top eyelash extensions course to create different styles of eyelash extensions to suit various individual tastes. So if lash extensions are your addiction, then eyelash extensions certification by Dreamlash Academy is a virtual dealer’s license for the lash artist who serves up your lash extensions “fix”.
After the initial application, eyelash extensions need to be refreshed every 2 or 3 weeks as your natural lashes fall out along with the extensions. In the case of even one fallen lash, chances are, you have your lash artist on speed dial; and that’s okay! She your go-to gal (or guy) for keeping your face refreshed with fabulous eyelashes, so it’s only reasonable that you keep her number handy. Aside from that, there are a few more signs that you’re probably addicted to lash extensions. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be remorseful about it.
8 signs you’re addicted to eyelash extensions… and loving it!
  1. 1You faithfully visit your favorite lash stylist every 2 weeks for fill-ins.
  2. You’ve taken to leaving the house without any makeup; after all, you look fantastic as is!
  3. You’ve abandoned your old drugstore mascaras totally, and can’t even remember why you needed them in the first place
  4. Your confidence level is all the way turned up, and you can’t stop admiring yourself in every reflection.
  5. You’ve developed a propensity for winking at people…slowly.
  6. You avoid any activity that might compromise your eyelash extensions, including saunas, steam rooms, hot showers and anything that involves use of an oven.
  7. You proclaim the gospel of eyelash extensions to anyone who will listen, especially those who express admiration for your lashes. Spread the word!
  8. Finding a fallen lash is now a cause to mourn, not an opportunity to make a wish.But while you’re busy being beautiful with your buxom lashes in tow, there might be a few naysayers who frown upon your lash extensions habit. Pffft! Poor them!
If lash extensions make you look and feel beautiful, and you employ the services of a lash stylist who trained at Dreamlash Academy, no one else’s opinion should matter.

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KnoxGraphicHouseUnique Artist Hub produces clever T-shirts, Ad specialty items, Banners, Custom Printing, Space and Graphic Design, Murals, and so much more. Check out my favorite items. 


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​West N' Glory is a blog for rad girls in the making. A lifestyle based on fashion, art, advice, DIYs, and inspiration to set and accomplish goals. A guide for a dreamy mix of vintage and modern style.

I am just your average girl that has high aspirations and wants to help other young girls live a lifestyle that is stylish but balanced by goals and confidence. My hobby is making modern clothes from recycled vintage. 

Ultimately I want to start guides for girls that want to learn everything from crafts to staying true to yourself to starting your own blog or business. Eventually I will have an online store to turn my hobby into e-commerce. 

They can come to my blog and follow me through social media and stay tuned. 

twitter: anieglory
instagram: anieglory

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​Meyli is 'starfish' and Miyaru 'shark' in Maldivian - the brand is inspired by the beautiful mesmerising world of tropical reefs. Clear turquoise waters, coral reefs & shoals of bluestripe snappers. 

The swim collection includes swimsuits and bikinis in classic, chic styles made from superfine Italian Lycra or with original digital print designs & Luxe soft Neoprene. 
Meyli Miyaru Dive offers an alternative to diving in a traditional wetsuit - the collection includes dive leggings and rash vests featuring signature fish prints and Luxe Neoprene panels. 

Our brand is about the quality and cut of the materials - combing fine Italian Lycra and Luxe Neoprene - beautifully soft yet structured to perform - our signature fish prints are #ToDiveFor 

We will be launching Meyli Miyaru Beach with our SS15 collection - featuring new prints in silk beachwear including cover-ups, kimonos, racer back dresses and scarves. 

Inspired by ocean adventures - designed and made in Britain

Social Media - Twitter / Facebook / Instagram - at MeyliMiyaru

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I love Valentines Day for me it's a day where I show appreciation to the people I love and a day where I can suprise my loved ones. I usually buy a box of chocolat or some roses but recently I disccovered where you can get unique personalised gifts. From personalised jewelry to bags, romantic candles and canvas prints. 
Because I travel a lot I got these cute luggage tags. When you take a trip together these tags are defintely attention grabbers. I think it's the perfect gift for couples. You can select the design and personalise with names. 

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​Prom is a time for fun and happiness. It is the biggest social event of the year. It’s a time to show off yourself to others and show that confidence that you know you have in yourself. To be comfortable in yourself you have to find the dress that best complements you. For an event this special, you need to wear something that makes you comfortable and dazzle others. It is just one night but you will have pictures and memories of prom which you will remember for a long time. Be sure to have the perfect dress and look your best at this special night.
​Many people buy their prom dress online. It is the new and modern way to do it. There are many prom dress websites available on the internet. You will have a lot of variety but none better at Here you will find quality and variety of your favorite dresses like you haven’t seen before. Of all the prom dress websites this is the one you should choose. You don’t have to waste your precious time by going to the tailors to get yourself the prefect dress that fits you when you can select the size, color, sleeve length, sleeve style and just about everything about your dress yourself. It's easy to find a prom dress that includes the features that you want. Thanks to a wide selection at the site it's also simple to find a prom dress that's priced to fit your budget. When you finally step out the door on your special night you’ll be wearing the perfect prom dress online to complement you.

Storedress has an exclusive and wide selection of the elegant long prom dresses you're looking for. You'll find a wide selection of styles and sizes in the hottest colors and looks for your special evening. Storedress has a collection of fun and funky new prom dresses to satisfy your desire to stand out. With very low prices and a full array of prom dresses at your disposal you just can’t go wrong. Don’t hesitate and take a look you sure are to be mesmerized by the quality of the product being offered. Positive reviews by previous buyers lends credibility to the notion that only high quality will be provided to you so what are you waiting for? Go order more perfect prom dress for yourself here.