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"​Shopping is definitely the best medicine for stress so I would really like to open my own boutique one." 

​Tell us about your company
I am a new blogger on the scene who loves giving fashion tips on developing and managing your personal style I started my blog as a creative outlet to express my love of fashion, to share with women my ideas for putting outfits and looks together. I have friends and family ask me all the time where I got something or advice on what would look good together so I thought why not share my passion with everyone I could.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
I want to show through my blog that is is possible to have a fabulous style while being on a budget : you just need to be creative and have fun with clothes.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
Shopping is definitely the best medicine for stress so I would really like to open my own boutique one day 6- like a giant closet, where all girls can find their perfect outfit.

Where can people buy your product/get your service?
You can find all the fashion inspiration you need here :

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You are sure she is the right one for you. What's more, you have worked hard to save up the money to purchase that custom engagement ring you know will make her smile. Now you are looking for the perfect way to present the ring and your marriage proposal.
There are many ways to create a memorable proposal. We have put together a short list of five. Keep in mind that the most important aspect is the sincerity of your love. If she knows you truly love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her, she will be thrilled no matter how you present her custom engagement ring.
1. The Classic 'Down on One Knee' 
This classic proposal is classic for a reason: most women love it. Getting down on one knee makes a man vulnerable in the sense that he is committing himself to his intended's decision while, in the deepest recesses of his heart, he hopes the decision is affirmative. Presenting a marriage proposal on one knee in public is even better. It shows the love of your life your willingness to embarrass yourself to tell the world how much you love her.
2. The Stargazer 
A clear night with plenty of stars in the sky offers the perfect opportunity to surprise her with a custom engagement ring. You might be walking along the beach or through the park, gazing up at the beauty of the sky. On the other hand, perhaps you are laying on a blanket as you look upward and talk about your plans for the future. When the moment is right, slip the ring out of your pocket and hold it up as though it were another star in the sky. Then you can point it out and declare that it is a symbol of your love.
3. The Hidden Gift 

Proposing on Christmas or your fiancée’s birthday affords the opportunity for presenting a custom engagement ring hidden away in another gift. This is a great way to propose if you have been talking about marriage, but the love of your life is not necessarily expecting an immediate proposal. Simply place the engagement ring inside a birthday or Christmas gift and let the magic happen. Not only will you create a special day right there and then, but also that same day will be just as special for as long as you are together.
4. The Champagne Glass 
Presenting a custom engagement ring in a champagne glass is not necessarily new or unique, but it can be very romantic. Just use plenty of caution with this sort of presentation. If the love of your life is prone to very intense and engaging conversation, you may have to keep an eye open to make sure she sees the ring before taking a sip.
5. The Necklace 

Last is the presentation we call 'The Necklace'. For this presentation, the man purchases an inexpensive necklace chain on which he puts the ring, prior to fastening the necklace around her neck. If she keeps her eyes closed until the necklace is fastened, she will be thrilled to open her eyes and see a custom engagement ring waiting for her. This is a way to truly engage her with subtlety and romance.
There are lots of ways to present your custom engagement ring to the love of your life. With a commitment of your love and a little creativity, you can make the moment truly special.
1. Engage Diamond Studio - 

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​"I filmed the ground-breaking ceremony which was held back in March 2013 to mark the start of the salt pan revitalization project. The ultimate goal is to restore the island."

Tell us about your village’s revitalisation project? 
My village is on a small island in Hong Kong called Yim Tin Tsai which, is in the Sai Kung district in the New Territories. Yim Tin Tsai is Cantonese for ‘little salt field’ and the reason for the name is because of the little salt field on the island which, is how my ancestors made a living. They used to produce coarse sea salt until it became less valuable and the salt pans were eventually abandoned. Decades later, nobody was living on the island anymore.
In recent years a group of villagers and a conservation group wanted to preserve the cultural heritage and ecological aspects of the island. I filmed the ground-breaking ceremony which was held back in March 2013 to mark the start of the salt pan revitalisation project. The ultimate goal is to restore the island. My family’s ancestral home has already been refurbished after the building was left to rot for a long time. It has since been rented out so we have at least one person living on the island again.
What are the challenges of being sustainable/eco in your field? 
First of all, we needed to get permission from the government for works to commence. It took many years to get approval and because salt pan restoration is still a relatively new thing to Hong Kong, there aren’t many professionals out there who have the experience in restoring salt pans. We had consultants visit other places like Taiwan for research and we also had volunteers put a lot of time into this project. Without them this project would not have been possible.
Secondly, in order to follow our ancestors’ footsteps and to preserve the ecology of the island, minimal technology is being used to restore and maintain the salt pans. We have multiple salt pools on the island so that we can transfer the sea water from one pool to the next during the different stages of drying. After three stages of drying, the salt in the water will be concentrated. It will then be moved to a crystalising pool where coarse sea salt will be formed. By using such a system, there will be very little impact on the ecology.
In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
These days, the majority of salt sold in Hong Kong is actually imported from elsewhere. What Yim Tin Tsai will offer is locally produced salt. Our island is already a popular spot for tourists in Hong Kong. We have guided tours around the island and in the future, visitors will be able to see first-hand how my ancestors made salt all those years ago.
What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future? 
We’ve already had key structures restored in the village. The Ching Po School which closed in the 1990s now houses the Yim Tin Tsai Village Heritage Exhibition, and the Saint Joseph’s Chapel on the island is a Grade III historic building. We have been tidying and restoring some of the abandoned houses and we will be able to exhibit more items in the future.
As Yim Tin Tsai has ties with Hong Kong’s general education system, we also hope to provide the students of Hong Kong the opportunity to experience the village’s Hakka culture and the salt making process once the salt pans have been fully revitalised.
How can people get to Yim Tin Tsai and where can people get your products? 

The island can be reached by a Kai-to ferry in Sai Kung Town. Once on the island, visitors can take a look around the village. There is a kiosk where people can buy homemade food and drinks by the villagers using ingredients sourced from the island.

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​One of the most affordable, straight forward, simplistic, and efficient ways to approach a fashionable and versatile closet is the concept of a capsule wardrobe. Basically, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of must-have pieces that are systematically coordinating so that a plethora of different outfits can be composed with a minimal number of individual garments.

This conservative approach to clothing is not only great for individuals who are on a tight budget, but it is also perfect for traveling, college students with limited storage space, or fresh-out-of-school professionals who are just starting to establish themselves in a career that requires sophisticated dress.

The staple pieces in a capsule wardrobe might include a business suit (jacket + pants), a skirt, one or two dresses, and an additional pair of neutral colored pants. Three to four basic shells in different, yet coordinating colors are a must. The most versatile capsule wardrobe will include two neutral shells, say, black and white, as well as two colored shells that will complement the other items in the collection.

Visual appeal and pops of pattern might be introduced with a floral or geometric scarf, chunky jewelry, or a brightly colored cardigan. Complete the finished looks with two belts: one thin and one thick.

The next step to executing a capsule wardrobe is knowing exactly how to piece together different individual garments to create several different cohesive outfits. Social media platforms and sites like Pinterest are a haven for inspiration when it comes to capsule wardrobes or one suitcase, vacation-inspired wardrobes.

Because shells are so easy to layer and equally fashionable on their own, they provide the greatest amount of versatility and cohesion to a capsule or minimalist wardrobe. By piecing together solid colored shells with visually interesting accessories, you get more use out of each staple item.

A few tips to consider when shopping for the items that will construct your capsule wardrobe:
  1. Consider which bold colors are most suited to your skin and hair type. Choose a few solid shells and coordinating accessories in this color scheme to help ensure that each outfit is flawlessly and effortlessly put together. Interior decorating websites as well as the paint sections in hardware stores are great places to find color schemes that create a cohesive and attractive arrangement.
  2. Texture and pattern will certainly help your capsule wardrobe to stand out, but keep in mind that neutral colored textures and patterns are easier to coordinate with other items. For example, choose a chevron skirt in black and white that can be paired with either neutral or bold colored solid shells, or an ivory lace dress that can be topped with a classic blazer or solid cardigan.
  3. Consider the basics of your wardrobe the blank canvas. In other words, try to keep the staple pieces in your collection neutral and easy to pair. Allow your accessories and finishing touches to give extra visual interest.Shells are certainly an imperative aspect to any minimalist or capsule wardrobe, so be sure to check out the incredible variety of high quality and comfortable tops Kiki Riki Shells. Not only can you choose from an array of different Kiki Riki colors, but you can collect the basic yet most important pieces of your wardrobe for an insanely affordable price.
With Kiki Riki Shells you can create a fashionable and functional closet with a handful of neutral and colored shells that will easily coordinate with other clothing basics to create a fun and fabulous wardrobe. 

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​ Love Life, Love Fashion
Twitter fashionshowdist
instagram fashionshowdistrict

We sell the latest trends for young women at a budget friendly price. Our apparel is casual and chic. Every week we have new merchandise in our website and our brick and mortar store in Puerto Rico. We are passionate about fashion, our slogan is Love Life, Love Fashion; so people can expect to find the best styles of the season.

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​"We are promoting designers globally for Free, extra
Income for designers who can submit to clients Contests and win a nice Prize or sell their products through our Gallery."

Tell us about  your platform 
MuseValley is a crowdsourcing marketplace and creative community, where you’ll find custom-designed work from Creatives across the Web, from Industrial Design, Fashion and Media to Arts, Crafts and Jewelry – 100% original products. 

In what way does MuseValley stand out?
MuseValley ( is a platform which enables creating a connection between organizations and private customers directly to the artists and designers. On the platform you will find a gallery, personal profile to showcase and sell work to the general public.

How does the design contest work?
Clients, organizations and individuals, define their needs and budget by posting a contest and a prize to the winning project, our Creatives will submit their projects, the winning creative delivers the product and gets the prize as well as recognition. Enjoy original work from brilliant minds across the globe, if you don't find what you need Money back guarantee.

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"​Shehzarin’ creates an opportunity for ethically like-minded women to ‘bring about change’ and be both fashion and environmentally friendly." 

‘Shehzarin’ is the label and stylistic muse of Melbourne-based Shehzarin Batha and her Futuristic Nature Collection transcends from fashion-forward daywear to elegant after-five sophistication. The most important feature of Ms. Batha’s work is in its commitment to “redefining the meaning of ‘designer’” by offering a premium fashion ‘experience’ that extends beyond the label. 

Ms. Batha, born in Calcutta and taught to sew as a young child, has worked with a number of industry heavyweights throughout her career. Her pieces emphasize an inherent and ethereal connection to nature as she attempts to “paint the world with strokes of life and colour”. Bold and striking architectural geometry, ever present in natural spheres, are a key focus of the brand.

‘Shehzarin’ the label intends to satisfy the style cravings of the fashion-conscious woman as an affordable-yet-premium brand with a desire to bolster a sense of individuality within its clientele. 

What do we stand for?

Fashion with a conscience!

‘Shehzarin’ is more than a label; ‘Shehzarin’ stands for more than fashion. Ms. Batha intends to “create a conversation” through her brand within a number of select avenues. Principally, ‘Shehzarin’ is ethically manufactured in Australia with our own fabric and print designs. Part of the excitement that comes with the purchase of a ‘Shehzarin’ garment is that each of our pieces are individually cut and constructed by a dedicated team making sure no two garments are ever the same. 
Looking at the bigger picture.

‘Shehzarin’ is a big supporter of Australian small business; “We do not create mass-produced, conveyor-belt products and we believe that this adds to our flair. Ms. Batha combines couture concepts that require a high level of specialization and skill and, as such, cannot be reproduced in bulk. 

Shehzarin’ creates an opportunity for ethically like-minded women to ‘bring about change’ and be both fashion and environmentally friendly. Ms. Batha, using her sewing prowess, strikes an intricate balance between fashion and conscience, an avenue seldom explored by even the most renowned in the world of fashion.
​'Shehzarin' is now available at and

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"​When you drink Milan latte you will reduce weight, detoxify your body and it's also an appetite controller it makes your body slim."

Tell us about your company
With Milan Latte you can create your ideal body figure. It is a slimming coffee from Italy and a well known brand in Europe especially in Milan. 

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 

When you drink Milan latte you will reduce weight, detoxify your body and it's also an appetite controller it makes your body slim.

What  kind of products do you offer?
We have an amazing collection of products with the best ingredients such as Non Dairy Creamer, Arabica Coffee, Skim Milk, Fructose, L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, White Kidney Bean, Green Coffee, Glycomacropeptide and Aloe Vera.

Where can people buy your product/get your service?
Check out our website

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"​We are always up to date with the latest releases and post trainers to the site and our social media accounts daily."

​Tell us about your company
Trainer Addict is The UK and European source for Nike trainer news and release dates including Huarache, Air Max, Roshe Run, Free Run & Air Jordan. We work hard to keep people up to date with the latest releases, providing people with valuable information like colourways, pricing and where to buy.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
We cannot be rivalled when it comes Nike trainer news and release dates as we solely concentrate on Nike. We are always up to date with the latest releases and post trainers to the site and our social media accounts daily.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
We are continually growing Trainer Addict, our website traffic and social media following is growing week by week. It’s even a possibility we may aim to break into the US market as well, sometime in the future.

Where can people buy your product?
All the latest Nike trainer releases can be found on our website and also on our Facebook, Twitter & Google + accounts.

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"​We’re not about hiding who we are but rather putting ourselves out there in clothing that will make people ask Where did you get that from?"

​Tell us about your company
Our website is Our business, Nostalgic Charm Online Boutique provides high quality low priced fashion for ladies between 25 and 55.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack? 
We are one of Australia's best established online boutiques with thousands of happy customers worldwide.

Our dresses and tops are designed by our own highly qualified fashion designers and the production quality is first rate.

What is your brands philosophy? 
The Nostalgic Charm Woman celebrates her body, her curves, her history and this is reflected in the way she dresses herself. We’re not about hiding who we are but rather putting ourselves out there in clothing that will make people ask “Where did you get that from?”​

Where can people buy your products?
More about us can be read on